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  1. I use to do it by grit and effort for many years; then, an administrator with themat made it a pinned feature with a constantly upgraded schedule. It was very nice. Now - NOTHING.
  2. It use to get pinned to the top. I thought I saw on on themat home page a few weeks ago.
  3. Iowa at Illinois has video. http://www.fightingillini.com/watch/?Live=192
  4. Hey Vic, do you still have those 44's. If that is a picture of you, then, you are one ugly chick. (I didn't forget what you told me)
  5. I always brought in rough kids to coach and made it my mission to mold them into good citizens. I hope some Div 1 school will take an overall interest in him. He needs the direction and guidance.
  6. Come on now, keep the reasoning running in a logical direction. No, she is not an Iowa fan. She is a Jimmy Swaggart fan.
  7. You don't? I handle is texas twister on the Iowa forums board. I am from Iowa and have always been an Iowa fan. Does Iowa have great fans? Yes, so do all the other programs. Does Iowa have horrible fans? Yes, do do all the other programs. Some posters just need to mature. (and no scribe, I do not mean you)
  8. Do you have any idea how much love Iowa fans take in posts like this? Apparently not. Keep it up. You are thrilling many folks.
  9. This is why I don't take Iowa haters criticism seriously. It is always and only Iowa's fault. This stuff sounds like my mindless mom excusing all family members of wrong doing simply because they are family members. Has it ever occurred to you that it is Iowa with the target on its back?
  10. Nice story there BigApple. I even agree that Iowa needs to show more class. Here is where I have a problem with your post. You never mention Missouri's antics of unsportsmanlike conduct. That lowers your credibility considerably.
  11. So, you have determined without doubt that Gilman intended to injure Waters. You must specialize in telepathy. Impressive. And to think, the official thought Waters was the culprit. So we can ruin Gilman's wrestling season based upon your amazing skills. Thank you.
  12. Hey, I'm not the dude that started this poll or any of the others that voted "yes". Maybe most of the "yes" voters want all the really tough opponents that are not on their team to be ommitted from competing. Last I heard, wrestling in rough.
  13. This poll and thread are insane. Do people honestly want Gilman kicked out of post season wrestling? What loon would say "yes"?
  14. Having read shane sparks post - I am wrong. I am also surprised Waters was called for the slam.
  15. Gilman got called for the slam - Waters got called for unsportsman like conduct. Watch the official place hands like a full nelson (illegal slam) and then place arm straight out indicating unsportsman
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