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  1. agreed. He has the best program since the heyday of Gable. Seems to be negotiating hard as well with his administration. If he were a football coach, they'd already have offered him at least 5 mil a year. IMO he deserves 1 mil/year.
  2. Had the chance once to talk to him personally and--like so many big men--he has back issues.
  3. Any D1 football offer--and there are four listed--is a good offer. Cinci new head coach is Luke Fickell. Fickell was the standout hs heavy of his senior season. He knows how to talk to wrestlers.
  4. That team might have had more top flight talent because of Bertin, Tannenbaum and R. Churella. But it was not as good a lineup...at least not on paper.
  5. If McKenna comes....Nate seems all but certain to drop. Why? 125: Nate 133: Pletcher 141: Hayes 149: mcKenna 157: Micah 165: Campbell 174: Bo 184: Myles 197: Moore Hvy: Snyder That's not a better lineup than PSU. But it has five NCAA title candidates and five more guys who can/have AA'd. Certainly a squad that could--on paper in early July 2017--be close enough to swoop in and win it if something goes wrong in Happy Valley. That's why I think Nate will drop if McKenna transfers and is able to start right away.
  6. Nick Heflin--great athlete and tough as nails. I also think Kendrick Maple has the physical tools to excel at MMA.
  7. Molinaro wrestles his best when he has a chip on his shoulder. He just didn't seem to have the necessary intensity. Zain is excellent but the Olympic 5th placer had a huge advantage and didn't seem at the right emotional level for this type of comp.
  8. His job is to win the match. In fact his conscience is probably the reason he lost because he was putrid after the injury timeout.
  9. I've criticized the official on another thread but will opine that Taylor and his coaches did a terrible job during the injury time. The only comment to Taylor should have been that he needed to go get the lead and keep it and what strategies to employ. Taylor seemed to lose intensity and came back assuming a win was imminent. When it wasn't, he panicked. Still, Cox should have been put on the clock at least twice.
  10. This is the point. The ref just didn't do his job.
  11. Both are coming straight off a college season and made the team by winning the challenge tourney and beating former Olympians. I'm officially a big fan. Amazing how well they performed.
  12. He backed up constantly and failed to engage. He wrestled like a guy with ten secs left for 230. I love Cox but the official stopped doing his job. Taylor made matters worse by seeming to lose intensity. That was mindboggling as well.
  13. Even if Cox was injured you can't allow him not to engage for over 2 mins. He backed up constantly. No warning. Nothing. Just because he was hurt doesn't mean he isn't responsible for competing. If he can't compete, stop the match and award the win to the aggressor. That was horrible.
  14. I think Cox and Taylor both look exhausted. Taylor has now wrestled 5 matches.
  15. I don't care what Gilman says. He had an amazing day and deserves credit and kudos from wrestling fans. I'm excited to see him match up with Ramos.
  16. Any time you land Spencer Lee, it's a great class. That said--it's not an overwhelming class and hardly one that will get you there by itself. And PSU's 2018 haul is considerably better already. There's no way to keep pace with PSU. The best you can do is stay close.
  17. Interesting comment. Is your last sentence fact or speculation? FWIW--I agree with you.
  18. If I had a child who wrestled, I'd be thrilled to have them compete for Tom Brands.
  19. It's even more bizarre because we have no proof of the existence of a supreme being that is almighty, all knowing and cares about our well being. It's just an unproven theory that we embrace to feel better. Far more likely that life on earth is the product of a superior race that watches us the way we look at guinea pigs in a lab. But that's not going to fill the pews, is it?
  20. Spencer Lee on third team is absurd. He is on any short list of the greatest high school wrestlers in history.
  21. The young man put on a show. I was curious if he'd committed after watching him. Now I know. Great get for ASU.
  22. Nice job by Myles Martin. He beat Gravina and Renda--two solid folk guys--en route to the title. He looks bigger and very slick.
  23. Everyone's unbeatable...until they're not. If I'm betting on Zain vs Heil, I take Zain. But it wouldn't shock me if Heil's style gave him a really hard time. Heil is superb on the mat. If he can get out on bottom, it's a good match.
  24. Exactly. When Campbell became available, Bucks had a choice--wait to see if White would be eligible to transfer or make a move. They made a sensible decision. White is a terrific prospect and will be in a great situation at Nebraska.
  25. "Washed up" Burroughs went undefeated at the World Cup and just won the US Open. Pretty obvious he's adjusted his style since the Olympics and is more conservative. He's also still pretty dmn good and capable of medaling on a world level.
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