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  1. Why can't this be exactly what was said by Gowrestle? Homesick kid asks to leave and the school agrees but AD doesn't grant him a waiver. Reason? Too many other athletes would use the same excuse and transfer intra-conference. The whole thing makes sense but several of you still insist it's something else. I think it's as simple as it sounds. Not saying it's right...but I don't think Cael is holding the kid back.
  2. He did not lose a year. Good point. He redshirted his frosh year at NW then transferred to UM.
  3. No one on PSU gets close to a full ride. No way.
  4. Safe to say that yesterday was our first significant World Jr Team title.
  5. I think he's cutting at least as much as Stieber. He's huge.
  6. The reason we're doing so well at the World Level has nothing to do with Folk and everything to do with how our elite train at a younger age. Imagine how much better we'd be if we continued to tweak folk. Is holding an ankle with a boot in while riding the hips really making our best wrestlers even better?
  7. Appears to be a new world for USA Wrestling--one in which our top prospects are not only folk stars but freestyle savvy at a much younger age. Mark Hall could be the next Kyle Snyder or something close. Guys like Lee, Yianni and Gable are not far behind. Training has changed and our elite are better as a result.
  8. Logan Stieber is around 27 years old. I think its possible he stops competing prior to the next Olympic cycle. If so, Maple looks like someone who will be ready to step in and win. He was impressive at the trials.
  9. 125: Shakur Laney, Ohio U--From the Columbus area 133: Nate Tomasello, tOSU--Parma Ohio (suburb of Cle) 141: Brendan Fitzgerald, tOSU--pinned Micic last year--Columbus 149: Dean Heil--OSU--moves up and takes out the Train--Cle 157: Micah Jordan--tOSU--too quick for Nolf--Graham, Ohio 165: Alex Marinelli-Iowa--shocks the big boys--Graham, Ohio 174: Bo Jordan--tOSU--third champ from Graham 184: Domenic Abounader--BLUE--Gates Mills, Oh (suburb of Cle) 197: Kollin Moore--tOSU--Burbank, Ohio Hvy: Jacob Kasper--Duke--shocks the world a year after he said he'd do it--Lexington, Ohio
  10. Lee Kemp is still one of the greatest American wrestlers of all time--3 x World Champ, 1 x World Bronze and 1980 Olympian (and the favorite to win it). He should have been the first four time champ but the official chose Chuck Yagla (a really great wrestler in his own right). Nothing changed because of the official's decision but Jimmy Carter's boycott sure scrwed Kemp.
  11. If McKenna is coming to tOSU, I'd like to see him at 141 for the first season. Micah was fabulous at 149 last season. He's not going to beat Zain and Sorenson is excellent but he is clearly the third best guy at the weight. At 157, it gets tougher just because of the size adjustment. Hayes can sit another year.
  12. He was well prepared for his semis and finals opponents. You could tell he'd been trained in how to counter inside trips. It was remarkable to see his adjustments from Big Tens to NCAA's.
  13. Everyone we're sending is "medal-capable" except Gwiz. Nothing personal but he's just not there yet. I think Gilman is a stronger candidate than people realize. Defeating a rested opponent in the WTT's finals after several tough matches is a significant feat. That said--we'll see.
  14. I think Gilman is our best prospect at the lightest weight in a while and capable of having a good tournament. The fact he won the WTT's over a rested Ramos is very impressive. Defeating an improving Tomasello in semis was another solid win as well. Gilman can score which is obviously important. While he's not likely to medal, it wouldn't shock me if he did.
  15. http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/072217aaa.html Not sure if other Americans were entered or how they did. Haven't seen any info besides the article put out by Ohio State.
  16. Wasn't really interested in the topic at hand. Just had a memory pop up and decided to share. Incidentally, I didn't vote for you but would today, Mr. Dole.
  17. I once attended a clinic that included Schalles and he was outstanding. His cross body ride sag to a near cradle was something we immediately implemented in our program. One of our guys ended up 3rd in state and used that particular move all season with great success.
  18. This is as good as it gets for a Browns fan given our history of failure since 1964.
  19. Luke Fickell was a better wrestler than football player but ended up playing football. He wrestled one match as a true freshman. He practiced for one week and took the mat for Ohio State against Kerry McCoy. He got majored and that was the end of his attempt to do both. Interesting topic.
  20. When Tom Ryan arrived in Columbus, he quickly landed a lot of top recruits. But not all of them were ideal in an all around sense and many failed to perform. It took him years to learn how to really recruit. My sense is that Zeke is having a similar experience. Some hits...some misses.
  21. Tom is exaggerating on his podcast. Go to his FB page and look at current pics. He has a modest paunch at best.
  22. Tom Rowlands was a multiple high school state and national champ...a collegiate 4x AA and multiple NCAA champ...5th in the world...and a 2x Olympic Trials finalist. Now he's a husband and father of four with a successful career and an entrepreneurial venture (Rudis) that seems to be doing well. We should all be as lazy as Tom Rowlands.
  23. Everyone needs to remember there is no right or wrong on these comparisons. But, if we're allowing for the changes in technique, Nolf beats McIlravy. Mac would never have been prepared for Nolf's counters.
  24. Jamie Meder, currently a defensive lineman for the Browns, was an Ironman champ or runnerup from Valley Forge High School out of the Cleve area. Steve Vallos also spent some time in the NFL. He was a state runnerup out of Youngstown Ohio.
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