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  1. Varnish. He gave it to “ ‘sotan “ Correct HS?
  2. A lot of people I went to HS with in Sheldon Iowa think I am an ass. Same with a lot of my college classmates in Ames (regardless of gender). It’s hard to meet expectations of everyone. Ethics & opinions are grey areas. Like @$$holes. We all have one. Clear rule violations are binary yes no pass fail. Behaviors are grey areas subject to criticism. Do I support what has been alleged? No. Goes against my personal work ethic and fundamental principals. But I think it’s in the grey areas not binary. But any conflict between 2 parties has 4 sides to evaluate - each party says some things and chooses not to say some things. One always end up rendering opinions on like 50% of data - 2 of 4 sides. Ya never get, in my leadership experience , more than 66% of data. I graduated from isu in 80’s - some great teams back then. I always hoped I would get to see “us” win another national team championship. Came close Cael’s sophomore year I think. Had 4 in finals I think. Missed opportunity. We lost every single head to head match with the hawks that tournament. That was my last ncaa tournament I was at. Team titles have always been in a group of selected few. Isu was once in that group of which we are no longer a card carrying member. The criteria to stay in that even smaller group is quite robust in 2020. Maybe only 3 or 4 members. The rest of us are all practice take down dummies
  3. Iowa state should just drop wrestling
  4. Loser of cox Snyder kind of like cross brands in 96. ‘96 USA trials was basically best 2 wrestlers in world at 57kg.
  5. Terrific competition-great atmosphere
  6. I think Something wrong with septic system?
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