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    Yep. As a PSU fan, I hope he figures out Mason Beckman by then.
  2. Edit: Brown is wrestling for 3rd Thanks. I had it correct in my notes...too much liberal use of cut and paste. :oops:
  3. Cody Gardner was a can't miss too. I think Snyder's a real worker though. Is there a possibility of being too slow for 197 and too small for 285? Not being a d*ck. I just have never seem him wrestle so I really don't know.
  4. PSU's other underclassmen are doing fine. 125 Nico is wrestling for 1st 133 Gulibon is wrestling for 3rd 149 Frey is wrestling for 7th 157 Vollrath is wrestling for 1st 165 DT is wrestling for 1st 174 Brown is wrestling for 1st 184 Ruth is wrestling for 1st 285 Lawson is wrestling for 7th The Seniors are OK too. English is wrestling for 3rd at 149, Q is wrestling for 1st at 197 and Pearsall is wrestling for 7th at 141.
  5. Is Chattanooga in a different time zone or perhaps they don't do DST? An exact 2 hour difference is fishy.
  6. PANewbie


    Gulibon's wrestling for 3rd at the Scuffle. Nice job Jimmy!
  7. OK. That score could be wrong. The brackets say 13-2. But Donghia's twitter feed says it was a 3-2 RT win for Beckman. We'll see.
  8. Mason Beckman just put his 3rd beating of the season on PSU's Jimmy Gulibon 13-2. They have some hope.
  9. Admiral Colin Kilrain Yep. Also, Kilrain's wife was an astronaut who's flown 2 space flights and his great-great grandfather was bareknuckles heavyweight champion boxer Jake Kilrain who fought (and lost to) John L Sullivan.
  10. I assume all the deleted posts are related to the Sandusky thing at PSU. I just saw a question on WR.com, that I think is related to wrestling and the situation. That is since Cael was recruited to PSU by Curley, has anyone asked him his thoughts on the situation? If so, what are they? If not, why not?
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