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  1. I got the BtS "news" from JO's Twitter Feed a few weeks back.  He tweeted out a question asking who people would like to see him (JO) wrestle at BtS -- presumably an intentional opponent.  But a lot of people responded that it should be Zain.  JO replied indicating that his understanding was that Zain was taking some time off.  I assumed that meant until WTTs, but based on what Pyles tweeted this morning, it sounds like Zain is out of WTTs too (and thus World's obviously).  


    I cannot confirm there is an injury, but when it walks like a duck.....


    So this now means Stieber will walk through the domestic 65KG field.


    BTW, JO is undefeated against Stieber in Freestyle.  3-0 that I can remember.  Maybe more.

    4-0 if you count folkstyle...if the ref understood what a takedown is.

  2. I completely agree. Bo is awesome, but I think guys like Valencia, Taylor, and Cox are too good right now.  He had a lost to Perry last year as well, I believe, so you're point about fundamentals is very sound.  With that said, he's still developing and has the talent to pass all of these guys. 


    If Bo wants to beat Zahid next year he needs to spend time rolling around with David Taylor...a lot of time.  That and develop some more horsepower.  He's got an awesome toolbox but needs to head to Sears for some more/better tools.  If anyone can do it, he can.

  3. So, where does Nick Suriano go next year?  I think this year was his best shot at a title.


    Does he stay at 125 with Lee and Daton Fix coming off RS?  Does he go to 133 and compete with Gross, Micic, Wilson, & Pletcher? 


    He's screwed.  He may never win a title. I think that may have been the case whether or not he stayed at PSU.  But I think he'd have had a better chance at PSU.  PSU/NLWC has the best room in the country...Rutgers certainly doesn't even compare. That's just a fact.

  4. A college no body who beat a returning national champion in the semis. You gotta let your bias and butthurt go, i get it your upset Suriano left your team, but dude is impressive and he got beat down by Lee, just like everyone else in the tournament. Bo was impressive in his finals match, but Lee was far mor impressive in every other match.


    ...ANNNNDDDD Rutgers is STILL without a National champ.

  5. I can see why folks would say that Nickal's remarks were a little over the top, but I think he was just so fully of adrenaline and crazy emotion, having won by sudden pin and clinched the championship for his team.   He seemed possessed and is usually much more low key.  Got to give him the pass.  He said nothing bad about anyone.


    I don't see why everyone is upset.  All week, all the Penn State guys hear is how great Ohio State is...how they're coming for them.  Heck Ohio State's wrestlers did a brief soundbite segment on that.  This was Nickal's answer.

  6. ....if my math is correct, Kyle wrestling Adam, pound for pound, would be like Zain wrestling Myles- plus/minus a few pounds.. that would "wind" you a bit .... in a seven minute match, 420 seconds- -if I were Kyle, I would wear the BigFella out for the initial 255 seconds, then begin attacking to score in the balance- - - don't fight his weight AND his strength- - - wear him out and reduce his strength- - can't really do much about his weight, then attack. Pick the corners, try not to attack straight on- no sense getting under a Micro Bus. I don't see the official making any stall calls - -  "Let Em Wrestle" - - -Kyle is muchX2 better......


    ...and Zain would beat Myles.

  7. Jones is a Junior who already has > 100 career wins, a 2-time D11 Regional Champ and now 2 state medals (5th & now 2nd). Jones wrestled a smart match tying up Teasdale to keep the scoring low so he could possibly steal it late.  I guess he should have opened it up to give Teasdale a takedown-fest so a bunch of internet forum losers would be happy.  D11 kids try to win and take a back seat to no one.  LOL  Get out of your pajamas and see the world.

  8. Cael should have been pissed about Suriano leaving.  I wonder if Spencer Lee would be at PSU if they did not have Suriano?  Suriano's decision to leave arguably left PSU without two wrestlers, Suriano and the one (whomever that might be) they didn't recruit. 


    They did not stop recruiting Spencer (or Daton Fix) because they had Nick...that is a fallacy.  PSU is about talent acquisition, pure and simple. 


    Jeez look at PSU's incoming class: Teske, Teasdale, Bravo-Young, Beard, Brooks. Nevills....all top 20 talent.


    Look at Rutgers: Aguilar, Benner.  NJ's price recruits? Glory to Princeton. Griffith to Stanford.  Merola to Cornell. Ramirez to Cornell.


    Do they get Cardenas maybe?

  9. I thought video was well done. I don’t appreciate Flo trailer presenting it like a “piss on PSU piece”


    Very simple. Super focused kid with huge goals. Injury robbed him of goal. He didn’t point fingers or blame anyone.


    The injury messed him up mentally and he reavaluated things. He more of an “I” guy than a “we” guy.


    Jersey is best place for him. I wish him the best. I’m not happy about the hole he left at PSU but we’ll be better of in the end with guys that want to be there



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    Yes, same feeling here. Flo is like every other web presence.  They need clicks.  Nick sounded like a good kid and definitely didn't point fingers...at least in what made it to the final video product. A little bit of darkness projected in that PSU didn't call him to tell him he won his transfer...that he heard it from Pritzlaff.  I hope he didn't expect PSU to call him.  He left them in a 2 year hole at 125.  What did he expect?


    As far as the injury, seems like just a difference of opinion to me as far as treatment. Sanderson wanted him to get surgery...he didn't.  My impression from what he said was that no surgery and re-hab would get him on the mat at last year's NCAAs while surgery might have ended his season.  I get the impression he wanted to be a 4 timer.  That and living in HV...he didn't like it.  Hey, HV is not for everyone.  Good luck in Jersey.  PSU will be fine with three 4-time state champ lightweights coming in next year.  One thing is for sure...after this year he is definitely the show at the RAC.

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