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    aknipp reacted to jp157 in New Intermat Rankings   
    I get Brayton Lee was ranked high.. but that doesn’t magically elevate him over actual placers from last year..
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    aknipp got a reaction from Elevator in Show me the $   
    There are NIL $ for some women's teams.  It should not be affected by Title 9 since they are driven by external $.  As a Nebraska fan,  I know the chick VBall team gets talked about a lot in NIL.  I have not followed too closely what kind of $ they can make but when you have a team that is well known, there are going to be some great opportunities.  
  3. Haha
    aknipp reacted to lu1979 in KOT is the next DT   
    He meant to say "he didn't go to St Eds like Taylor" - then he would have been right on both counts.:)
  4. Thanks
    aknipp reacted to kionga in B1G Performance at NCAA   
    After the first session on Thursday, I was wondering if the B1G was overrated.  When all is said and done, I don't think they were.
    The top 3 teams, and 5 of the top 6, were from the Big Ten.
    Eight of ten individual champions were from the B1G.
    The conference accounted for 38/80 (48%) of all Americans, and 612.5/1337 points scored (46%).
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    aknipp got a reaction from de4856 in Team race placement predictions   
    No question.  As a Nebraska fan I'm really pumped. Wish they had won some of the conso semis and squeaked into 4th. But after the dismal showing in the B1G tournament this was unexpected.  
  6. Haha
    aknipp reacted to lu_alum in NCAA Championships Day 3 Thread: Session V - Consolation Semis + Medal Matches   
    You needed to quote the entire OP to make that statement???

  7. Haha
    aknipp reacted to MSU158 in NCAA Championships Day 2 Thread: Session III   
    Pretty sure, until the semis are over, the same thing has and could be said since 1974...
  8. Thanks
    aknipp reacted to Crotalus in NCAA Championships Day 2 Thread: Session III   
    Wasn't paying close enough attention to Kent/Venz. Looked like a scramble where Kent was awarded 2. Challenge overturned the call and gave Venz 2. Venz rode Kent the entire 3rd to erase riding time and win by 1.
  9. Thanks
    aknipp reacted to Jrr277 in NCAA Championships Day 2 Thread: Session III   
    Andonian and Lovett will be an incredibly fun match. Someone is getting pinned.
  10. Thanks
    aknipp reacted to boconnell in D1 Day 1 thread   
    Refs give one to Red in round one and now rob him in round 2.  
  11. Haha
    aknipp reacted to potentiallydangerous in Down goes Hildebrant!   
    With climate change concerns, shouldn't the BBQ be replaced by a natural gas grill, or, better yet, geothermal?
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    aknipp got a reaction from 1032004 in D1 Day 1 thread   
    HOw's this guy wrestle for AF ?  There's no way he can fit in a cockpit.   :-)
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    aknipp got a reaction from GockeS in D1 Day 1 thread   
    Robb by fall,  did not even have hte chance to view the trackcast
  14. Haha
    aknipp got a reaction from Stl in D1 Day 1 thread   
    Hmmm,  I guess I will have to get some work done. 
  15. Haha
    aknipp reacted to scribe in D1 Day 1 thread   
    I used to gas and get pinned without scoring any points! 
  16. Thanks
    aknipp reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in D1 Day 1 thread   
    Need Bubba Wilson to upset Amine here.  Michigan is doing well so far.
  17. Sad
    aknipp reacted to Gilgamesh in D1 Day 1 thread   
    boconnell, theres an extra inch between BIG 10 wrestlers shoulder blades and the mat. Surely you knew that. And AKnipp, yeah, Flo bought them in Feb. and it looks like pay only access 
  18. Haha
    aknipp reacted to Twooooo in D1 Day 1 thread   
    Thank goodness Rutgers and NW are wrestling each other so the BIG can get at least 1 125 in the second round champ bracket.
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    aknipp got a reaction from Idaho in Dropouts   
    With as many MFFT in the 3rd and 5th place B1G matches, I thought there might be some 
  20. Thanks
    aknipp reacted to IGotAPlan in I predict Iowa wins Big 10s, handily   
    Really impressive that Warner finds a way to get 2nd after losing in the semis to Schultz. Truly doing the impossible. 
  21. Confused
    aknipp reacted to Elevator in Notables that didn’t earn an allocation   
    I think with all the covid holdovers it is inevitable that some good wrestlers who belong will not make the tourney.  Also agree that when guys like Red and Hines do not get qualifiers, strong possibility that it will bump out someone who did qualify.  EIWA at 133 got two when they probably have four guys worthy.  The semis will be stressful!
  22. Haha
    aknipp reacted to TBar1977 in Big Ten 197   
    ^^^  Skinny Meatloaf. ^^^
  23. Haha
    aknipp reacted to ionel in Big Ten 197   
    Now don't be sad
    'Cause thirteen out of ten ain't bad
    I have no idea what I'm talking about
  24. Thanks
    aknipp reacted to cowcards15 in So Desanto was perfectly fine?   
    Since he wrestles for Iowa he should be thankful he got a match in.
    They didn't change the rule. There is no partial season unless you have a hardship "injury, sickness, etc" as gimpeltf pointed out. Once you wrestle once attached then that is a season of competition.
  25. Haha
    aknipp reacted to Major Kong in NU vs NU   
    Yeah, if matches were 5 minutes Yayha would be national champ.
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