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  1. Three medals at four weights....Great job, USA. Do even better tomorrow.
  2. Everything Taylor said comes across as bitter. He had his opportunity to be our rep. He wrestled poorly and blew it.
  3. One thing's for sure--J'Den Cox would never have made that type of comment.
  4. In fairness to Stieber, the two guys he lost to were light years better than anyone that the other Americans have wrestled excluding the Turkish Hvy who destroyed Gwiz. Cox got caught in two of his matches and it cost him one. He has wrestled well otherwise. Stieber had a brutal draw and couldn't overcome it. That said--he looked over-matched.
  5. I love Cox. No panic. Got caught and stayed cool. Nice win.
  6. I was scared the Iranian would be given two on the challenge. I didn't see how he had it but one never knows the interpretation in freestyle.
  7. Gilman wins. Hasn't been able to finish a single in either match but he's active and in shape. He's got a good shot to medal.
  8. Logan's not that young and he's wrestled about 2 million folkstyle matches. Lots of wear and tear.
  9. Pains me to say it but Logan looked terrible. And his opponent knew what he was going to do before he did it.
  10. Anyone know how soon Stieber is wrestling?
  11. Gilman looked a bit sluggish but got the job done. Ukranian wrestler had some funky offense.
  12. It would be boring. Imagine how good the Russians would be at riding if they worked at it. No one would ever get out. Ever.
  13. tOSU will not have seven finalists. PSU remains the fave assuming Suriano stays put. But it's gotten tighter (on paper). UM and Okie State will be right there if either team suffers injuries/other issues.
  14. https://twitter.com/Joey_McKenna
  15. Lol. I ask this question daily on an Ohio forum. People keep whispering that he has picked Ohio State over Lehigh but hasn't announced yet. Stay tuned.
  16. tOSU 125: Nato--finalist 133: Pletcher--possible low AA (like his composure...won't beat himself) 141: Hayes--good wrestler/deep wt...rd of 12ish 149: McKenna--Low AA 157: MiJo--4-8 (love Micah but he'll be avg size at best) 165: Campbell--rd 12 to low AA 174: BoJo--top 4 184: MyMar--top 4 197: Mountain Man--finalist Hvy: Snyderman--finalist On paper the Bucks can challenge PSU with the winner being the squad which can push the most wrestlers into the finals. PSU has the five returning champs. Bucks have Snyder, Moore, Nato, Bo and Myles. Advantage to PSU. Also have to consider Cael's history of developing talent at a rapid clip. That said--the Bucks have a potential AA at each weight and may actually have more potential scorers than PSU. I wouldn't pick against Cael as he is the Bill Belichick of D1 wrestling--the clear difference maker as a head coach. UofMich has a lot of talent. Can they stay healthy?
  17. So is it safe to assume that Greg Warren was DF?
  18. Completely hypothetical... Let's say Suriano's father was a difficult actor throughout the season and gave the coaches a very hard time. And then Suriano decides to leave in spite of the effort the staff has made to develop him. Would you not only release him but support his waiver if you were PSU? Again--no knowledge. Just offering a hypothetical scenario. Personally, I think the AD just doesn't want to do it as GoWrestle previously mentioned due to the precedent. But that's too simple an explanation (or so I keep getting told).
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