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  1. The guy is a ****ing douchebag. There, I said it. Held my tongue for too long. Take a hint man.
  2. He actually touts himself as a major training advisor to some of the top Brazilian MMA guys. Not sure he actually does much for them, but he gets to hang with them and they get some American exposure from them. Something of an inside joke, but this i always funny:
  3. Anyone who has sat an entire day on wooden bleachers at a local freestyle tourny will welcome the 7pt tech even if it does not clearly show "technical superiority". This is similar to the ippon in judo. Anyone who has gone to a local judo tourney will attest that it is great getting there at 11AM and leaving by 2PM due to many matches not lasting even a minute. Definitely more fan friendly.
  4. They had them at the Palestra (I think) in the early 90s, the Joe Melchoire vs Cross matches were awesome. Was not crowded at all.
  5. I'm impressed with Pitt having a great recruiting class with Jason Peters taking over at the helm. He may have given an extra little bit of effort knowing that the transition would happen this year. Also interesting to see them pulling such high prospects with Penn State in the region. I'm rooting for them.
  6. I was thinking Gene reading this thread as well...
  7. I've taken GSP down. I was training BJJ at Renzo Gracie's in NYC and he was down getting ready for whatever UFC event he had coming up. We were both in the no-gi class. We did a King of the Hill with five men out on the mat and the rest of the class rotating in on takedowns. We were the only two not to get taken down at the end of the time, so they put us together. I took a Russian tie and he straight arm posted on my head. I posted it up and blew through for an easy double leg TD. That's when I get mad when they say his wrestling is "world class". He didn't even know how to defend a russian arm tie properly. Not only that, he did the worst of the 100 options available. Anyway, he'd smash me easily 10 out of 10 times with strikes involved. He was almost even happy that someone took him down like that. Nice guy.
  8. I think it is well deserved for Peters to get the head spot. I coached with him at Princeton. I was the second assistant with him being the head assistant. He's done a great job in both positions. Pitt has been pretty steady with All Americans and decent dual showings. Nice work.
  9. jsp- in this day and age? yikes. Best of luck!
  10. Definitely don't want to pile on, but all of this stuff at Rutgers just seems to come down to preparation. You don't have to "develop" anyone, you need to prepare them to win. It doesn't seem like that part is getting done. Easy for me to say from my keyboard of course.
  11. Poor little guy is too tired to run on his wheel which powers this website. Pages timing out. Happens each year without fail during championships. Admins: I know a guy who's nephew does web design, maybe you can have him host this site on his imac...and we wonder why the governing body of our sport has problems...
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    http://www.nj.com/hssports/blog/wrestli ... rsity.html
  13. The few times I've been choked out in Jiu Jitsu or Judo, I've been in la la land the rest of the day. Sure, you wake up in a few seconds and appear normal, but there is a haze that lasts for a few hours at least.
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