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  1. It looks like Mayfield is entering his SR year. I'd like to see him in Lincoln but NU has been recruiting the middle weights pretty heavy.
  2. aknipp


    Really like seeing a long term 33 pounder. Reno will also stay at 125 throughout college.
  3. Nebraska had 4 place that I saw. Reno 3rd at 113 Serrano won it at 132 Lovett #2 at 138 Hutmacher 3rd at 285 (FB commit)
  4. Reportedly he will play nose tackle. I'm skeptical of a 6 foot 4 NT. But I think the coaches will be able to use him correctly.
  5. They're 2 years apart. He lost very close to Schultz.
  6. To play football unfortunately. Happy that he's at NU, though wish he chose wrestling instead. Hard to argue with the 4 year guaranteed scholarships in FB.
  7. Venz returns at 184 and has a victory over Reenan
  8. Nebraska Brad Vering 3x AA 4th, 1st, 7th Craig Brester 3x AA 4th, 2nd 2nd Thomas Gilman 3X AA 4th, 2nd, 3rd I pulled Gilman from Iowa, since he went to.HS in Omaha
  9. Nebraska. 1 finalist, 2 between 3-6 and one 7-8
  10. Jensen pins Mason Parris and earned a ticket to the NCAAs.
  11. It was 18 seconds. I was on floarena wondering what happened.
  12. You do not have to use the transfer portal but you can and it helps the student. Coaches know who's interested and gives a way to contact schools. As a graduate transfer he can go wherever he wants.
  13. LaRock Benford was a 29 year old freshman at Purdue in 1990. I got stepped on by him in HS.
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