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  1. Does anyone care? Its OK State plus Gross and Meredith. Heck, where the h€11 are the team scores on the event website?
  2. You don't think Brands was chirping...busting their "b@ll$ a bit...directly or indirectly? Brands may have been pumping up Marinelli with little quips like "C'mon Alex, these guys got nothin" which of course Lewis and Massa had absolutely no problem hearing. Instead of exorting Alex on and taking Lewis/Massa off their game...it backfired.
  3. You've moved me off "lucky"! I'm going 6th to 8th.
  4. LOL No. I'm in the ballpark of Martin's chances of beating Bo being not that good.
  5. OK. Maybe a little over stated. He's barely 6th now. He's loses to any of the top 5 now he's 50-50 with 7-11. How much money? I wouldn't put any more than $10 either way.
  6. B10s have lots of talent and its compacted. NCAA's will be more wide open with more bonus opps with guys from other conferences. NaTo gets top 4...anywhere from 1st to 4th would not be a shock. He's looking real good but the top 4 are all super tough. PSU get's a big zero (0) here...obviously. With Pletcher's no-margin-for-error style he could take 3rd...or 8th. PSU? Another goose egg here too. McKenna's looking Super...firing on all cylinders. But 141 is so tough. I can see him anywhere from 1st to 5th. PSU's Lee could be 7th or 8th here. There is no way Hayes takes 3rd...NO WAY. He'd be extremely lucky to AA. PSU should be at a huge points advantage here. Micah? Anywhere from 6th to 8th seems like about right. PSU could be at a huge points advantage here if Nolf really is healthy. Campbell? Please. 0-2. PSU should be at a huge points advantage here with Cenzo likely anywhere from 1st to 4th. BoJo. Anywhere from 1st to 4th. 3rd seems most likely. Points could be close here. But with the talent watered down, Hall should pile up bonus points while BoJo who is really good isn't a bonus machine. MyMar...also looking good but...Nickal has the formula. 2-6 against Bo should put a stop to this Nickal Kryptonite BS. PSWC doesn't have all their historical points stuff up right now but my guess is these guys generate similar points. Moore seems to have done what he needs to adjust. Darmstadt and Haught are also tough. 1st to 3rd seems likely. PSU has to be hoping the thinning of the field at NCAAs gives Rasheed some bonus opps. Snyder also looking good to place 1st...but 2nd is a possibility. Again, my guess here is these guys generate similar points if Nevills can place high enough. Should be razor thin margin either way.
  7. Hall's the real deal too...1 pt match either way with those two.
  8. Yeah, and I can get Jennifer Aniston.
  9. I wonder who comes on here now saying Myles has Bo's number? 6-2 should be enough to convince folks that while Martin is good Bo's the real deal and is great.
  10. Whitey needs to do some parenting... Hope it works out.
  11. No idea. Magic 8 Ball says "All signs point to 'yes'".
  12. If he wins out, Zain should get it if the criteria really is the criteria. If the both win out, reasons to give KS the Hodge: 1. His international folkstyle record 2. Ohio State only has 1 Hodge (not fair to the darlings of the B10) 3. PSU will have 5 if ZR gets it (Can't let PSU get too far ahead...Nickal or Nolf win it the next year)
  13. Just another case of getting hosed by Ohio State and the machine. There's a definite officiating hierarchy in the B10 across all sports. Ohio State gets all calls. Michigan gets all calls except against Ohio State. McFarland can be "bitterly resentful" as Bo Schembechler was back in 1973.
  14. Superior to whom? Nickal's 5-2 against Martin. Nickal's 81-3 and Martin's 88-16. You are what your record says you are.
  15. PANewbie


    Post-meet video of Ohio State leaving Rec Hall in their robes: Leaving Rec Hall
  16. No, but beating Martin 5 of the 7 times they've wrestled does.
  17. Since Rutgers was off Saturday, I wonder if Nick Suriano watched tOSU@PSU? Until he gets to B10s, Rutgers is mostly wrestling in libraries...exciting stuff. He wanted to be the show. He's it. I'm sure many of his Jersey boys had some 'scarole on the game Sunday. I hope no one lost too big.
  18. Assuming Snyder won by exactly 12 what would the 4th criteria be?
  19. I can see Ohio State winning B10s. Nolf probably won't be back and that matters. I see PSU winning NCAAs over Ohio State...especially if Nolf is back. If BoJo has to go against Valencia he ain't making the finals...and he ain't beating Hall ever again. I can see NaTo losing to any of Suriano, Lee and even Bresser or Rivera. Martin has what 16 career losses...8 of which are via guys still wrestling this yr (Nickal, Renda, Zavatsky, Parker). Heck, he's so inconsistent I think even Abounader has a shot with him. OSU can only win NCAAs if every single thing falls right for them. PSU just has to be consistent to win. If Nolf is even 75%, OSU is likely not winning.
  20. You mean like stalemating Moore & Cassar when Cassar was on top and had Moore's wrist and it should have been up to Moore to wrestle out of that? Like that? It happened right if front of Gibbons and he was shocked. He didn't seem so shocked about Retherford getting the count in the situation you described.
  21. He cares about collegiate wrestling or he would not have put out that "dominate Penn State" tweet. BTW, I was fine with that tweet...he was trying to be a leader. MyMar and Campbell just couldn't figure out how to follow his lead. Don't try to hand out that "he doesn't care" horse hockey. He's NaTo's roommate and buddies with Jordan. He wanted to win for them.
  22. I guess its possible for tOSU to win it all but I don't think so. I think their chance is at B10s. I think their only sure fire NCAA finalist/titlist is Snyder. NaTo could easily get lost in the jetwash of the 125 lb class with Suriano, Lee, Presser (I don't think Cruz or Lizak have the firepower to go with NaTo). Moore losing to a back up? Conversely PSU has Retherford, Joseph, Nickal, Hall, and Nolf (if healthy) who are finalists/titlists. With Nevills and now potentially Lee and Cassar scoring points...I don't think the Buckeyes have that kind of firepower.
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