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  1. xander

    Iowa vs Iowa State

    Looks like it was a fun dual meet. Competitive
  2. xander

    What's the story on Alirez?

    Hope he goes to pen state. His style fits coach Sanderson
  3. xander

    What's the story on Alirez?

    If this is the kid from Colorado , yes, he is good. Dad was against freestyle forever but started him at cadet level. Dad boxed I think so he has that bob and weave juke then shoot.
  4. xander

    Congrats to Chris Bono for getting paid

    But yes. Good coin !
  5. xander

    Congrats to Chris Bono for getting paid

    3 years is pretty thin isn’t it? Dresser’s was 7 years. I guess I don’t know what is norm. 3 years. Year 1 adjust and recruit. Year 2 redshirt class just recruited. Year 3 hope redshirts deliver.
  6. xander

    Lee to Drexel

    Happy Monday everyone !
  7. xander

    Desanto to Iowa

  8. xander

    JD Stickley to tOSU

    Good get. Nice pick up
  9. xander

    PDIII training situation

    It will be interesting if he focused all that anger and disappointment of the past 6 months into training to silence critics
  10. I saw this show too.
  11. xander

    Askren Wisconsin RTC head coach

    Good get. Nice pick up
  12. xander

    Top 10 programs of the Future

    I do not think the top 10 will fluctuate all that much. Hahn & others will see how difficult it is to recruit top tier. Little Rock too
  13. xander

    Barry Davis

    Good get. Nice pick up
  14. xander

    SDSU Head Coach

    northern Colorado will have the same amount of success as any new program — none of these programs like Arkansas or wherever will never attract top tier recruits nor ever place high team wise in 25+ years. They all are great places to earn degrees and meet friends and spouses and prepare for all the other aspects of life. There are only 10 or so schools who will ever win the team trophy. My alma mater Iowa state with all its tradition has an outside chance just to put things in perspective