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  1. Isn't he like 6'2"? Shocked he can make 133. But 125 as a 23 year old. Wow.
  2. As #25 overall, I would have thought he would get a number of offers.
  3. Likely same at NU. The 133 of the future is Dominick Serrano but a redshirt year would not hurt him (or a 2nd as last year didn't count) Still Boo could score points at the NCAAs which is more than we have had for a while
  4. SR 133 Minnesota Boo Dryden has transferred to NU. Not a huge lift at 133' Boo went 1-2 in the NCAAs last year. Still he should win the starting spot and we shall see.
  5. aknipp

    Cornell U.

    Already happened. PSU. The rich get richer
  6. As a Nebraska fan, I am happy they let Ty Berger slip out of the state. :-) Don't know how many other top 30 recruits came out of Oregon in the past several years. But yeah they need to make some inroads in neighboring states (Idaho, UT, CA), there are typically some good talent coming from those.
  7. Decent maybe, but typically the guys who get on the podium are, a very high %, top 30 recruits, OSU has a long way to go. Still I want to see better participation in the west.
  8. If Christian Lance (NU 285#) returns, he will be a 7th year. Graduated HS in 2015, went D2, redshirted, wrestled 2 years, redshirted again and wrestled 2 years at NU.
  9. The media doesn't want to mention his religion or national origin.
  10. Red falls to Simon, 9th seed beats the 8th seed. Not earth-shattering.
  11. Oh I understand, but Labs is likely the only one who may be favored in the quarters (though Lovett at 5 will have to beat #4). Venz would have to beat Brooks to make the semis, Red has to beat Eierman. Cronin and Robb have to go through multiple higher ranked opponents to make the semis. Trust me I hope it happens, but I expected Schultz needed to be in the finals for NU to make the top 4
  12. NU clinched another non-trophy year with Schultz getting pinned. He can still make the podium, but will have a hard road (likely number 7 seed, and then either 6 or 3) Huskers were not a favorite for a trophy but I thought they could be close and with a couple of finalists they could be #4.
  13. I was wondering what happened. Damn.
  14. Gawd. Hope it's not a false positive. Cannot imagine what's going through his mind. At least he's only a FR, assuming he redshirted last year
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