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  1. The following is a history piece I put together on the TCW on Gilroy wrestling: http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/striving-for-excellence-gilroy-high-school-ccs/
  2. http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/arsen-aleksanyan-to-lead-newly-established-naia-program-at-life-pacific-college-in-san-dimas-california-qa/
  3. Brian Moreno was the real deal in high school. The following is a list of Brian's achievements while attending Foothill High School in Santa Ana. - 3x California State Champion 2003 - '05 - NHSCA Senior National Champion '05 - ASICS All-American - Second Team '05 - Wrestling USA Dream Team '05 - Amateur Wrestling News First Team '05 Coach Al
  4. You can also purchase it on Amazon or at Walmart https://www.amazon.com/American-Wrestler-Wizard-William-Fichtner/dp/B06Y2KBKV7
  5. My "American Fighter" Experience - The Connections of the California Wrestling Community by Al Fontes http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/my-american-fighter-experience-the-connection-of-the-california-wrestling-community-by-al-fontes/
  6. American Wrestler will be released in select theaters nationwide on May 3, 2017 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE (click on address below) https://www.fathomevents.com/events/american-wrestler SEE ATTACHED SPREADSHEET LISTING APPROVED LOCATIONS AS OF 3/22/17 05.03.17 American Wrestler The Wizard – Approved Locations as of 03.22.xlsx
  7. http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/tcw-meets-up-with-ali-afshar-actorproducer-of-the-upcoming-movie-american-wrestler-the-wizard/
  8. http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/2017-clovis-doc-buchanan-preview-by-al-fontes-and-pablo-dimaria/
  9. The Clovis Doc Buchanan Invitational in California is by far the toughest tournament in the western United States and top 5 overall. This tournament attracts California's elite and in the last several years has seen an increase of out of state teams (PA, NJ, CO, NM, NV, WA) and nationally ranked individuals. Truly a great event and professionally ran.
  10. Prior to the California State Championships, Dave Schultz pinned 2x NCAA Champion and “Outstanding Wrestler” Chuck Yagla from the University of Iowa at the Great Plains Championships, which qualified him to compete on his first U.S. international team at the Tbilisi Tournament in the former Soviet Georgia, considered by many in the wrestling circles as the “toughest tournament in the world.” As a result of the timing of Tbilisi (Dave earned a Bronze medal), Dave missed the qualifying process for the California State Championships, but his coach Ed Hart was able to successfully petition him into the tournament. Competing two weight classes above his normal weight (as a result of not competing at his normal weight during the qualifier process), Dave pinned all his opponents up to the finals where he secured the title with a major decision in the final.
  11. The following are a few examples: 126 - David Campbell - Mission Oak HS (CS) 1st East Yosemite League 6th Yosemite Valley Div. 3rd Central Section - Masters CIF State Champion 106 – Eric Rivera – Clovis North (CS) 2nd TRAC Leage 2nd Yosemite Valley Division 3rd CIF Central Section Masters 3rd CIF State Championships 106 – Izzak Olejnik – Bakersfield (CS) 1st SW Yosemite League 4th Yosemite Valley Division 8th CIF Central Section 5th CIF State Championships 120 – Robert Garcia IV – Selma (CS) 2nd Central Sequoia League 1st Sequoia Sierra Valley Division 5th CIF Central Section 3rd CIF State Championships 138 – Joel Romero – Buchanan (CS) 2nd TRAC League 2nd Yosemite Valley Division 5th CIF Central Section 3rd CIF State Championships 138 – Bobby Miguel – Clovis West (CS) 3rd TRAC League 3rd Yosemite Valley Division 4th CIF Central Section 5th CIF State Championships 220 – Tyler Collier – Clovis (CS) 3rd TRAC League 2nd Yosemite Valley Division 4th CIF Central Section 3rd CIF State Champions In short, the CIF Central Section is a highly competitive area of California. The city of Clovis fielded two nationally ranked teams (top 10) in Clovis and Buchanan, each only a few miles apart. The Tri-Rivers Athletic Conference (TRAC League) is NAILS! It includes Clovis, Buchanan, Clovis West, Clovis East, Clovis North, and Central High Schools. These kids are battling at the state and national level on a weekly basis. Many of the JV squads would be varsity teams in other areas.
  12. This is a great idea, but conducting it early in the season would likely result in California not assembling a team representing our top tier kids. The football season extends into early December for those programs lucky enough to make it to the CIF State Champions and many of our elite wrestlers attend the Walsh Ironman during the same month. Making two trips back east would be very expensive for our kids. Worth discussing further though...
  13. The California State Championships is a very humbling experience for a majority that have had the opportunity to compete in during their respective prep careers, but not get past the round of 12 to stand on the medal platform of eight. The one thing that makes the post season experience so tough for the kids in California is the month long process "aka, the grind" to earn a very hard fought state medal. For instance, the CIF Southern Section wrestlers (350 to 400 schools) have to qualify via their area leagues (most likely an 8 to 12 man bracket), CIF Divisional (32 man bracket), Masters Meet (32 man bracket known as the Meat Grinder), and then to Bakersfield for the state championships (40 man bracket). The CIF Central Section is a lot smaller with approximately 90 schools, but packs a heavy punch with the likes of Clovis, Buchanan, Clovis West, Bakersfield, and Selma in the mix. These kids have to qualify via their leagues, divisional (Yosemite and Sequoia divisions), and Masters Meet "aka, the Valley." Although the bracket sizes are much smaller than the Southern Section, the quality of competition during the qualifiers reminds me of the Big 10 for college wrestling. It's not uncommon for a kid to place 3rd in league, 5th or 6th in their divisional, 3rd at Valley, and then win state (very narrow gap between the top tier wrestlers). Per capita, the Central Section is among the toughest areas of wrestling in the country. Other sections, such as the Sac-Joaquin, Northern, and San Diego qualify via their leagues, sub-sections, Masters, and then to state (all competitive sections). The North Coast and Central Coast Sections qualify via their leagues, sections (32 man bracket) and then to state; whereas, the city sections (Oakland and San Francisco) qualify straight from league (5 to 8 schools each). I believe the Los Angeles City (approximately 40 schools) qualifies from their leagues, Section, and state (growing section). In summary, the California State Championships is a representation of the state’s cream of the crop and the gap between placing in the top 8 and those that fail to get past the round of 16 and 12 is only by a slim margin. For example, it’s not uncommon for a kid to lose a double overtime match in the round of 16 and fail to place, but the wrestler that won that match make the finals or place in the top 4. A large percentage of the wrestlers losing in the round of 12 “blood round” are more than capable of medaling on any given day (many have beaten eventual medalist during the regular and post season qualifiers). The BIG negative is the harsh reality that so many quality wrestlers fail to ever earn a state medal.
  14. http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/its-official-fresno-st-hires-troy-steiner-to-lead-the-bulldogs/
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