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  1. Considering that Harvard (and other schools) have stated that next semester (or even next year) will be on line, I am not really surprised.
  2. That's what I thought but the article said late 70s. I wrestled DIII 79-82 and swear we ran into them in tournaments Thanks.
  3. When did they drop wrestling ? I remember being at DIII tournaments with them in the early 80s. They had some talent.
  4. Got it. Was wondering why you didn't finish 197.
  5. Especially since that was truly the unlimited weight class. The next year the two finalists combined for about 800 pounds.
  6. I was worse when I wrestled. :-) If I could get away with it.
  7. Having cheated and peeked ahead the final outcome will be controversial
  8. Since typically maybe 75% of the AAs were top 8 seeds and maybe 90% were top 12 seeds it was a reasonable approach. You know some 9-12 seeds would have made the podium and probably a couple 13-16 as well. Perfect? No far from it. Better than not awarding AA at all? IMHO yes.
  9. Wow, I knew Kelber was NC but had not realized that he beat Brands. I see they didn't call stalling much back then, certainly looked like Kelber could have been whistled in the 2nd, sitting on the lead
  10. I thought 2nd team and HM are generous. Top 16 is a lot. But I'm happy they awarded them. I would have preferred they award places based on seed to 8.
  11. McKee was a number 10 seed 2nd team. MFFT in the B1G certainly hurt.
  12. It looks that way to me. Seeds 1-8 are 1st team, 9-12 2nd and 13-16 tHM.
  13. Thanks for the explanation, certainly makes sense.
  14. Glad they did that. Hope they award the team trophies as well. Looks liek the top 8 seeds at 1st AA, 9-12 seeds second team and 13-16 HM. A bit generous, IMHO but certainly very reasonable. There are certainly SRs on the list (even 1st team) that never were on the podium before but may have made it.
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