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  1. Ron Jeremy has been influential in the lives of many Cornell wrestlers.
  2. I was way too good to ever think of quitting.
  3. Checking on Italian restaurants in Happy Valley.
  4. buck


    Cruz and Moisey were high school teammates , Cruz beat him on the reg.
  5. buck


  6. buck


    Not sure what you mean by that, Cruz will be an AA and I wouldn't be surprised if he wins it all.
  7. buck


    Yeah it's a stretch I know since he was 7th as a true freshman, is coming off a redshirt and is now full sized.
  8. buck


    Darian Cruz will be in the top 6.
  9. buck


    Pico is 15 - 0 vs. the little guy.
  10. Wharton is the finest business school in the world, all others are losers - D. Trump
  11. I would agree it's very confusing for many, the same situation exists for PSU's law school. Dickinson Law is actually Penn State, just as Wharton is PSU's business school.
  12. Penn State's business school is considered the best in the nation, so that cheer makes no sense.
  13. Brett Matter is probably Penn State's best all time middleweight. Very underrated.
  14. Yeah ok tough guy, I understand that you're in denial. No show classes for 20 years makes your little school a joke and everyone knows it.
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