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  1. Love Early great pick up. Early visits Iowa fri sat then commits to the Gophers on Monday WOW. who is iowa after Shield? Manville next year? Hall? What's going on with Iowa recruiting?
  2. Lujan from Georgia between the gophers an UNI.
  3. Jrob made two trips by himself to see Fredy plus Eggum and Becker made a few visits as well.. Great job Gophers on recruiting..
  4. UNI would found a full ride for Stroker. Stroker is top notch Folkstyler he will pack on size in college and will be quick as heck at 157. To many people judge a kid off a Freestyle tournament and guess what it's not Folkstyle. Fredy is great at Freestyle but it talkes away his scrambling ability and scrambling on the mat not having to think about giving up back points is what Stroker does well. I see Stroker having a chance to be a 4x AA. Never count a kid out that has put so much time and energy into wrestling.. Everyone is strong in Division 1 and that's the easiest thing to do in college is add strength.
  5. Rose isnt getting much of a scholarship.
  6. Early and Stroker need to come off the board soon! Come on Gophers..
  7. Wow Bennick gives verbal to ASU
  8. Stroker had to cut for the Team the coach asked him if he could make 132 for the Team..His best friend at 138 could not make the cut so Fredy being the under classman said he would do so..Stroker made the sacrifice for the Team and it paid off. Dont count fredy out. Fredy didnt even lifted weights last season only to manage his weight because of the hard cut. Again for the team. Fredy will shine believe me Fredy will shine in College.. You can say how do these kids stack up against each other but trying to rip a kid saying hes pulling out of competition is moronic. Cost money$$$$ to travel not everyone has a pot of gold under the bed.
  9. Any truth that Marstellar can cut to 57?? That was floating around Fargo a few weeks ago. Or does Dierenger stay down for Marsteller to step in at 165?
  10. Great, now i can schedule my yearly winter trip to Arizona around the Devils schedule..
  11. Mckee handles pressure better than anyone I've seen in a long time (Highschool). Dude is smooth and never seems like he's under the gun on the mat. Dude is amazing and will be a THORN in the Big tens Butt for a long time. Now we need to see what's up with Stroker thought he would sign after his visit last week. Stroker is a big frame kid and can grow into 157 or 165. Gophers can add mass to his frame and with his talents watch out..
  12. Gophers may look like this soon.... Stevenson 1 ( flo has him 1). Lance bennick 3. Fredy Stroker 3.
  13. Somebody getting surgery? Does that redshirt him next year? Will see
  14. To much hype, marketing, BS I wouldn't send my kid looking at that flyer :D ..Go to Jrob 28 day camp..
  15. He's not going anywhere for a while? And you base that on what? The tremendous potential in the program? They return 1 NCAA tourny pt. (out of 1.5) and placed 61st at nationals. Based on his track record, the sorry state of the program, and the fact that he has no ties or allegiance to WV,he'll be there 2 yrs., 3 tops, before he gets a better offer and moves on. That program has a ton of potential. 9.9 scholarships, and right between Ohio and Pennsylvania (and literally ten miles from the West Virginia/Pennsylvania border). (not sure how their facilities are, people closer to Morgantown, which I've been to once, ten years ago, could give me a better idea) Even if he moves on after two or three years for whatever reason, I have little doubt that he'll leave the program in better shape than he received it in. The facility is a stand alone facility not to old i would say its top 20 in the country..I believe Flo has a WVU tour of the facility.
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