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  1. Depending on what happens with 2019 redshirts and weight classes at Ohio State, I think either Kaleb Romero (165/174) or Ethan Smith (184) could be starters and score some points in March in addition to Singletary. Chase may be going into a weight class with less depth or names but I would be surprised if Romero is not a four year starter and multi-time AA before he is done with good health and without weight issues. 

    Singletary was the most impressive redshirt frosh on the squad last year in my opinion.  He's giving up too much size at Hvy but is a fine match tactician who will only get better.  Romero didn't wrestle a lot and mostly won close matches when he did.  I have no real clue as to how he performed in practice or might have been affected by injuries.  But on the surface he has a ways to go.  Ethan Smith had ups and downs while compiling a 19-8 record.  Honestly, one of the most impressive redshirts last year was transfer Hunter Lucas at 125.  He went 20-5 and while it wasn't against the likes of Lizak, Lee and Rivera, it's enough to make me feel as if he can challenge for the spot next season or at least provide quality depth as a back up.  End of my discussion on Ohio State redshirts.

  2. Do you have inside information about Hayes? The guy bumped up a weight after an incomplete wrestleoff to a transfer. Undersized, he then did better than anyone expected and earned the 5 seed. At NCAAs, he lost 2 very close matches. One to the 4 seed and one to the 2 seed. He’s also a really outstanding top wrestler.


    So what makes you think he doesn’t have fire?

    Here's his pattern...score early and pad the lead then rest.  He was frequently out of gas by the third period.  I don't know why.  But that killer instinct you want to see in a potential NCAA champ just isn't there.  I think Hayes has a ton of talent.  But that relentless desire to score and dominate...or at least the tactics to kill the clock...are lacking.  He gave up a lot of third period points when he had a comfortable lead.  Against NC State he was up 10-0 and won 12-6.  Again--I don't know the issues nor do I have any inside knowledge about this young man.  In fact I'm impressed with interviews I've seen of him.  But something has to change or his career will end unfulfilled.

  3. Suriano also missed  the last month of the season with staph infection. His leg was wrapped and he wasn't exactly 100 percent. 


    I think both lee and suriano would have won 133 this year. But I doubt he goes up and certainly not to avoid lee or anyone else. 

    Suriano would not have won 133.  And Lee would have been too small.  Tomasello, however, would have been right there.

  4. Kollin struggles noticeably against the bigger 97’s this year... Cassar, Conel, Machiavelli. What logic suggests he succeeding with guys weighing up to 285 pounds? Kollin actually oooks undersized at 97, at least muscularly. The one thing I noticed about Kollin this year versus last was his chain wrestling, multiple attacks completely disappeared this year. He was a one move one shot offense this year and then got tied. Maybe that was a gas tank thing.

    He has always looked small to me at 197.  

  5. Bucks lineup for next season:


    125: Mead/Heinselman

    133: Pletcher

    141: McKenna (unless he redshirts and Hayes moves down)

    149: Micah

    157: Sasso/Mattox

    165: Cast of thousands (Romero, Rocky, Mattox)

    174: Campbell

    184: Gavin Hoffman?  Ethan Smith? (Myles redshirts)

    197: Moore

    Hvy: Singletary


    I think it's 50-50 as to whether Hayes remains in Columbus.  Talented young man but really didn't seem to have the necessary fire in his belly at crunch time.  

  6. T-Bar:  You don't need to take pot shots at Ryan.  Your team won.  You spoil your otherwise reasonable posts with bias and douchery.  FYI--the only noteworthy transfers Ohio State has had in recent memory are Campbell and McKenna.  McKenna wanted out of Stanford because it wasn't his ideal fit for achieving his goals.  I don't think anyone recruited him until he opened it up.  And as I recall, PSU was on his list of destinations.   

  7. Snyder is far and away the greatest on this list if you factor in the fact that he simultaneously wrestled full time in freestyle and won two world golds and Olympic gold.  Again--he did it at the same time he was winning three NCAA titles while routinely giving up 20-60 pounds.  


    If your only criteria are college accomplishments and collegiate dominance against collegiate wrestlers then Retherford might be the correct response.  


    You guys decide.  


    Keep in mind that if you accept my criteria then it's obvious Snyder is the greatest collegiate wrestler in history.  


    Also Uetake belongs on this list.

  8. Kudos to McFarland for stepping down at the right time.  His team just had a fantastic season and he has a great recruiting class arriving in fall.  I think he recognizes his staff has carried the program for the last several years although he was smart enough to bring aboard great people like Bormet, Russell and Churella. 


    Bormet sure seems like the guy who has made the biggest difference.  I'd be shocked if a succession plan wasn't already in place and that the AD is on board.  

  9. Not that I’m trying to defend Suriano here but he’s being asked about his injury last year and his injuries this year, as is the coaching staff. They’re all being asked about that stuff all the time. Tomasello and coaches aren’t really being asked about his injury, so of course it’s going to be quiet on that side.


  10. The funniest comment was that Snyder should try a fireman's on Coon.  Might work as well as his lat drop on Nevills.  


    Snyder gave an interview after Big Ten's on Track.  He made it clear he doesn't enjoy wrestling heavy and will be glad when he's through doing it.  

  11. What possible seeding was there? Cruz had to be #1. After that the next three are NaTo, Lee and Suriano, so he is either wrestling Lee or Suriano, of he drops to #4 and gets Cruz. Can you justify him being seeded 4th? Would Suriano be any easier than Lee? 

    Yes I think Suriano is slightly easier than Lee because of top wrestling.  Nate can't choose bottom against Lee.  He can against Suriano.  Or so I think.

  12. Is it Aries?  Hades?  Or Zeus himself?  


    How else to explain that if all goes to form he will see the toughest wrestler in the Iowa lineup in the semis for the third consecutive year? 


    I really think Lee and Nate are the top two at this weight.  I understand the bracketing.  But either Suriano or Cruz was done a big favor.  If Suriano is hurt, Cruz will "cruise."  And if he's ok, he has an easier path to finals than either Nate or Lee.  I'd personally like to have seen Suriano with the 3rd seed and Lee with #4. 


    Big team race implications involved in the way this weight was bracketed.  If I were rooting for PSU, I'd be happy.  

  13. Sanderson's style is recruiting #1 p4p recruits. That is the only area Iowa is behind. Recruiting.

    Tom Brands is a fine wrestling coach but Cael is better and it's obvious.  Hey that's true for every program competing against PSU.  Cael may start with great wrestlers but the work he does with them is astonishing.  

  14. The MAC is terrible right now outside Mizzou.  Big 12's rising thanks to Bono, Branch, and Schwab.  ACC has two excellent teams but then there's a gap.  EIWA has Cornell and Lehigh but then there's a big drop.  I'm going Big 12.  


    Memo to Mizzou--get into the BT or at least the ACC.  You're too good a program and will always underachieve at NCAA's without harder regular season comp.  

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