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  1. Long live K. Schlosser. All wrestlers should hate Notre Dame. And Oregon too.
  2. I think JO is looking at Logan Stieber and thinking he can do the same thing if he makes the cut. JO and Logan seem to have a good relationship and I have little doubt that Logan's success has influenced his thinking. JO is one of the most astonishing talents I've ever seen and he's still in his prime.
  3. Stretching here but Ryan Bertin was a mere 1x state champ who had a spectacular college career: 2x champ, 4 x AA.
  4. Finger Grabbing as a two point penalty? That one's looks like a boatload of controversial calls waiting to happen.
  5. Great Dane: Love to buy your sales pitch but I can't. McCoy is getting mauled in recruiting and ends up with too many guys just not cut out for the BT. He'd be fine in the MAC. Example: Jamar Williams just committed to Ohio State over MD and his chances of cracking the Bucks lineup are slim. He's not a big time prospect, he'd have been better off at Maryland but the Bucks talked him into coming just to add depth. If you can't convince a kid like that to come to your program, you're not very good at this aspect of your job.
  6. Indiana is a terrific university with some terrible sports programs. Football showed signs of life but the coach got booted. Basketball has been wandering in the desert since Bob Knight got fired (he deserved it but that's moot). And the athletic department just doesn't care about wrestling. It's similar to MSU in that regard.
  7. Plenty of Ohio 4 timers did not have great college careers. In many cases, the talent was there but the careers were derailed by other issues. John McGee was Ohio's Bo Nickal in the 1990's...incredible hips and the ability to score from anywhere. Tony Jameson was a great counter wrestler who also could score from a variety of unusual situations. Collin Palmer was arguably as talented as older brother Lance. Cam Tessari was yet another unorthodox scorer who briefly shined in D1. Chris Phillips might have been the best 9th grader in Ohio history but he seemed to plateau late in high school. The list goes on...
  8. I've been blown away by the skill level of Vito Arujau. His performances at the DD and his dismantling of Chlebove make me think he might prove to be the very best collegiate performer in his class when all is said and done. Cornell is getting an amazing talent.
  9. As a Buckeye fan, I agree. There's no way this team should be a huge underdog for next year's NCAA tourney but the PSU juggernaut dwarfs a team with 3 former champs, a 3x top three finisher, a title fave at 197 and Micah. PSU's lineup is astonishing. The Okie State comparison makes no sense to me. Ohio State has a much more proven high level lineup yet no one will install them as favorites. The Nickal v MyMar thing simply points out how styles affect outcomes. Clearly Myles Martin's quickness and upperbody ability have proven difficult for Nickal. Same reason IU's Jackson upset Nickal as well. I don't know why we have to argue over who is favored to beat who. It's wrestling. It will sort itself out. PSU returns what should prove to be one of the all time great squads in NCAA history....10 possible AA's with a boatload of title contenders. Ohio State has numerous title contenders but not the same level of bonus capability and a few softer spots in their lineup. Next season should be fun for both these teams. More importantly, PSU fans, you need someone to challenge you to affirm your squad's greatness. If there's no other team out there than can be considered a contender, there's a lot less joy in victory. Embrace the rivalry. You need it.
  10. Or maybe Hall, Joseph and Retherford can injure their ankles just before NCAA's?
  11. Logan Stieber/Jordan Oliver (folk and free) Logan Stieber/Jimmy Kennedy (freestyle)
  12. All Frank did at the trials was beat Metcalf, Kennedy and Stieber. He would never have beaten Retherford?
  13. Am I the only one who thinks Dresser is putting together a staff that can battle the Hawkeyes for recruits? I think that's the lesson learned from Cael's days at ISU.
  14. My concern about Singletary is that he'll become Nick Tavanello. Tav was a terrific high school wrestler but a small hvy in terms of frame. He worked very hard and became good but never great. I am wrong frequently but nothing about Singletary says D1 stud heavy. He's little for this weight. I agree that he has great workout partners but so did Tav. I just got my first look at Parris and saw the "wow" factor that one likes to see in a guy being recruited to his team.
  15. Heather Lyke was at Ohio State when Russ Hellickson was replaced by Tom Ryan. She played a big role in that change. Maybe she has a specific candidate in mind?
  16. Glad to know I'm not an idiot for being blown away by Parris. Schultz is very good as well. I'm not as high on Singletary as a D1 heavy prospect as some other Buckeye fans. Am I crazy? He's a terrific technician but small and skinny at 220. He did beat Schultz in a close match at Ironman. What do others think of Singletary for the next level?
  17. Just watched him on Flo. Wow. Just wow. Is he the second coming of Dan Hodge? I could see this kid smashing an apple with one hand. As an Ohio State fan, I'd trade any two incoming recruits for this kid. He needs to be working out with Kyle Snyder right now.
  18. Agree--same for Snyder. I'd argue Kollin Moore was the most impressive all around frosh in the nation this year as well. Wouldn't win the argument...but I'd bring it up.
  19. With all due respect, if Lee's injuries continue it won't be because he attended Iowa. At least I don't think so.
  20. Yep. I've become involved in youth wrestling over the last few years and am shocked at how demanding it can be. Youth state tourneys feature kids with great technique but they're burned out by 12. The brakes need to be placed on youth wrestling.
  21. Why? Do you have any interest in wrestling outside the USA? Or are you so parochial that all that matters is the team for which you root? I can assure you that in Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, etc...they know who Snyder and Cox are. But they couldn't give a crap about the American college season.
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