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  1. Nickal certified at 184 Gulibon certified at 141
  2. Cenzo decked Valencia.
  3. I'll take Hall in free. Cenzo in folk. But Hall will be a 174 in college.
  4. I'll say this about cenzo. The staff damn near pulled his shirt before B1Gs. Why? Cause they firmly believed he would make the podium. The decision was made to keep the redshirt cause PSU could win without him. Next year everyone will be like...where the heck did this come from. Let's just say he and Nolf are 'very close.'
  5. More than that, check out the actual wrestlers entered at 285.
  6. way too young... https://www.gofundme.com/uqqvwvfb
  7. One of the best matches I saw in the last couple of years was Casey Cunningham and Ed Ruth. I think they wrestled for 10-12 straight minutes. Ed would get it on all types of singles but Cunningham was so incredibly strong he usually got out of them. Cunningham would then get a take down and then just try to out muscle Ruth. Ed just kept attacking, showed zero quit no matter what Casey tried to do. Pretty sure it was after Ed's sophomore year and after seeing it I thought to myself he's never going to lose again. I know Cael gets all the credit but Casey Cunningham is an incredible assistant coach. He doesn't get enough credit for his work on the PSU middle-upper weights.
  8. I didn't mean to imply that Hall would be given the spot. No one is ever given the spot. It's my opinion that the combination of Hall growing into 174 and Bo growing away from 174 likely forces Bo up. You are right, past results, especially from HS mean nothing, even moreso when comparing free results to potential folk results.
  9. I don't think Cassar is enrolled as a full time student right now. Or at least that is what I heard. It will be interesting to see how things shake out but Cassar isn't an option this year at any weight and who knows about next year. If Hall wants to go next year, he will be at 174 which likely forces Nickal to 184 and perhaps Cutch to 197. Something tells me that Cassar would have a hard time beating Cutch in folk, especially coming off a shoulder injury. Cael left the door open for Nevills to be back though, so who knows.
  10. Agree, if he used an ORS in order to get the waiver than it appears there is no special treatment. If that is the case then he wouldn't be eligible this year but of course have 4 years of eligibility remaining.
  11. Welp, should we Nittany Lion fans be pissed that Cortez has not received one?
  12. It has existed since his high school days if that helps?
  13. I think attendance will be outstanding. There are tons of fans in the northeast. Heck, NY, PA and NJ alone will bring tons of people. You don't have to stay in NYC. There are plenty of hotels along NJ transit/PATH that take you directly into MSG and Penn Station. Yes it will be more expensive than other venues but NYC has already held some very successful wrestling events.
  14. Cunningham doesn't wrestle Ruth too much. When he does, it's usually to try and ride Ruth. Casey and Ruth do go at it as Casey is incredibly strong and a good match for Ruth. Cael walks around anywhere from 215-220, but probably drops some weight as the season progresses. I only ever really saw Cael and Varner go after it once and it was when Cael was training for his run. If it was a match, it would've been an easy victory for Cael. One of Cael's main points he repeatedly makes, over and over again, is to try and become 1% better each day. You aren't going to wake up and make a huge leap in ability...you need to grind away at it through hard work, every day.
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