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  1. BoJo's toast. Zahid and Hall have passed him.
  2. If I were PSU, that would be first on my To-Do list. PSU/Cortez...and every other B10 team with a kid who lost a year due to that rule. Either that or Rutgers is now B10 royalty a la Ohio State and Michigan and rules are bent to their will now too. Let's face it their B10 brethren hated Penn State well before Sandusky hit the fan. In 1994 when PSU football was undefeated, B10 country overwhelmingly voted the national championship to Nebraska (who was in the Big-8...or 12...or whatever). http://www.personal.psu.edu/staff/j/e/jed124/1994_AP_Vote_Maps.html
  3. He gone! The papers he signed waived his PSU scholarship freeing up the money to be used for others. It's done. Good luck to Nick in his quest for 2 Natty titles at Rutgers.
  4. They are mid-tier in the B10 in wrestling as they are in MLAX, WLAX, and WSOC. The rest of their sports are horrible.
  5. It would pave the way for Rutgers to elevate Pritzlaff to HC...
  6. PSU's fall semester classes at UPark start 8/21/17. Those are the classes that count.
  7. Soooo...does Rutgers get officially accused of tampering? That's got to be what some of the recent PSU-Suriano meeting was about.
  8. I said "joins David Whinfrey as a 1X"...David Whinfrey won in 1950.
  9. What? If you're saying his full-ride it contingent on winning a waiver, I'm calling BS on that. Per Chester Karrass you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
  10. 1. I agree Cortez should have...and so should Nick. 2. Whether or not he shirted is not important. 3. True that PSU fans weren't concerned. The administration's actions are justified given the current rules and climate. As far as excuses, its a hybrid-Nick wanted Rutgers, PSU released him to Rutgers. As far as help, Cael is paid to help PSU wrestlers, Goodale is paid to help Rutgers wrestlers. Let Goodale spearhead the waiver pursuit effort. If Goodale thinks a letter from Cael will help with the B10, let him ghost-write it and ask Cael to sign it.
  11. Darrion Caldwell, Jordan Burroughs, Frank Molinaro, Mike Caruso, Hahn, Dubuque, Mocco, Pritzlaff, Valenti - that's lots of natty titles avoiding the state's university. 3x champ? Not so fast. How about he joins David Whifrey as a Rutgers 1x champ first? Baby steps, baby steps.
  12. Right...because RBY or Teasdale will never be able to cut 8 lbs.
  13. The articles on nj.com have been essentially fact-less. It's been an evolution there. The first article by Politi was drivel, 2nd one was a little better. Dunleavy's was propaganda. Nj.com chased PSU/Sanderson for comment. Meanwhile, no attempts to reach the other party who lives in their back yard. Strange? I bet nj.com wouldn't even mention the contact attempt if the Suriano's stiffed em...can't make them look bad. Regarding blackballing, I don't think so. Kids do what is best for their personal situation. Thats why Jersey studs Darrion Caldwell went NC St, Jordan Burroughs went Nebraska, & Frank Molinaro went PSU...all won natty titles. Heck Jimmy Lawson came to PSU and AA'd. I bet these little facts aren't lost on NJ recruits. I'm sure Cael & Co will remind em when they eventually return to NJ. More on blackballing...no room at the Happy Valley Inn at the moment (see below). PSU's 2017 class: #6 Brady Berge-MN #9 Nick Lee-IN #16-Mason Manville-NJ,PA,VA (2016) #20 Jarrod Verkleeren-PA PSU's 2018 class: #3 Gavin Teasdale-PA #4 Michael Beard-PA #5 Travis Wittlake-OR #7 Roman Bravo-Young-AZ #11 Seth Nevills-CA #13 Joe Lee-IN Add that to Retherford (SR), Nolf (JR), Joseph (SO), Hall (SO), Nickal (JR) and Nevills (JR) well...like I said...no vacancies at the moment. Maybe Cael and Co eventually circle back to NJ for the 2019 or 2020 class?
  14. The brave ones like Darrion Caldwell, Jordan Burroughs, James Green and Frank Molinaro had no problem leaving Jersey.
  15. Yep, no sensitive Pitters out there...got those 17 national titles in football to keep them warm...most storied program in all sports.
  16. If Suriano (or his dad) wants more money or he wants to be closer to home...well that is understandable. If those are really the issues and he gets a B10 waiver he should go Rutgers. If he doesn't get the B10 waiver he should probably go to Rider. Does Princeton do D1 wrestling schollies and could Nick handle Princeton academically? I have no idea about that and could not hazard a guess. Those are his NJ options. He could do Lehigh...that's at least 2 hours closer than PSU...but could be a problem if money really is an issue. Him and Cruz at 125 and 133 would be something.
  17. I wouldn't put the words "premier" and "National Duals" in the same sentence.
  18. That's OK. NLWC has 2 slots on the world team. Get ready for more NCAA fun next March. Fun, fun, fun.
  19. Hall beat Marinelli 2-0 (10-0, 8-3).
  20. What was the 2nd of two? Thomsen committing to Iowa? Oops!
  21. 149...PSU is so deeeeeep at that weight. Truly an embarrassment of riches. You remember what that used to be like...
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