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  1. Big deal. Bull and Massa had words and nothing was deducted...
  2. #7 Patrick Glory - 125 #5 Jaydin Eierman - 141 #5 Matt Kolodzik - 149
  3. IA_Hawk


    I'm an Iowa fan, and I'll probably get bashed by other Iowa fans for saying this, but oh well... Gilman is an ass. No way around it. I love that he wins for the Hawks, but man, shut your mouth! If he were on PSU, tOSU, OSU, etc, no Iowa fan would like him. Let's get real. It's ok to say it. I won't cheer for him him when he goes international--as a teacher/coach, I do not promote his attitude to my students or athletes in any way shape or form. I hope he does well, but I'm kind of glad he's done at Iowa. He is one of the reasons people hate Iowa, and I hate of that reflects on the fan base. Most of us are reasonable people who just love wrestling. But those who defend his actions and words make us look bad. He got what was coming to him, and I'm not upset about it.
  4. 125--Tomasello 133--Brewer 141--Stieber 149--Habat 157--Martinez 165--Dieringer 174--Brown 184--Dean 197--Snyder HWT--Gwiazdowski Kills me to bet against Clark, but Brewer is on a tear.
  5. He's terrible. Takes like one shot per match.
  6. Dziewa might be the worst #5 ever. He's terrible. Doesn't seem to want to be there. No upsets in my mind for Iowa. Didn't see Kelly or Moore winning either. The guys who were supposed to win, did. Only way I see the upset for Dziewa is because of his high seed.
  7. Should he have been the 5?
  8. So let me get this straight...Evans gets bashed when he has a bad attitude and pushes, but he DOESN'T have a bad attitude and DOESN'T push and he AND Gilman get bashed. Makes sense.
  9. Vak--It was still a slam that didn't need to happen. Gilman was in the wrong, just accept that. I'm glad he didn't get DQ'd, but I wouldn't have argued if he had. Like many others have said, if it were reversed, Iowa fans would be going nuts.
  10. Here. Was Gilman wrong? Yes. Did Waters push him with his elbow in the back of the head? Yes. Illegal slam? Yes. DQ? Could have gone either way. I'm an Iowa fan.
  11. Better Career--Mark Better Wrester--Mark Better for the team--Mark In a Street Fight--Chris
  12. Dude... you have a skewed understanding of WHAT the handshake is all about... !! The Handshake is for your opponent. It has NOTHING to do with the official, or the made/missed call.. The kid he wrestled, .. wrestled "FAIR and SQUARE" The kid who won made a VERY subtle "I won Gesture" (which I doubt that the other kid even saw) At NO POINT did he flaunt the TD call in his face or flaunt the victory in his face (or coaches). He Won.. That's it... !! This was a HS match... there is NO review... They DID discuss the call... but they can only discuss what they THINK they saw... (I can't speak for that) so your BS about that they reviewed it and STILL let is stand.. is full of CRAP. They discussed the call... and that's it... and yeah.. .they probably got that ONE call wrong... ONE CALL... ONE.... That one call (at the END of the match, mind you) is NO excuse for the kids constant whining earlier in the first and second periods... The KID DID JACK ****... !! He was out wrestled.. PERIOD. And I can tell you for a FACT... IF there is EVER a "gray situation" or a "boarder line" call.. AND.. there is one wrestler who is CLEARLY out wrestling / out hustling / out working his opponent... THE CALL WILL GO HIS WAY... The losing kid did JACK ****... he was NEVER on the verge of scoring ANYTHING... !!! SO... What's he pissed about... (maybe he's pissed at himself that HE wrestled like crap ??) HE wasn't on the single leg.. and on the VERGE of scoring... he was trying to get away from the OTHER guys OFFENSE... and wonders why the TD didn't go his way.. MAYBE .. HE should have been the guy shooting (and trying to win... ) HE was VERY content to lose... and it showed. The Winning kid DIDN'T wrestle like crap... he scrambled great.. !! / Rode the kid with an outstanding ride !! / had good bottom motion, and ESCAPED... HE DESERVED a HANDSHAKE... Why... BECAUSE he wrestled HARD and FAIR... !! The loosing kid did send a message... He's a HEAD CASE... I have ZERO sympathy for this kid... He may actually have some wrestling talent (heck, he made the finals!) But he's a cry baby, and a sore loser. I'm sure he ran back to the locker room and started blaming everyone else for his loss. If I'm a coach... I'm not touching this kid with a 10 foot pole... There's NO place in wrestling for this. Oh... PS... if it's no TD... he still loses 1-0... and I'm sure still runs off and tries to blame somebody for his loss... DF... looks like he's got your vote. Cuz' guys who lose on VERY suspect calls, reserve the right to be poor sports... Like David Taylor's second loss to Dake... with the 3rd period reversal.. and no escape on the buzzer... Yeah...he ran off with-out shaking Dake's hand... Oh... that's right... Taylors a Class guy (and arguably one of Colleges greatest wrestlers)... and that didn't happen. Your caps lock key is acting up...
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