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  1. Several of you are guilty of "oldSkool" thinking. Redshirting has been exposed as unnecessary and costly. If he's ready, he wrestles. Red is probably better than McCrystal and Labriola should be your 165.
  2. Who's angry? I know plenty of Buckeye fans and no one was upset that Nate moved up. Everyone understood why he did it.
  3. The train runs from Shaker Heights on the east side directly downtown. You can stay at one of the many hotels at 271 and chagrin in Beachwood, drive 5 minutes in the morning to the train parking and take the rapid transit (that's what we call the train service) directly to the Q. At night, you walk from the Q to the train and take it back to Shaker, hop in your car and drive 5-7 minutes to your hotel. I can assist anyone interested in making these arrangements if you send me a private message. It's just another option.
  4. Every great kid doesn't need to go to PSU, Ohio State, Iowa, etc... Desanto could have a big impact on Drexel wrestling. And that's good for the sport as a whole.
  5. Wouldn't shock me to see the Bucks use a "Kyle Snyder" approach with Nate next season whereby he and Jose Rodriguez switch off at the weight so that neither has to constantly make the cut. Obviously, Nate would wrestle the bigger events.
  6. Loaded topic for me as I'm a UM grad and think very highly of Joe McFarland but a lifelong Ohio resident who has coached wrestlers that have competed for Ohio State. Ultimately, I root first and foremost for the Buckeyes (root against them in everything else) although I take pride in UM wrestling and their great tradition. I also respect: Minnesota--superb technicians who compete with passion PSU--I want to root against them but they're brilliant performers. If I were young and a top shelf wrestler with mighty ambition, Cael's the guy I'd want teaching me how to get getter. Mizzou--Brian Smith proves the value of high level coaching year in and year out. Kent State--Up until this year, when the roof caved in, Jim Andrassy used spite and guile to take sub average recruits and turn them into competitors. Notre Dame College--From the moment this program was conceived, it's been championship caliber in D2 and NAIA. Also have a great deal of admiration for Kevin Dresser and Tom Borelli. I do think Dresser may struggle to shape ISU into a high level contender while in his mid 50's.
  7. Because their odds are 50% that they'll win an NCAA title if they crack the lineup?
  8. In theory, Nato could drop back down to 125 to open up a lineup spot for Pletcher. I don't know that it's going to happen as Nate was clear throughout the season that he liked not cutting weight. But he is really short at 133 and capable of making the lower weight.
  9. Buckeyes have Jaden Mattox coming in a year with David Carr a distinct possibility. That said--they could use a 157 immediately.
  10. Nothing will be interesting with PSU. They will put someone on the mat who will continuously improve and be ready to place high at NCAA's by end of season.
  11. Joseph also beat a superb Logan Massa in the semis. In both matches, he surprised his opponents with his ability to counter their upperbody ties. No doubt that Joseph made some great adjustments between Big Tens and NCAA's.
  12. He's an Olympic Gold Medalist with three more World Golds and a World Bronze. Whether or not I agree, his opinion is worth a listen.
  13. lu_alum: PA had nearly double the NCAA qualifiers of Ohio..and more than double any other state. So for us to beat you out for most AA's is pretty good. It hasn't happened very often.
  14. Teasdale saw the NCAA finals and decided that PSU looked like a pretty good place to go to school. He won't be the last. The only good thing for the rest of the country is that there are only ten weight classes.
  15. Dear PA, Gotcha (finally). Respectfully, Ohio
  16. A great coach is a draw (John Smith). But a good coach in a great location (almost the entire ACC) has a lot to offer as well and kids seem to be noticing.
  17. Heil is a terrific wrestler who found a style that works for him. As an Ohio guy I'm proud of what he's accomplished. Now, having said that, he's been at a very competitive weight class but there are no superstars like a Stieber or Retherford who'd simply blow through his defense (esp. Stieber) and finish their shots. All he can do is wrestle the guys in front of him. And he does it very successfully.
  18. Clark v Tomasello. It hurt but it was a great effort by both competitors.
  19. Dresser was over a decade younger when he re-built Va Tech. How many coaches do a better job in their 50's? I may be repeating something I said in an earlier post.
  20. I thought there was no reaction time because we've all seen how TD's are generally called today. If there are certain situations where that is not the case, I'm unaware. If the ref calls 2 for Bo and we never have an action stoppage, Hall gets a reversal. Now it's 3-2 Hall to start the third and Bo is on bottom.
  21. Any time you have three finalists, you've had an outstanding tournament. Congrats Mizzou.
  22. I've never heard Nate Tomasello talk about having an interest in MMA. I don't know him personally but no interview I've read has mentioned it.
  23. Bo Jordan is not the first wrestler in history to be the victim of a questionable call by an official (Oliver, Ramos, Churella, etc...) but he's the first to have a video review that appears to indisputably show that the call is wrong. Remember, there's no reaction time. None. The moment Hall is on his hip with his leg hooked and hand down, Bo has two points. The way the review process is set up, Hall's reversal would have been removed and the score would have been 2-1 Bo. Let's say Hall escapes before the period ends. It's 2-2 and Bo goes down to start the third. He gets out, it's 3-2 Bo and now the action begins. That's the match that we should have seen and the one both wrestlers deserved. Instead we got a crap outcome because an official had a lapse in judgement.
  24. Kanen Storr appears to be the real deal. He will certainly add depth to an already brutal weight class.
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