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  1. Varnish. He gave it to “ ‘sotan “ Correct HS?
  2. A lot of people I went to HS with in Sheldon Iowa think I am an ass. Same with a lot of my college classmates in Ames (regardless of gender). It’s hard to meet expectations of everyone. Ethics & opinions are grey areas. Like @$$holes. We all have one. Clear rule violations are binary yes no pass fail. Behaviors are grey areas subject to criticism. Do I support what has been alleged? No. Goes against my personal work ethic and fundamental principals. But I think it’s in the grey areas not binary. But any conflict between 2 parties has 4 sides to evaluate - each party says some things and chooses not to say some things. One always end up rendering opinions on like 50% of data - 2 of 4 sides. Ya never get, in my leadership experience , more than 66% of data. I graduated from isu in 80’s - some great teams back then. I always hoped I would get to see “us” win another national team championship. Came close Cael’s sophomore year I think. Had 4 in finals I think. Missed opportunity. We lost every single head to head match with the hawks that tournament. That was my last ncaa tournament I was at. Team titles have always been in a group of selected few. Isu was once in that group of which we are no longer a card carrying member. The criteria to stay in that even smaller group is quite robust in 2020. Maybe only 3 or 4 members. The rest of us are all practice take down dummies
  3. I agree. My analogy was weak at best.
  4. Iowa state should just drop wrestling
  5. Loser of cox Snyder kind of like cross brands in 96. ‘96 USA trials was basically best 2 wrestlers in world at 57kg.
  6. Enjoy the matches today Headshuck
  7. Terrific competition-great atmosphere
  8. I think Something wrong with septic system?
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