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  1. Have fun being 4th in the B10....9th in the nation. YOU.ARE.NOT.COMING.BACK... ;-)
  2. Iowa has good kids but...they may not even end up 3rd in the B10 next year.
  3. @HawkFanactic1 Yes. Back to wrestling. Verkleeren to PSU. LOL
  4. @HawkFanactic1 I'm in your head now. I know it because now you have nothing meaningful to say about wrestling so now you're examining my profile....and everyone reading this thread knows it. ROTFLMAO
  5. @HawkFanactic1 All that, and you fixate on Cortez? LOL. How about your #1 recruit getting his arse kicked? Cael's really in your head. I didn't mention him once. Maybe people would take you seriously if you knew how to spell "fanatic". LOL
  6. Dake does seem to have quite a mental edge over Taylor. Wouldn't the biggest obstacle for Dake at this late stage be to overcome the seeming 26 lb advantage Taylor now has? Taylor moved up and gradually grew himself into the weight. Dake doesn't seem to have that time to spend. And while Dake probably cuts a bit, 15-20 lbs (my guess) seems a bit much. I think Taylor's biggest obstacle may be Cox.
  7. I was only able to find a York Daily Record article about him going back to classes at LHU 1/23/2017. So, it looks like he may be on campus. I just haven't seen any confirmation about the wrestling program taking him back.
  8. Let's review: PSU wins NCAA's in March with titles in every weight class from 149 - 184 PSU has all their titleists AND Suriano and Cortez coming back Iowa 4th at nationals and losing A LOT Gilman lost in semis Teasdale flipped (apparently Lee isn't his only friend in PA) Iowa State happened Metcalf's a Cyclone now HWC not a factor again this freestyle cycle Lee got hurt Instead of worrying about PSU, prepare the Hawks to worry about Michigan. #truthhurtshawks
  9. Doesn't look good for your boys...Mark Hall slapped Marinelli silly tonight. 157 to 174...there isn't a Nittany Lion he can beat.
  10. Nickal 4th place, Dean 7th. Again, results bear out who's the better wrestler of the two.
  11. OK, so it was merely rumors about Santoro, Flynn, and Bono from those 30-40 articles we've all seen out there. Gotcha. Yeah, um, ah ha, right... (chortle). And District 2? Please. Their kids win districts with 36-0 records. Then they have to wrestle D4/D11 kids with 25-10 records...and its 2 and out at Regionals. Now THAT'S a feeder system. For sure, Gavin is talented and an overachiever and by many reports a good coach. But don't try to spin a fairy tale that he may have been Pitt's first choice.
  12. Nice to see Pitt get their 4th choice...and from the PA hotbed of wrestling that is PA District 2.
  13. Let's clarify that. He was National Prep champion. Winning a national prep title is roughly equivalent to a PA state title. You just beat all the prep school kids. You weren't necessarily better than every other state's champion. Lets not make it any more (or less) than it is.
  14. Don't even argue with these math and reading challenged cretins. They know you're right. They're just doing the grown up version of the grade school meme "I know you are, but what am I?"
  15. Nickal has a B10 title and MyMar doesn't. A title in the NCAA's best wrestling conference isn't significant? Nickal was 15-2 in his RS year making him 74-5. 3 years and Nickal STILL has 10 less losses than MyMar. Good God man. You're digging a deeper hole every time you post. MyMar's a great natural talent but he's not Bo Nickal.
  16. An NCAA title and a B10 title. Then there's Z Valencia with that loss to Mark Hall.
  17. No, what I'm saying is Nickal has 2 titles and Martin only 1. Who wins 'em when they count? You don't have to answer. We already know.
  18. According to Wrestlestats.com, Bo Nickal is 34-3 against common opponents with Myles Martin. Martin is 21-12 against common opponents with Nickal. So, in order to win a title you have to get their first...and statistically Nickal has a greater chance. Martin is very inconsistent. Head to head: 12/6/15: 4/3 Nickal 02/05/16: DEC 11-5 Nickal 03/05/16: WBF Nickal (B10's) 03/17/16: DEC 11-9 Martin (NCAA's) 02/03/16: DEC 8-2 Nickal 03/04/17: DEC 6-4 Martin (B10's) Head-to-Head: Advantage: Nickal 4-2 (66.67%) Nickal is 59-3 NCAAs (1,2) B10s (1,3) (Bonus%: 67.1%) Martin is 65-15 NCAA (5,1) B10s (2,3) (Bonus%: 52.5%) Accomplishments: Advantage: Nickal (slightly) Martin (career 65-15)has obvious and impressive skills...and is full of potential. He has 2 more seasons to realize his potential. Bo Nickal (career 59-3) also has obvious and impressive physical skills...and has done a better job of realizing his potential to date.
  19. Nick Lee, Joe Lee, Gavin Teasdale, Mason Manville, Brady Berge, Travis Wittlake, Adam Busiello, Seth Nevills (likely). I don't think they're worried in State College.
  20. My aunt also goes to Cornell...if she had a d1¢k she'd be my uncle. He was fine.
  21. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/53669-2-michael-beard-decommits-from-northwestern#.WNLlGme1vl1 Contenders are Cornell, Northwestern, and ...yes Penn State.
  22. PSU Cost of Attendance In-State: $36,388 (tuition, fees, expenses, Room & Board) PSU Out of State Cost: $50,870 Ok State Cost of Attendance In-State: $21,921 (tuition, fees, expenses, Room & Board) OK State Out of State Cost: $36,043 Latest #'s per CollegeData.com
  23. Sem was undefeated this year, had a win over Blair and beat Malvern Prep at PA Prep States by 30 points and finished 2nd at Natty Preps behind Blair (and 48 points AHEAD of Malvern)...at the end of the season when it counts. Is there a rational reason? Or is it just a popularity contest? It can't be because Malvern finished ahead of Sem once at an early season tourney (Walsh Ironman).
  24. So, Steveson has mastered Nelson's art of the stall?
  25. With a bum ankle...sure. Healthy? Not a chance in he11. Suriano beat both Cruz and Lizak this season. He was on his way to putting one on Piccinini as well until the injury.
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