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  1. Looking great. Glad he’s back
  2. Mine was Michelle from Sheldon Iowa. Go Orabs
  3. Looks like it was a fun dual meet. Competitive
  4. Hope he goes to pen state. His style fits coach Sanderson
  5. If this is the kid from Colorado , yes, he is good. Dad was against freestyle forever but started him at cadet level. Dad boxed I think so he has that bob and weave juke then shoot.
  6. 3 years is pretty thin isn’t it? Dresser’s was 7 years. I guess I don’t know what is norm. 3 years. Year 1 adjust and recruit. Year 2 redshirt class just recruited. Year 3 hope redshirts deliver.
  7. Good get. Nice pick up
  8. It will be interesting if he focused all that anger and disappointment of the past 6 months into training to silence critics
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