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  1. does Ohio St have multiple team titles?

    No.  In fact prior to the arrival of Tom Ryan, Ohio State's program was a testament to underachievement.  Hellickson had some bright moments but also a lot of poor teams.  


    Iowa had some great teams but when it comes to wrestling with skill and style, there has never been anything quite like PSU.

  2. Huge Snyder fan here but Gadsen's pin was not a fluke.  He hit him with a nice upper body technique. It was something he practiced and used perfectly when it mattered.  It was also his second win over Snyder that year.  Credit where due.  And obviously Snyder has gotten much better since that finals bout.  

  3. Ok.  Let me back pedal slightly.  I think he has the talent to be a Burroughs/Monday/Kemp/Schultz type.  Obviously two things matter--health and continued development.  I do think he can beat Dake but Dake has an amazing skill set in his own right.  Still Zahid is big at the weight and that always helps.  He's larger than Ringer and Dake.  


    Stieber's career has been weird especially since he won his world title.  One wonders how much it hurts him not to have Lou Rosselli around?  


    Folk is such a grind that everyone has the occasional struggle--except Cael.  

  4. The answer to your question will be Lee or Fix - to be decided later

    Both are amazing.  So is Steveson.  But no one has more pure talent than Zahid.  He has incredible athleticism to go with a high wrestling IQ.  He's not exactly like Burroughs but there are obvious similarities.  


    W-Nerd:  The only folk result that matters with Zahid is his clear cut finals victory over an almost equally talented Mark Hall.  Hall was one of the top five wrestlers in the country this season and Zahid shot him off the mat.  Now he's done the same to Ringer.  When he beats Dake, will you jump on the bandwagon?  

  5. The big problem with push-outs in folk is that too many guys would make it a big part of their offense.  It's not hard to envision matches where one wrestler's entire strategy would be to push and block without taking a shot.   We'd be subtracting offense from a sport that already has too much boring mat wrestling.  


    This year's NCAA finals were fantastic.  The college sport has been getting better.  Adding in the push-out is a mistake.  

  6. My gut tells me Logan owns this matchup but McKenna figured out Eierman in folk and free while Logan had a surprisingly hard time.  Does that mean anything?  It might mean a bit. 


    The only other thought is that he and Logan have wrestled and drilled together a lot.   I think knowing each other stylistically benefits McKenna since Logan began the year as the decidedly better of the two.  


    But Logan in two.  

  7. Zahid Valencia was our most impressive performer at WTTs amd Kyle Dake has his hands full.  Zahid is bigger than Dake and he brings a skill set that is reminiscent of Jordan Burroughs.  Zahid controlled Dieringer.  He also handled Hall during the college season.  There's nothing left to figure out about Zahid.  He's a monster talent.  

  8. Escobedo is a terrible hire not because he's not capable (I have no idea) but since it's clear IU wasn't even interested enough in improving their program to take a good look at potential candidates.  Shame on them.  The IU athletic department didn't want to even try.  

  9. Hiring Hahn lets us know that SDSU is serious about keeping their program competitive.  As a fan, I appreciate it.  Contrast that with Indiana which wouldn't even open up their coaching search since that would require them to actually pay attention to wrestling results.  

  10. If it's not Bormet, it would be a fiasco.  Bormet, Russell, Churella and Hrovat all seem to work well together and have the program on the rise.  Joe McFarland deserves huge credit for recognizing his program's problems, revamping his staff, and stepping down at the right time.

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