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  1. Nolf being out certainly makes things more "in reach" for the Hawks. 9 times out of 10 PSU wins. As a PSU fan, I'm sure hoping that 10th time isn't next weekend.
  2. I'm sure Snyder enjoyed destroying Penn State.
  3. Nick, how's the MMA career going up in Piscataway?
  4. Hey, at least Ryan brought his whole team tonite. Was half expecting him to sit 1 or 2 guys to protect some seeds.
  5. So, who's gonna be the @$$h0L€ to come on here and say Myles Martin has Bo's number?
  6. Rasheed beat a 174 filling it at 197. I'm not saying Sheed ain't the starter. Who knows what Cael's gonna do? But, I wouldn't base winning the weight on packing an undersized scrubeenie. Eggum put a sacrificial lamb out there.
  7. I was wondering that myself. Pantaleo/UM obviously scouted Nolf very well and had a decent plan. Conversely, I don't think Nolf had a plan. I bet he does next time.
  8. Interesting. Pantaleo has been pinned 3 times in the past by Retherford. What makes you think moving up a weight to challenge another NCAA champ and Hodge contender will work out better for him? Honestly interested in the thought process.
  9. Penn State football coach James Franklin would NEVER discuss a player injury. Most other football coaches would play it very close to the vest as well. It's not the fans they're concerned about...its opposing coaches. So, its a need to know basis...and you (not you personally) don't need to know. The NFL has their injury reports precisely because they are in bed with gambling. If I were an NFL coach I would out and out lie about injuries as much as I possibly could get away with.
  10. 2 PA guys on the front of the Iowa wrestling program. (IUP anyone?)
  11. You seem to have trouble with the definition of Impressive-adjective. 1. having the ability to impress the mind; arousing admiration, awe, respect, etc.; moving; admirable: At 165 PSU wrestles a 149 RS FR against a ranked Lehigh wrestler and keep it to MD. I mean, I agree Pipher wasn't impressive in that he was never a threat to beat Wolf. But you don't think an unranked RS FR wrestling up 2 weights, not only avoiding a pin but keeping it to a MD against a ranked wrestler earned respect or admiration?
  12. OK, so by that response we now know you're a politician. That explains a lot. Have a great rest of the day...
  13. I did take a bit of a shot at Suriano relative to his seemingly wanting to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Then again, what would you call Rutgers? If they were a musical group, he's Frankie Valli and the rest of the team is the Four Seasons. Right? Frankie's from Newark. I said Ashnault...so your reading comprehension rating just took another hit. I will admit I missed Richie Lewis...so I'm owning that. As far as "Joe-bag-o-donuts" that's a Jersey/Philly thing. If I knew the Central PA equivalent, I would use it. Have a nice rest of your Monday.
  14. I didn't say 'impressive' either and I was not looking for that. No one expects you to juggle Cael's b@ll$. You seem to be the one with the big mouth. You just can't hack it when you screw up and get called on it (by 2-3 other posters besides me). No big deal, everyone screws up. Own it and STFU.
  15. Which few? Please list them here oh knowledge font. If you say anything more than Suriano and Ashnault, your handle should be changed to 'wrestlingterd' (that should make us even with the 'dolt' comment.)
  16. I agree that 141 was unimpressive. But 125 while a starter is also a walk-on and not in any way in Cruz' class. 133 is a backup. To me they were neither impressive nor unimpressive. The Lehigh guys did what they were supposed to do...roll 6's. I disagree with you on 165. At 165, a PSU Freshman was asked to wrestle up 2 weights against a ranked Lehigh wrestler. Lehigh was supposed to roll a 6 here did not. Pipher wrestled better than expected no 2 ways about it. Retherford and Nolf got 6 and 5 so they bonused as expected. Joseph was out/injured. Hall and Nickal were wrestling top 5 guys-no real expectation of bonus points there. Wood is a ranked 285 so no bonus expectations there either. Your bonus/fun-fun-fun BS is disingenuous at best. If you have a remotely decent understanding of the sport, it certainly isn't evident from this thread.
  17. So, what was lacking? IMPRESSIVE PSU beat #5 team without two starters...a NC and a qualifier... ...on the road The top ranked PSU wrestlers at 174 and 184 beat quality, top 5 guys. 165 fill-in wrestled up 2 weights and avoided a pin against a ranked wrestler. UNIMPRESSIVE 133 fill-in couldn't avoid pin 141 performance was less than expected. It wasn't a tour de force but overall, PSU did well on the road against a tough opponent. If PSU was at full strength with this result, I would agree with you. You are just a font of wrestling knowledge.
  18. But, I wasn't talking about Lehigh...this is a Rutgers thread. You need to respond to the appropriate question...not go off on your own self serving rant. Seems like you're the one who needs RIF classes bro-tato chip.
  19. Which 'good chunk' of the Rutgers lineup would that be that has better credentials?
  20. Well, Nick got what he wanted...Rutgers is Suriano and a bunch of "Joe-Bag-o-donuts". Hope he has fun with his team losing lots of duals...and yet his photo will be on the program. That said, if it makes him happy, I'm glad he did it.
  21. Yeah, it wasn't directed at him...huge apologies to denny...seriously. It's just that when you see 14 pages of BS, the keyboard starts clicking. My bad.
  22. The mustache I see in the mirror and the great wife and kids I have says I am... ;-)
  23. It's called a mustache. Adult males can grow them.
  24. This whole thread is about non-PSU fans (who are probably also not Lehigh fans) lacking perspective. Ooooh, Hall and Nickal didn't win by enough. How insulting is that to Kutler and Preisch? Very. Translation: "I wish just once Cael would fall on his face so we can anonymously rip him because he doesn't support all our ¢ir¢le j€rk causes like natty duals."
  25. You're serious? PSU with backups at 125 (given Suriano's late Xfr), 133, and 165 and its close with the #5 team who destroyed Michigan? Keener and Joseph healthy make this a blow out. I think Cael threw Lehigh a bone to make it close in their back yard to help Lehigh with attendance the rest of the way this year. Cael in the room "We'll beat Lehigh in their house with an arm AND a leg tied behind our back." He's always trying to grow the sport. Did Hall and Nickal having close matches with guys ranked in the top 5 at their weights surprise? Did Hall's matches last year against Jordan and Valencia, and Nickal's against Dean also shock? There was one clown (not you) earlier in this thread who said those guys were not content with 1 pt wins...when history clearly shows otherwise. I guess its good for one to be judged against his own excellence. My, folks do love to tweak PSU fans... I have to say, that one block in Allentown is super, nice. The rest? A war zone Detroit could be proud of.
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