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  1. No it's more rant than getting off on typing it. I hate what's happened to D1 wrestling. 70 teams is simply a disaster.
  2. Programs have been dropping like toilet seats for the last 30. Wrestling is gymnastics.
  3. We'll be down to 50 D1 teams in the next 2 years.
  4. Going from Stanford to Ohio State makes zero sense.
  5. The sport needs an entirely different operating model separate from college.
  6. Science is for liberal elites.
  7. Incredible how much hatred is directed towards this young man.
  8. just don't destroy my hood.
  9. Jealous much? Great kid with a very promising future. Scholar athlete in the truest sense.
  10. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings but let's all recognize Pat is an extraordinary person. A true renaissance man.
  11. Pat will be making 7 figures after Princeton and you all will still be typing in your parent's basements.
  12. buck

    Worst Losers

    And now Metcalf is an assistant wrestling coach telling guys to "get on your offense" and "score points".
  13. buck

    Worst Losers

    Billy George the "Cornell kid" now runs a hedge fund in NYC and is worth north of $50m. , so he's moved on nicely.
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