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  1. I'm not sure of the funding at Ohio University but it's a popular school in state with an up and down D1 program. Could be much better in the right hands.
  2. The idea that Tom Brands is not doing a fine job is ridiculous. Ohio State may have passed them momentarily in terms of tourney finishes but Tom Ryan has exactly one dual win over Iowa. Brands needs to do a better job recruiting and that appears to be happening. There's a long list of wrestlers who have improved immensely under Brands coaching that were not big name recruits. There is no one out there that would be likely to step in and improve the program unless Cael Sanderson decided to make a switch. Mark Perry did not turn Illinois into world beaters. He showed an ability to do great work with select individuals. There is no evidence to suggest he'd make the Hawks better than they currently are.
  3. PSU has a great team. They are an obvious favorite. But there are certain things that come out of your mouth which are silly and not well thought out. This is one of them. Until Zahid beats Nickal, Martin--one of only a few wrestlers to defeat Nickal and the only one to do it twice--is the larger threat.
  4. I don't know J. Jaggers personally but he seems to be a central cog in the ongoing success of Ohio State. I was very surprised Pitt didn't give him a look.
  5. 57K is deep and the difference between Graff, Nato, Mega, Perelli, Sanders, Garret and Ramos is not large. Ramos having a bye until the finals is a huge advantage and near impossible for anyone else to overcome as the competitors at this weight are going to start mauling each from the quarters on. At 66K it's a four man weight with JO at the top. Molinaro still strikes me as the best guy but he's going to have to win at least one really tough bout (probably Retherford) with Kennedy still in the mix. I was never a huge Molinaro fan until the Olympics but he won me over. He wrestled his butt off and very nearly beat Chamizo. If he makes the finals, Molinaro will bring that size-able chip on his shoulder into his bouts with JO. And JO has not always handled pressure well. I'd still bet on JO but counting out Molinaro would be a big mistake.
  6. I think you nailed it. My sense of things is that JB has lost some speed and is compensating by wrestling more conservatively. Clearly, he is struggling to get in on his shots. Dake's strategy was to remove JB's offense and turn it into a one move match. It might have worked but the refs put him on the shot clock twice. In my opinion, Dake's scores were more meaningful but I don't think he presented himself enough and that international refs will hold it against him in matches against upper echelon world class competitors.
  7. I think Dake needed to do a bit more offensively. Choosing to remain in a crouch and take two effective shots was a good strategy but too passive.
  8. WN: You have a point but Dake wasn't presenting himself either. He chose to remain in a crouch (He's not the only wrestler who chose this strategy). One thing I've always noticed. American freestyle matches are reffed differently than international matches. It's a real problem. I enjoyed the US Open but think it's ridiculous that non Olympic medalists now have byes to the finals. Ramos won three tie bouts on criteria and has a real problem scoring points. Now he's all but guaranteed a spot on our next world team. He's just not an ideal rep at that next level without better offense. JO was the "Mark Hall" of this tourney getting every benefit of doubt call. Now he's our likely rep. I just want to see our best guys at the top and I'm not convinced this tourney helps that cause.
  9. Come on. I think the throw rule is stupid but lets not pretend folk always gets a perfect result. Ever see a bad call cost a wrestler a match in folkstyle? Only happens...constantly.
  10. Every western program means so much and we all need to pull together to fight on BSU's behalf.
  11. Ohio State: 1, 3rd, 2nd at NCAA's 2 Big Ten Tourney Titles 4 Time NCAA Champion 1 Olympic Gold Medalist 2 World Champions PSU fan is going to argue all day that they've been better but the Olympic Gold and 2 World Title thing just trumps everything, doesn't it? My apologies for "trollish" behavior.
  12. The last few years we've seen the best brand of folkstyle in the history of college wrestling (defined by how long I've been watching closely which is since 2000). Every rule change that increases action has made the sport better. More of this please! And can high school pull it's head out of it's butt and make better changes as well?
  13. I don't know if he'll AA but he is a solid wrestler. He gave an excellent effort against Tomasello in the dual. Generally speaking, Iowa does a fine job coaching up their wrestlers. They did a lot of good work last year with their 197 and 165. Both were far more competitive than expected.
  14. I actually agree with your contention that no one should start overrating TeShan Campbell. He is middle of road for Big Ten at this moment. He may improve a lot but we don't know. On the other hand, Iowa fans need to realize Alex Marinelli is a good prospect but he'd do very well just to AA next season.
  15. If Isaiah White were coming, I doubt Campbell would have transferred. My guess....that's all it is...is White is not academically in a position to transfer. But I could be wrong. Bucks seems to have cast a large net into the waters and brought in quite a few prospects.
  16. Racer was enrolled and left Va Tech. He ended up at Iowa Central and won a Juco title. All indications are he's made some mistakes, gotten his head straight and wants to excel. Ohio State will give him that opportunity. Good luck to him.
  17. Nice to see NW assembling a standout staff. This program has had a lot of success over the past couple decades and it would be great to see them return to prominence.
  18. How many sports support themselves? Football and men's basketball are the only ones...and not all the time.
  19. I'm not a fan of riding time but it's not wrong to punish stalling on top. Currently, refs allow guys to ride parallel with no attempt to turn (see Gulibon but he's hardly alone). We need to get rid of that type of riding.
  20. Like the leg pass defense rule (although it's tricky to determine who has control and when) but the sports biggest issue--the top man riding parallel--has not been addressed. Nothing puts a crowd to sleep like blatant stalling on top.
  21. If Mason Parris decides to wrestle, we could be looking at Nevills, Steveson and Parris going at it in D1 in a few years.
  22. Congrats Coach Gavin. Wishing great success to you and your program.
  23. Heather Lyke did a very good job at Ohio State and understands wrestling. The problem is the timing. She would probably be better off promoting the assistants for a year and finding the right candidate. It's a bit surprising she hasn't reached out to J. Jaggers. I have no idea if he's interested but he is certainly someone who is clearly dmn good at his job and with whom she is familiar.
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