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  1. 157 is going to be interesting. Don't see Lee winning. 165 will be a meatgrinder. Ouch.
  2. There are NIL $ for some women's teams. It should not be affected by Title 9 since they are driven by external $. As a Nebraska fan, I know the chick VBall team gets talked about a lot in NIL. I have not followed too closely what kind of $ they can make but when you have a team that is well known, there are going to be some great opportunities.
  3. My bad. I didn't realize how many MFFT he had at one of the tournaments.
  4. True. But times he did wrestle he hasn't impressed. Example in 2020 he beat Cael Carlson by TF 18-3 and a year later lost by TF 17-2. Even this year he went to two open tournaments and went 4-5 against 1 kid from Mizzou and some JUCO and D2 opponents. He went 16-2 his first year against similar competition.
  5. He's been at 149 anyway. Killer 1st year at NU but regressed.
  6. The NCAA admitted that the scoring table wrongly rejected NU appeal of the very close TD in OT. https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/sports/2022/03/ncaa-admits-error-on-nebraska-challenges-in-key-mikey-labriola-bout-at-nationals.html
  7. Now you need placement vs recruiting ranking ....
  8. It'll be interesting to see who gets fewer upset votes, Lovett, Clarke, Warner or Schultz.
  9. No question. As a Nebraska fan I'm really pumped. Wish they had won some of the conso semis and squeaked into 4th. But after the dismal showing in the B1G tournament this was unexpected.
  10. Lovett Yanni should be a great match. Last one was very close. Really want to see Ridge at the top of the podium
  11. Don't know that yet. 2 guys in the semis, both have tough matches
  12. Nebraska with 1 AA and 6 in the blood round, Could be nice, could be ugly.
  13. I'm thinking the Stevenson is not too concerned about losing to Schultz
  14. Hope so, go Labs..... though the 2nd period did not go well.
  15. Loser of Yanni/Sasso has an ugly Conso semi
  16. And Micic meets Eirmann to see which makes the blood round. Brutal
  17. Sure looked like Lovett had the pin the 1st time, glad he went back at it
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