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  1. Ohio perspective: Steve St John Dustin Schlatter Kyle Ott Hunter Stieber
  2. Regarding McKenna v Hayes: Based on my viewing of the first match, McKenna is small while Hayes is lanky and can fill out at 149. I also think Hayes had the first match in hand and blew it. Nothing is certain at this time of year and injuries/coaching considerations could have a major impact on how lineups shake out both at Ohio State and elsewhere.
  3. I think FT's summation is fair. M has had a blizzard of injury issues seemingly on a yearly basis. But they have re-doubled their recruiting efforts in recent years. More importantly, they are well funded. Indeed, they might be in better position financially than any programs besides PSU and Iowa. There should be pressure in Ann Arbor to finish top four. And if injuries happen again, one has to wonder why this program seems to suffer more critical ones than any major power in D1. That said--they are positioned to have a great season and have outstanding recruits arriving next fall.
  4. I-Granby: Re your "staying at home" comments. Here's an Ohio perspective. 1) Bucks didn't get Carr although Ohio was just the state he was passing through on his way to college. Mitch Mueller also leaving state. 2) Bucks current recruiting class includes Sasso (Pa), Heinselman (Co), Hoffman (Pa), Maddox (Ohio), RoJordan(Ohio) and Kinner (NJ). They also have a prospect out of Texas whose name escapes me. 3) Rest of Ohio D1 programs--Kent, CSU and Ohio U--almost never land big in state prospects (depending on how one defines big prospect).
  5. Forums are stale. Every topic has been discussed. Only the names change. The best we can hope for is the return of DF or the Iowa mullet guy (name has slipped my mind).
  6. Quinn Kinner de-committed from NC State and said he's attending tOSU as well. Kinner is ranked around 50 among senior prospects according to Flo.
  7. Do any of these schools have a full 9.9 to offer?
  8. The wrestle-off won't decide anything anyway. My sense is the staff would prefer Hayes up a weight but I don't know it for fact.
  9. Coon has a solid 20% chance to win regardless of how. That's not bad. There's really no one else at the weight to challenge Snyder although Kasper is game.
  10. Storr is a stud. Carr will be good. Don't know enough about the rest to offer an opinion.
  11. I'd be curious as to how many subscribers Flo has? They offer a lot of content and constantly change it up. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. He won Fargo over Nick Simmons when Simmons was going for his 4th title. He was well known and a respected prospect.
  13. Agreed. Hurts as a Buck fan but you can't get em all and a productive ISU is good for wrestling.
  14. But someone on a message board promised he was going to tOSU. Wait. Not fair....
  15. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-wrestling/2017/10/86428/three-time-all-american-wrestler-nathan-tomasello-sidelined-until-january-with-lower-body-injury
  16. I admit I was just trolling. But at least one person offered a serious reply.
  17. I'm sympathetic to your point of view but it may be a bit dated. We've entered an era of amazing wrestlers and guys like Fix, Lee, Hall, McHenry, Heinselman, Carr, Lewan, etc...are so skilled at Free when they hit college age that Folk training doesn't seem nearly as troublesome as it once was. Personally, I'd dump it for Free if it were my decision to make--but we seem to be hitting our stride as a nation when it comes to producing really well round super competitors.
  18. Is it Maryland? Let's see...Kyle Snyder, Helen Maroulis and Kurt McHenry. That's seven world titles including two Olympic golds. Yep. It's Maryland.
  19. Mizzou is indeed one of the best coached teams in the country. Brian Smith does a superb job of wringing every ounce of talent out of his charges.
  20. Responding to those two guys is a waste of time. Their agenda is sacrosanct (to them).
  21. The only Ohio 3x champ I can think of is Lee Kemp. Two timers include Pat Milkovich, Ryan Bertin, Jim Jordan, Dan St John, Kevin Randleman, Tom Rowlands, J. Jaggers and Markus Mollica....and Dean Heil. Fried was amazing but only won one. And Logan won 4. While I might be missing someone, I'm confident Ohio is not your answer for "state with most 3 timers."
  22. $15 to watch great wrestling online seems like a very reasonable price compared to how much one pays just to go to the movies. Given the complaining I'll assume many of you cut lawns for a living.
  23. I like much of this idea but am hung up on two championships. The American NCAA D1 Tourney is one of the best events in the world--any style. If we diminish it in some way, we've created our own mess. However, if you want to get a TV audience, Ohio State v PSU at the end of the season could draw a nice crowd with a little hype.
  24. Zahid Valencia was the best 174 in the country last season but Hall had PSU destiny on his side. And the headgear pull call was legit....Bo Jordan wasn't even at 75% at NCAA's last year. If healthy, he's a beast--although so are Hall and Zahid....Dean Heil gets a 50% from me. I'd put him above that mark but the history of guys going after their 3rd titles has been ugly for last several years....Pat Downey is the elephant in the room at 184 or 197. He's good enough to win either weight but not guaranteed to do it. And what's the likelihood of him lasting a full season when he has a to get his academics and behavior issues in order? I have no idea if he'll put it together or fall apart and move on to post-grad. I do know he's very talented....Adam Coon isn't going to throw Kyle Snyder but crotch lift counters could work well for him. His sheer size and considerable ability certainly make one wonder if the upset is possible.
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