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  1. The only way Thompsen makes it is if he can steal a sport from someone who has already qualified. Jensen/Lance (whichever is the final starter) will likely be ranked and should earn a spot for the B1G to the NCAAs. There is a certain number of matches you must be in and a minimum rank. I think either (though not both) can pass that. Pure speculation.
  2. Not certain I understand the reasoning either. I'm guessing Manning hasn't decided on a starter and wants both in a position to be ranked. Very true about Thompsen. He's possible on getting an invite but will need to beat some wrestlers he's lost to. I expect everyone else to qualify
  3. Expect some backups today. White is given the day off. Backups at 133, 149, 197, and 285 also possible. Schultz can sit without effecting his seed. Jensen needs the match I suspect. Shouldn't make a huge difference. I did a dual comparison on wrestlestat of all backups against Indy starters and NU still wins.
  4. Having seen the 133, I would agree. Trying to get in close for a throw is all well and good but you cannot just stand there. Lovett slammed a headlock on him and dropped on his back.
  5. For the most part it went as expected. No Brunner or Red. Both backups lost. NU got pins at 165 and 133 - great headlock by Lovett. Purinton won at 149, Robb was leading 3-1 over Coleman when the butted heads and Coleman was taken through the concussion protocol, injury default. Lyday 5-2 over Labs. Purdue also won decisions at 124 and 141. NU won the rest. Had 157 completed and Brunner been there it could have been a close match, but it's hard to overcome two pins.
  6. True they wrestled once with Jensen WBF. Didn't see it so I don't know how much of a trend it is.
  7. He's 14 and 3 on the season. 3 matches before the B1G Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota. So he finishes 15-5 Think he'll be ranked high enough that record should earn a spot.
  8. I did see a replay of White's pin. Have to say it was pretty excessive.
  9. Stupid. Don't know if the rules are stupid or the coaches not having control but that crap cannot happen. NU has had a lot of close matches and a 2 point swing can lose a dual easily.
  10. One point deducted after 133 but it was 14 all going into 165 which ended with a pin. Final was 19-14 (reportedly) was another point deducted?
  11. There are 2 FR in a redshirt season at 125, the starter is a redshirt FR. It's possible a 133 could have cut down but I do not know if that is allowed anymore.
  12. With the lead NU had, pulling a redshirt to pick up a forfeit makes little sense.
  13. Certainly valid. But now there will be a serious challenge. And, while Emerson has won a bunch he's not beaten NQ talent while Davidson has (at 197). OSU had great success with Derek White at 285 after he left Nebraska as a 197.
  14. Wyoming backup 197 lb is transferring to Nebraska. He will move to HWT and will be eligible next year. Since the weight clears out next year, only Emerson returns he will be needed.
  15. Entering the finals OSU would have needed to sweep and Nebraska lose most/all. Lovett wins and Sasso and that should lock up the team title to Nebraska.
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