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    By far my favorite. I worked for Atria and know it inside and out. Was pre-IPO there. Did well. Off topic Atria merged with Pure Software headed by Reed Hastings, who started Netflix a few years later. Knew him but did not like him well enough to keep in touch. Screwed the pooch on that decision. :-)
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    Old C/C++/Java developer in the 90's so I have used a bunch of tools for SCM, including VSS
  3. aknipp


    I hate GIT. Use it way too much. Still better than SVN.
  4. Yeah the schools in question were not Ivy (though close), Washington U in STL and Tulane. Kids were told in no uncertain terms that aid they would get as a FR woul dbe less if they transfer in.
  5. I stand corrected on the Ivies. From my experience with 2 kids in college aid changed if someone transferred in.
  6. Because a portion comes as grants (which you don;t pay back) and the rest loans, which you do. So, yes if a wrestler transfers to Princeton the % of aid that is loans will likely go up. That is hard $ out of the pocket.
  7. Except that the aid one gets as a transfer is typically significantly lower than you get as an incoming FR. For someone like Woods that may not matter.
  8. Yes Woods wants to transfer and continue. I expect Griffith would as well. But I thought the post was about the other members of the team
  9. As to transfers, leaving Stanford is a hard task if you are concerned about academics. They tend to be pretty generous with the aid packages to students based on need. If you transfer you give that up and have to hope for something similar or wrestling money. Even a RS SO this year is 3 years into the program, you might want to take the $ and get a degree and try as a graduate transfer.
  10. Possibly and Iowa as well. Nebraska many tens of millions off of FB, maybe 5M on Basketball and 250K on W volleyball. Every other sport was a net loss.
  11. And more importantly, any recruits that a team can steal ?
  12. Nebraska expects a $100M hit to the AD budget if games are not played. While I do not htink the NU wrestling team is in jeopardy, that kind of a loss for any school is going to have serious repercussions.
  13. Thanks, I assume you have some inside information. Appreciate the update. I really hope there is a season.
  14. I'll be surprised if Thomasen beats Lovett at 133. I am also speculating that Robb moves to 165 and 157 is either Wilson (KS) or Hardy (UT) . Unfortunately Nebraska does not have a goto pipeline state for recruits.
  15. That is a good point. I suspect Albright takes top and has a solid shot at riding out. Back pre 285# limit, very large heavies would choose top.
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