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  1. If he's better that's questionable...it wouldn't be by much that's for sure.
  2. Every fan base of every single successful team has their d1ck$. Iowa, Ok State, and PSU fans are human. I think the difference is the size of the fan base. For one thing, PA has 3x and 4x the population of Oklahoma and Iowa respectively. Even if each fan base's relatively small d1ck % is the same, the simple math is that by population alone there are just more of them for us. Most of us, have great respect for the Iowa and Ok State programs. We've just had an inferiority complex because with all the talent we've had in PA, PSU never had a guy that could keep a high percentage of the best of the best. It was sickening to see a guy like Jordan Oliver leave the state. Even now we have Lee, Teasdale, Murin, Young, & Kemerer going to Iowa. Now we have a guy that can recruit with the best of them...and coach them at a high level to attain their goals. I hope Sanderson stays a VERY LONG time.
  3. Didn't Billy Baldwin wrestle at Berner (now merged with Massapequa)?
  4. Nice tourney for the Scarlet Knights.
  5. Cael's is private content on Flo.
  6. Will he show up or will he be wrestling internationally somewhere? What does Snyder's calendar look like?
  7. Imagine if they had called the pin for Gulibon? Also, I see JoJo continues to close the gap with Nolf. 😉
  8. Brady's not playing? What...is Tom Ryan now filling out the Patriots line up card?
  9. Ryan knew the Buckeyes were toast once Gulibon beat Pletcher. (In retrospect, that wouldn't have mattered anyway.) Ryan saved his son from humiliation & serious injury and didn't give Hall a chance to size up Bo. Ohio State got curb stomped in their own house. I don't see PSU curb stomping the Cowboys...but I don't see them losing. I shudder to think about how good PSU would be if Cortes wasn't injured. Brrrr! As far as NCAAs: 125 - High AA 133 - Whiff!! 141 - Rd of 12 maybe low AA 149 - Champ 157 - Champ 165 - High AA 174 - Mid to high AA 184 - High AA possible (if improbable) champ 197 - Rd of 12 maybe low AA 285 - Mid to high AA I can't see a scenario where PSU doesn't win it all this year. Next year? Rinse and Repeat As they said about Secretariat, "a tremendous machine".
  10. Is Illinois a sleeping giant? LOL Didn't Rutgers beat them last week?
  11. Why lol? He was the returning champ in his prime and essentially had his rear handed to him on the world's biggest stage. I'm no expert so I don't know what he needs to do. But, he probably needs to change something...which he probably will do. It will be interesting to see what he decides.
  12. I think they didn't charge him, so he's technically not a criminal. Lochte definitely fulfills the requirements for the title of "idiot" though.
  13. Regarding Paterno, proof (or lack thereof in this case) says otherwise...and if you want to be factual almost all of Sandusky's crimes were committed off campus...AND he used his own charity to line up his targets. Sandusky's crime against society's most vulnerable is the most heinous thing one can do. Dealing drugs is way up there though. PSU, Minnesota, Baylor, ND, UNC, UVA, Michigan, Colorado, Montana, Eastern Michigan, ...if you think there isn't some sort of ticking time bomb on your own campus, you're blind, ignorant or just plain effin stupid.
  14. We should let the process play out before making any judgements about JRob. Paterno didn't like Sandusky for years, and didn't want him on campus...and there was no football related cover-up...we KNOW this now. The problem at Penn State was that the higher ups were only too happy to throw Paterno under the bus. The 'why' is the big question as the bigwigs knew Joe was ill and on his way out after the season. I can almost guarantee one thing, the UM bigwigs will do a better job with this than PSU's did. I think most who really care and follow PSU now generally and strongly suspect some shenanigans from the higher ups...which I think is actually worse for PSU because that WOULD make it an institution-wide problem...and not a football problem. So, lets wait and see and NOT be like those @$$h0les at Deadspin.
  15. Uh oh, there goes the cruiseliner! ;-)
  16. Yep, that's called law enforcement. Our penitentiaries are full of guys like that...and I don't mean the guys arrested for smoking 1 joint.
  17. OK. Gotcha. Thank you. Yeah, He probably could make 57 but I agree 65 is better. By the way, how long do you have to honor that sig bet? Kid Dynamite's sig should be "Hey Kyle Dake...how does my ass taste?"-J'Den Cox
  18. Not sure what this post means. You think Cenzo's going 157? I'd love to hear the reasoning. We know he's not going 149. Cenzo missed 157 a couple of times (Scuffle etc). He wrestled at 165 just recently in Vegas and he does look to be packing more meaningful weight than Nolf. Maybe making 157 is easier for Nolf than Cenzo? Even flowrestling thinks this (Cenzo at 65) is possible. Anyway, interested to hear your reasoning since you're proven the preeminent prognosticator of PSU future lineups. Other than the mod, the only guys credible guys on BWI are El Jefe, Dunk and JohnDoe2125 in my reading experience.
  19. Nor would I consider Dake a coward for running away from Burroughs...
  20. JFC, Dake lost. Wrap it up for ¢hri$$@kes. Cox is better and has more upside. Let it go and lets support him. Even the Taylor crazies see the writing on the wall.
  21. Right. Dake lovers are as bad as Taylor lovers. Cox practiced for 2 weeks and beat Dake. Lets see some stories about him (Cox). Enough with the "he's wrestling 200 lbs above his natural weight" stuff already. Dake's gotten plenty of accolades...and deservedly so. He lost. Let's love the winner.
  22. Dake ain't gettin to the Olympics unless he buys a ticket. He's ain't beating Burroughs...like ever and he lost to Cox who's essentially an amateur. Once/if Cox stars really doing this like a job, Dake is toast...time to start coaching.
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