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  1. Port Robertson and Tommy Evans both told me it was easier to pin a really good wrestler than it was to beat him on points. They explained a really good wrestler doesn't practice getting off his back, that if you put him there they tend to panic. I think that explains both of Imar's losses. Joesph had the overhook really tight, he wasn't going to lose that. Molinaro was the worst choic, because he has already proven he couldn't get away from Dake
  2. None of the Phoenix arenas have enough floor area to host an NCAA tournament. Atlanta was at St. Louis prior to putting it's bid in. Tulsa was working with OSU on a bid according to John Smith. I wrote a very nasty letter to the mayor of OKC after the last tournament, it was forwarded, and I was not satisfied with the reply I received.
  3. I believe that OU, OSU and Iowa State wrestled the new teams in dual meets the past two seasons Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That gives Stillwater a 4-0 record Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Stillwater, Oklahoma HS has had three win: Todd Chesbro, Chris Perry, and Joe Smith. Chris and Joe are first cousins. Couldn't find any other entrants for the school.
  6. I was a volunteer coach at Midwest City, OK three years ago. In my first year the 285 pounder Carlos Freeman had a leg cradle on the 285 from Broken Arrow in the 1st round of the dual state. The referee who is my favorite missed calling a fall by Carlos with a leg cradle. His excuse was he had over 500 pound of beef in front of him. Carlos won by a major decision (might hsve been a Tech). They met in the state finals, Carlos loss that match because he got impatient ant took a couple of bad shots. I wasn't in the arena as my brother got sick and was taken to the hospital. Carlos is playing football for Washington State, he cut to 285 in high school.
  7. Stan Abel long tome OU coach explained why he didn't have cauliflower ears. He said I never let anyone get hold of my head.
  8. Great coaching and competition at a young age is imperative. However, I remember John Smith telling me that he wasn't going after the Altons as there was no upside potential. He was right
  9. Cradles, especially nearside are the most common pinning combination in college. You don't have to be strong, just get your opponent's head and knee close together. I wrestled in the Army with Len Kaufffman, who has the highest pinning percentage in college according to the Oregon State's records. He said 75% of his pins were nearside cradles. I was an assistant coach under Tommy Evans at OU in 1971-1972. He would have the last 20 minutes of practice between the Big 8 and NCAA tournament do the following. Practice partners alternated on top and bottom. Top guy locked up a nearside cradle, he had 30 seconds to pin his opponent. Then the bottom guy went to the top. They went left side, then right side. You had to wrestle the whole 30 seconds unless you got a pin. One of his OU teams pinned more than half of their opponents at the NCAA tournament.
  10. KC with the new Sprint Arena would be excellent. There must be 20 bars/restaurants across the street from the main entrance .interstate is just south of the arena. Tulsa has a new arena near downtown. John Smith is working on them bidding for the tournament
  11. I am picking Okie State. Penn State hadn't wrestled any tough competition until last nite. Not the way to prepare for winning the NCAAs
  12. Now that I've seen Mark Hall, I pick Zahid Valencia who I saw win the Cliff Keen in Las Vegas
  13. Barry Switzer would say it was the Jimmies and Joes. He became head football coach at OU in 1973
  14. Cody Brewer was seeded 13 and won 133 his junior year
  15. I wrestled in HS in Kansas 1961-1963. We shook hands and stepped across turned to face the opponent. No whistle started the wrestling. You had to be ready when you turned because you would have an opponent shooting on you.
  16. John Smith was quicker and more flexible than just about anybody he wrestled. He could handle his weight for the entire match without tiring out. Danny Hodge was stronger than any opponent because of his grip. Mark Schultz was considered the best athlete to go to a OU by legendary coach Port Robertson ( who was the freshman football coach under Bud Wilkinson)
  17. He was told his contract wouldn't be renewed, so he resigned
  18. I'm very impressed. He didn't recruit any of these kids and is getting improved performance throughout the lineup
  19. Sammy Brooks is a senior and doesn't know how to do a near side cradle. He needed to put his head in the hip. Schafer needed to circle to the trail leg so he wouldn't get pushed out of bounds. First thing I teach beginning wrestlers is Sumo, so they will own the center circle Dominating win score wise for OSU, but many matches were razor thin winsq
  20. Brewer won that year. My fantasy team partners out voted me, because he had Morrison in the 2nd round. Brewer used a single leg for the first time.
  21. I've thought Glass wasn't strong enough to place at 165 for the past two years. Mejias showed his talent on Sunday. Rumor has Barnes moving to 1184. Andrew Dixon however is wrestling better
  22. OSU has 8 wrestlers that should definitely place. Here is my scenario Brock 133- 3rd Heil -141- 1st Collica - 149 - 3rd Smith -157 - 3rd Rogers - 165 - 5th Krutchmer - 174 - 7th Boyd -184 - 5th Rogers and Brock will score significant bonue points John has had three teams that would have one, except for one guy each time blowing it. Gelagavov at 285 had Tony Nelson beat with 40 seconds left. I asked how did John find the only Russian in the world who didn't know how to stall Jon Morrison had beaten Cody Brewer everytime, and it was getting worse each time. Brewewr pins him in the 2nd round, and wins the title. Morrison doesn't place Kindig was 2nd the year before, doesn't place I'm a Sooner, but have Cowboy friends. OSU will win if Cael doesn't pull off the redshirt on Mark Hall
  23. Beard left Wyoming to years ago. Hadn't wrestled since then to my knowledge. He might have been the best at his weight class coming out o Tuttle HS
  24. Kaid Brock beats Cory Clark this sunday
  25. IF sCHAFER CIRCLES TO THE TRAIL LEG. HE WON'T GET PUSHED OFF THE MAT. this applies to any wrestler. one step back, second step is toward the trail leg
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