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  1. Coon's only chance is to counter shots fast and repeatedly. He's so tall he'll never keep Snyder off his legs. I honestly think the best chance for an upset would be a smaller hvy with great O who can ride. Or someone really heavy and short--and in great shape.
  2. The difference between Brands and Zalesky has to do with the culture of the program. Brands espouses Gable philosophy with his own spin while Zalesky appeared uncertain when Iowa began to slip. And given Zalesky's solid, unspectacular work at Oregon State, it's hard to argue with a straight face that Tom Brands isn't the better coach for the Hawkeyes. The biggest issue facing Iowa today is the emergence of PSU--same as every other major program.
  3. Well deserved. Tom Brands does an excellent job.
  4. Tom Ryan mentioned in an interview on the T Row and Funky podcast that the Buckeyes had several wrestlers planning to try out for this team. In all likelihood they will be sending a back-up laden lineup to the CKLV. He mentioned several times that as long as NCAA team title isn't affected, tOSU will continue to allow wrestlers opportunity to work at different styles in season.
  5. Just seems to indicate that Keith Gavin is creating excitement at Pitt.
  6. Everyone is welcome to participate on ohiowrestling.net We're boring the heck out of ourselves talking about the Buckeyes. New topics and fresh perspectives would be welcome. Only rule is you have to use your real name. Unfortunately, the technology is old so if you want to register, I suggest shooting me a message on this site.
  7. Rocky Jordan can outfish anyone in the PSU lineup. Bold statement but I'm standing by it.
  8. I don't care who Nate beats. He has no control over the opposition. I just love seeing him have success.
  9. Most great pinners have a physiological advantage that gives them leverage over their opponents. Not always. But often. The best high school pinners I've seen all had lanky builds with powerful shoulders and long arms.
  10. I ship Wagyu briskets across the country to guys that compete in BBQ contests. In my opinion, your day was productive.
  11. Awesome idea. Can hardly believe this is real. Thought it might be an April Fools joke. Ohio State and PSU should dual in Russia.
  12. I've always been a JO fan but the fact he won the US Open then got dinged for steroids makes him a bit of a joke.
  13. Re-building a program is usually a young man's game. SF State could be fantastic with the right coach and if he can get support for the university.
  14. HB--you may be right but he's also the guy with three World championships. Age is just a number. That said--he and DT seem to be close. In fact I'd imagine Taylor is close to a lot of the world team members.
  15. This Buckeye fan thinks Zain is fabulous and likely to earn a World medal in the next few years. Logan is probably his toughest comp for the spot but that's only if Logan wants to continue.
  16. Sooner or later a lot of these guys will be at a training center together and Taylor will have to explain himself to all of them. You think guys like Snyder and Burroughs might have a few words for Taylor? DT should have already apologized privately, publicly and in terms that make clear he recognizes how wrong his conduct was. There's no justification for his tweet. And Cox wrestled pretty dmn well for a guy who didn't get to practice a whole lot so his knee could heal.
  17. Keener was already good and we've seen how well Cael develops talent.
  18. School should have just said--"we appreciate your years of service but no longer feel you're effective. We will be hiring a new coach." Better to be honest than play this game of re-application.
  19. Pretty obvious that Stieber was not sharp at World's. Typically his losses are highly competitive. That said--his two losses were to total studs. As someone who has watched him closely for a long time, he peaked for the previous world tourney. He was not sharp this cycle. World Cup, Pan Ams, even the WTT's...he just never really seemed quite the wrestler he had been the previous season. That may be the weight cut. Or it may be something else. Hard to say and I don't want to speculate. All I know is he's had a brilliant career and stood atop every peak this sport offers save the Olympics. We'll see whether or not he continues. But from the standpoint of winning with class and personal conduct, he remains one of the great examples this country has to offer.
  20. Kudos to them. Ten bucks? That's nothing for the opportunity to watch the greatest wrestlers in the world for several days with no glitches. Clear pic. Solid graphics. I am sold on Track. (only issue is their video doesn't synch well with google chrome. I switched to internet explorer and had no issues).
  21. i'm in the Snyder camp but Chamizo was extraordinary yesterday. He made an excellent James Green look silly.
  22. I like the point system but 1980 and 1984 are problematic. The 1984 Olympic medalists won a world JV tournament and have inflated point values. The 1980 wrestlers--specifically the great Lee Kemp--earned no points. I think you have to throw out 1984. And Kemp? He was favored to win Gold which would have made him a 4x world champion instead of 3. He's probably seven points higher than you have him.
  23. Burroughs has adjusted beautifully since the Olympics. He's not necessarily as dominant--but he's still fabulous.
  24. Is 6 medals at 8 wts the best performance in USA history (84 was tainted)?
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