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  1. Superman v Mighty Mouse... They did have a great freestyle match at the 2016 Trials.
  2. "No one loves God and the bible like me. No one. I promise you. God will be huge when I'm done." Trump All the PSU wrestlers must be Trump supporters? That's a reason to dislike them.
  3. The only negative is that Dresser was a lot younger when he took over and rebuilt Va Tech. He's in his mid 50's. Does he have the energy for the task?
  4. I have no idea why Bo Jordan wasn't awarded two points. One former NCAA champ did say he felt Bo needed to wrestle stronger through that position to remove any doubt. Instead, he seemed to stop. But by any measure of how TD's are defined in today's environment, it was two. Yes, Angry Fish. Buckeye fans got payback for Oliver v Stieber.
  5. Okie State's issue this season was the lack of strength in their conference. They had a great Big 12 tourney but it did not prepare them in the least. PSU, by comparison, ate a little humble pie at Big Tens and clearly that motivated them for NCAA's.
  6. Too technologically challenged to figure out how to put this pic on the site so you'll have to follow link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1492014104144238&set=p.1492014104144238&type=3&theater
  7. I thought it was a helluva match but it was obvious Lee lacked stability in his one knee. Lee is arguably the greatest high school wrestler in history. I doubt he was risking a lot by competing on it. Iowa is getting an instant title contender....heck they're getting a 4x NCAA champ potentially...if Lee can stay healthy.
  8. Nate beat Gilman last year at Big Tens. I thought Nate was the aggressor when they met in NCAA semis but he was exhausted when it got to OT. In fact one of the reasons Nate went up was because of that match (speculation alert). By his own admission, he felt the weight cut was sapping his energy.
  9. Bo--let's look at the likely quarter matchups. Nate v Richards Micic v Clark Brock v Forys Montoya v Gross I don't know a lot about Forys but if you swapped his spot with Richards, the draws would look a lot more even. Having said that, we all know that brackets often play out differently than expected.
  10. Key to team race is Suriano. PSU wins BT's if he's healthy. They'll probably win NCAA's if he's ready to go. Otherwise, it's PSU, Ohio State and Okie State in no particular order. Okie State has numbers. PSU and Ohio State have the studs.
  11. Grey is a talented kid but you can almost see him crumble mentally in the middle of matches. Nebraska kids are tough and don't quit. Montoya will win handily.
  12. 133 was poorly constructed--period. It's really favorable to Gross and Brock. If you're Okie State, you love the draw.
  13. Lots of good insights offered. But lets look forward. NCAA's are a four team race and Iowa is in it. Gilman--champ. Clark will probably have to beat Nato to win it but I'd say odds of him doing it are 35-40%. Kemmerer has a solid shot to make the finals. Brooks should be a high placer. Sorenson's finish will depend on seed. Buckeyes won NCAA's without Hunter Stieber. I just think you wrestle Marinelli if you think he'll place. Iowa deprived themselves of points. I don't think it was smart. And, for the record, I think Tom Brands is a fine coach.
  14. Looking at Iowa now....and the fact they're one of four teams with some shot to win the whole thing...I think Brands should have used Marinelli at 165. Cael pulled Hall. Guarantee Ryan would have used him if he were at Ohio State. Iowa has five great wrestlers with a shot to be finalists then no one to score but Meyer. If they put three in finals and have two more in top six, how do they justify not using Marinelli? Tom Brands has always seemed like a very good coach but this seems like a big mistake.
  15. He's amazing if you're correct. Assuming he's dealing with a subluxed shoulder....such a hard injury to overcome.
  16. I'm familiar with shoulder injuries and Clark's appears to be intact. There is no way he could go with Nate Tomasello virtually even with a bad wing. It took Clark time to shake the rust (Brock, Montoya losses) but he is definitely one of the top two 133's right now.
  17. Dean Nickal Brooks Who's number 4?
  18. I cannot overemphasize how much Pletcher has impressed the Ohio State fans. In spite of an excellent high school career, he was not heavily recruited by the power programs and took a small offer from Ohio State (allegedly). When Bucks pressed him into the lineup, the expectation was he was too small for 141 and would lose competitively against most Big Ten comp. Instead, he went 6-2 in Big Ten duals including a win in Iowa City. He just finished 4th in Big Tens and his points were roughly the difference between the Bucks and PSU. He enters NCAA's with a record of 26-6 and will probably earn a low seed. I don't see him getting on the podium but wouldn't be shocked if he did. He has been a huge difference maker for a team that lacked depth at most weights. With the constant injury issues that dogged Bo Jordan and the weight cutting problems at 125, this team desperately needed a wrestler to step up and perform. Pletcher was that "X factor" for the Big Ten season.
  19. For whatever reason, UM has had terrible luck with guys getting hurt and the team underachieving as a result. Massa, Coon, Micic and Pantaleo are very good. Throw in Abounader and Amine and your expectations are on the mark. Mahomes is a real talent when healthy. Any chance Abounader moves up?
  20. Brooks is a bad matchup for MyMar. He's also very good.
  21. I missed on Massa. My apologies. He is clearly #1 at 165. Mueller does deserve a mention at 125. So does Pic.
  22. 125: Suriano (PSU). Head and shoulders over anyone else at the weight. Best true frosh on the list. 133: Brock (Okie State)--over Micic who is a frosh according to Intermat but has been out of high school for three years. If you switched their conferences, it might well be Micic ranked first. 141: Kolodzik (over Pletcher and Eierman). All three are close in ability with true frosh Pletcher being the biggest surprise. 149: Thomsen (UNI)--had an excellent MAC tourney beating Oliver and losing by 1 to Mayes. 157: Kemmerer (IA). Kutler from Lehigh had a nice season as well 165: Joseph (PSU) over A. Valenica. 174: Z. Valencia (ASU) over Hall. Has had the most impressive season of any frosh on this list. 184: Dakota Geer (Boro). Won his conference tourney. No other ranked frosh 197: Moore (tOSU). Maybe the most impressive frosh in the group when you consider he was not a hs stud and he is now in the hunt for an NCAA title at a weight which has always been dominated by upperclassmen. Hvy: I have no idea.
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