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    PANewbie reacted to Two_on_one in Jason Nolf is Looking Healthy   
    Proof that his knee is still bad. He is in such pain that he had to fall on his side rather than put weight on that leg. My guess is that he will be so hobbled this year, he will pin no more than 90% of his opponents. 
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    PANewbie reacted to swoopdown in Edmond Ruth   
    No credible evidence exists that Ruth and his family are so petty that they are using relative popularity as a guideline for Edmonds' college choice. Kind of insulting to them IMHO. Even if true and they do perceive some slight, some thrive in legacy situations, some want to make a new path. Whichever works for young Ruth is OK for this and most other hugely appreciative PSU and Ed Ruth fans.
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    PANewbie reacted to Angry_Fish in Zain Out   
    Actually 5-0.  He beat him earlier that year (convincingly BTW).
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    PANewbie got a reaction from tightwaist in Zain Out   
    4-0 if you count folkstyle...if the ref understood what a takedown is.
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    PANewbie got a reaction from Ogalthorpe Haywood in Zain Out   
    4-0 if you count folkstyle...if the ref understood what a takedown is.
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    PANewbie got a reaction from gowrestle in What’s next years top 5 team race look like?   
    Yep, they should rocket from 11th all the way up to 9th.
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    PANewbie got a reaction from AllISeeIsBronze in Nickal vs Valencia   
    They've wrestled before...freestyle...2016 maybe.  Zahid won the two bouts I could find, 2-1 and 8-2.  I believe they're both on youtube.
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    PANewbie reacted to Greatdane67 in Anyone else think John Smith's job is in jeopardy?   
    Rutgers? Think someone started happy hour a bit early... :)
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    PANewbie reacted to MSU158 in Did tOSU underperform, PSU overperform, or both do as expected?   
    I have to say that I think both teams had great tournaments.  PSU is just so top heavy and tOSU just got unlucky that Hayes hit a pissed off Sorenson in the R12.
    125:NaTo scored 20.5 points.  No shame in taking 3rd to a phenom, deserving of the Most Outstanding Wrestler award.  
           PSU had no one here.
    133:Pletcher taking 4th was solid.  His style lends to upsets and he didn't take any.  You may want to call Wilson an upset, but except for a little brain fart against Gross, he wrestled the best out of any 133lber this past weekend.  Keener got a win, which is about all you should have expected.
    141:McKenna looked super motivated.  He wrestled a great tournament, capping it off by controlling a very good Eierman.  Lee's backside run was amazing.  5 of the 6 guys he beat on the backside were seeded and the only one that wasn't became an AA.
    149:Hayes simply fell victim to a bad draw.  He lost a heartbreaker in OT to Heilman and then drew Sorenson.  Retherford won handily, but wasn't quite as dominant as expected(crazy to think 5 bonus is a down year!).
    157:Jordan actually scored 4 bonus pts and took 6th as the 7 seed.  The Berger loss was a bit surprising, but he still exceeded his seed.  Nolf was a true warrior.  Just how good do you have to be to dominate your way through NCAA's when you are obviously still injured and favoring that injury?
    165:Campbell did exactly as a 13 seed should.  He lost in the R16 match to the 12 seed by 1 pt.  Joseph had his quarterfinal scare, similar to last season.  Besides that he was impossible to score on and beat IMAR for the 2nd year in a row, when it counted!
    174:Jordan taking 5th may be a letdown from pre-season expectations.  But, he deserved to be the 6 seed and Amine proved that he had ever so slightly passed him by.  Hall is a beast, but Valencia is so gifted in Neutral that I would have a hard time picking Hall going forward.
    184:Martin is incredible.  Nickal is even beyond that.  
    197:Moore fell victim to a great story TWICE!  Still, 4th is solid and he didn't pack it in after the surprise loss.  Rasheed got to the podium from the 5 seed, only underachieving by 2. Plus, it is hard to blame him since he also fell victim to a bad draw and hit Moore on the backside due to his being upset in the quarters.
    285:Snyder took out the Big Man, again!  Enough said.  Nevills was simply unlucky that Dhesi was the 6 seed.  He was clearly the best of the rest.  Losing to Stoll was a let down, but it is hard to keep beating the same guy at that level.
    You may be able to point to 1 or 2 that could/should have done a bit better, but overall I don't think you could rightly have asked for more!
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    PANewbie reacted to wrestlingnerd in Suriano to 133 next year   
    He is already ahead of the Train.
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    PANewbie reacted to shm78 in Suriano to 133 next year   
    But where will he be going to school?
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    PANewbie got a reaction from Ogalthorpe Haywood in Penn State's Bo Nickal Wins OW of NCAA Championship   
    ...ANNNNDDDD Rutgers is STILL without a National champ.
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    PANewbie reacted to Greatdane67 in Hidlay's chances against Nolf   
    There is a better chance of Trump divorcing his wife and marrying Rosie O'Donnell.
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    PANewbie reacted to provocateur in What's Kemerer's story?   
    In other news, Tony the Tiger likes Frosted Flakes.
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    PANewbie reacted to pish6969 in Fearless warrior   
    I thought video was well done. I don’t appreciate Flo trailer presenting it like a “piss on PSU piece”
    Very simple. Super focused kid with huge goals. Injury robbed him of goal. He didn’t point fingers or blame anyone.
    The injury messed him up mentally and he reavaluated things. He more of an “I” guy than a “we” guy.
    Jersey is best place for him. I wish him the best. I’m not happy about the hole he left at PSU but we’ll be better of in the end with guys that want to be there
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    PANewbie reacted to bnwtwg in Are the big 12 Finals Viewable Somewhere?   
    If you're going to swear, type the word out. Be an adult, to H-E-double hockey sticks with the damn consequences
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    PANewbie reacted to vsnej in Lewis, Massa, and Iowa's corner   
    According to Lewis, some bad blood with Brands going back to JUCO/Iowa central days...

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    PANewbie reacted to pamela in Lewis, Massa, and Iowa's corner   
    If Marinelli is The Bull, UM should call Logan the Matador... or is it Massador? 😂
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    PANewbie reacted to buckshot1969 in Carson Kuhn going for a Record?   
    No, nobody thinks that.
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    PANewbie reacted to gowrestle in What it takes for Penn St to close the gap at NCAA's   
    The NCAA will have to run a tournament in Cleveland to see who wins.
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    PANewbie got a reaction from Ohio_Ice in What it takes for Penn St to close the gap at NCAA's   
    B10s have lots of talent and its compacted.  NCAA's will be more wide open with more bonus opps with guys from other conferences.
    NaTo gets top 4...anywhere from 1st to 4th would not be a shock. He's looking real good but the top 4 are all super tough.  PSU get's a big zero (0) here...obviously.
    With Pletcher's no-margin-for-error style he could take 3rd...or 8th.  PSU?  Another goose egg here too.
    McKenna's looking Super...firing on all cylinders.  But 141 is so tough.  I can see him anywhere from 1st to 5th.  PSU's Lee could be 7th or 8th here.
    There is no way Hayes takes 3rd...NO WAY.  He'd be extremely lucky to AA.  PSU should be at a huge points advantage here.
    Micah?  Anywhere from 6th to 8th seems like about right.  PSU could be at a huge points advantage here if Nolf really is healthy.
    Campbell? Please. 0-2.  PSU should be at a huge points advantage here with Cenzo likely anywhere from 1st to 4th.
    BoJo.  Anywhere from 1st to 4th. 3rd seems most likely.  Points could be close here.  But with the talent watered down, Hall should pile up bonus points while BoJo who is really good isn't a bonus machine.
    MyMar...also looking good but...Nickal has the formula.  2-6 against Bo should put a stop to this Nickal Kryptonite BS.  PSWC doesn't have all their historical points stuff up right now but my guess is these guys generate similar points.
    Moore seems to have done what he needs to adjust.  Darmstadt and Haught are also tough. 1st to 3rd seems likely.  PSU has to be hoping the thinning of the field at NCAAs gives Rasheed some bonus opps.
    Snyder also looking good to place 1st...but 2nd is a possibility.  Again, my guess here is these guys generate similar points if Nevills can place high enough.
    Should be razor thin margin either way.
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    PANewbie reacted to TBar1977 in B1G Finals   
    I really enjoyed the Myles Martin v. Bo Nickal rivalry era. RIP.
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    PANewbie reacted to Medicine_Man in Why was the pegboard such a big deal in Vision Quest?   
    Mastering the pegboard is a metaphoric conquest, often with associated with the conquest of the opposite sex, which was revealed in the movie when Louden hooked up with Carla...so yeah, it was a pretty big deal.

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    PANewbie reacted to BigTenFanboy in Suriano Rumors   
    He'll never leave New Jersey. It's his home and it's where he wants to be.
    He'll be at Rider.
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    PANewbie reacted to Idaho in Nolf Update   
    All you need to know about Nolf:
    1. Nolf heals up - he's cleared by medical - he wrestles
          a. He wrestles and does not win the NCAA's
              1. Cael's fault - He treated it like Suriano - Nolf transfers to Rutgers
          b. He wrestles and wins the NCAA's
               1. Cael is a genius and learned from last year's mistakes. Cael knows how to handle his athletes. 
    2. Nolf doesn't heal up- Fans don't know he is not healed up - wrestles anyway
         a. Fans find out he wasn't healed up - he doesn't win NCAA
             1. Cael should be fired - after all that is now 2 guys that Cael has ruined their lives.
          b. Fans don't find out he wasn't healed up
              1. He was out of shape - what a warrior for trying - this year didn't count - He will be back next year
    3. Nolf doesn't return
           a. It was Cael's fault for having him wrestle that dual - Cael ruined his life.
           b. Cael learned his lesson from Suriano and now is playing safe? Is he losing his edge? Should Terry Brands be the new PSU coach?
           c. Nolf must be transferring
               1. 17 guys apply to transfer to PSU to take Nolf's spot in the line-up including 35 Yr old Marcus Levessieur to prove he is D1. 
               2. Flo posts a list of all 17 possibilities with a breakdown of each on how Cael can make them a champ. 
               3. Flo dedicates a show to the 17 possibilities and how each one will affect the returning points for the 2019 NCAA tournament. 
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