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  1. apparently tucking an elbow on bottom costs you 2 points...
  2. No other "professional" internet streaming services have these problems. I have 100 Mbps up+down FiOS, video still went down repeatedly throughout the tournament and didn't work at all during Dake vs. JB. I also tested on my separate high-speed LTE cell phone connection, same result.
  3. We already pay for this go fund me, it's called our monthly subscriptions. Missed all of JB/Dake and a lot of the other matches as well. What have I been paying for? Seems like the only technology they are on top of is making sure I can't watch anything on my phone and computer at the same time... The leeway I gave them for being a 'wrestling' company is definitely over with.
  4. Flo was terrible for me this whole event. I always defend them cause they do a lot of great things and I find Flo Radio very entertaining, but this was bad especially after everything that happened with the Okie State/PSU Dual where they apologized and said they'd do better. I entirely missed the one match I was most looking forward to in JB and Dake. I tried it on two computers and to make sure it wasn't my fast FiOS 100/100 connection that was the screwing up I tried watching on my phone using the LTE network as well. All I got was sputtering still shots, that circle saying it was loading, and the screen asking me to reload because authentication failed/the connection dropped. Very frustrating. Not only the connection issues but earlier in the tournament it seemed like they had high school kids working the cameras who were barely paying attention, wrestlers would move off-screen and the camera wouldn't follow for a good 10 seconds. And unrelated to Flo but what is up with some of these new rules? Subjectively getting points for an unsuccessful throw because it looked "correct" (whatever that means for a throw that didn't result in back exposure)? Losing two points for a couple of face taps (ala Zain vs. JO)? and how did Perry lose two points when he was on bottom vs. David Taylor in the finals when it went from 5 to 7 points for DT?
  5. Why don't they call Facebook!? Can they not prove to Facebook that they are the real Flo? What is going on at Flo? This should have been fixed within a couple hours MAX.
  6. Completely agree, we need to know these things and it isn't judging or attacking to report the truth. Those Facebook reactions were strange. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. I have to agree with him just wrestling poorly and Geduev hitting on all cylinders while being jacked as hell. And is it just me or did JB seem tired almost right away? He was sweating profusely, breathing heavily through his mouth, and taking a lot longer to bounce up and go to the middle of the mat. Dake is the one with the best shot here to unseat JB with D-ringer in second (unless Taylor also comes back down but I doubt that).
  8. J Rob has given so much to this sport I hope this situation doesn't take him down completely... what he did was wrong but in my mind I find it hard to believe people in the wrestling community won't take his service and dedication into account before handing out harsh judgement.
  9. Xanax and Klonopin type drugs are benzodiazepines that are great for short term panic disorders but basically mimic what alcohol does in some parts of the body... we even give long acting benzo's for alcohol withdrawal. When combined with alcohol it causes memory loss, faster intoxication, increased risk of death, etc. So yes, it is extremely dangerous to take these while partying.
  10. That was insane... No idea what was happening but it looked bad. The damn Russian army had to run in to break it up before it turned into a full on riot.
  11. Thank god. I'll pray for a speedy recovery.
  12. Great work Earl... I haven't been following college wrestling as much these days but I still catch your podcast.
  13. Because he lost during the folkstyle season that means what to his style while winning worlds?
  14. Snyder won a world title against a guy like Gadisov basically wrestling folkstyle. Cael did it... but it's not easy and Cael was a lot older when he did it than Kyle is. I think Snyder would be a favorite against anyone this upcoming season.
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