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  1. Marinelli's leg attacks are pretty dmn good in my opinion.  Hits mostly as a re-attack and very well timed.  He's not pretty to watch but I love his toughness and determination.  He's going to eat up any non-BT 165's at NCAA's.  The top 6 in the Big are the top 6 in the country.  

  2. Iowa's issues have been recruiting.  Guys like Wilcke, Bowman, Turk, etc... did not arrive as studs.  They overachieved in duals this season but tournament wrestling is all bout the TD's.  Ohio State and PSU put almost full lineups on mat of guys who are slick as hell.  Iowa has had a solid year when one looks at their roster.  Lee, Marinelli and Warner are a nice trio to build around for next season.  Kemmerer back too.  


    But--look at next year's incoming frosh groups.  PSU, Mich, tOSU and Minny have amazing classes.  You need to nail the recruiting 2 out of 3 years at least to hope to keep pace.  Iowa will be chasing PSU along with everyone else.  

  3. PSU wins if their big five are all finalists again.  But Zain, Hall and Nickal are the only ones who look likely to do it.  I don't know how Nolf holds up.  Lee is not a shoo in to place.  Joseph had a great season but was a bit off of late.  Imar handled him.  Wanzek headlocked him.  Massa was very close as well.  And we know Marinelli win continue to be a pain for all concerned.  


    Buckeyes most likely finalist is Snyder.  Then they've got 8 guys that can place high but there's no guarantee that any of them wrestle for a title.  They have the most upside but PSU has more sure things.  


    Michigan has three possible finalists in Micic, Pantaleo (depending on Kem and Nolf) and Coon.  Abounader, Amine and Massa can finish top five as well.  They have a great "6 pack" but the injury to Beasley means there's no one else who will score.   They'd have to be perfect (5-6 finalists and a 3rd) with some slippage from PSU and tOSU to get it done.


    Mizzou has a terrific squad but they just aren't as prepared due to the weakness of the MAC (esp. this season).  I think that hurts.  

  4. Based on BT's you'd probably figure they're not with the big boys but Coon, Micic, Pantaleo (are Kemmerer and Nolf both hurt?) could all be finalists while Amine, Massa and Abounader have high AA potential as well.  Beasley can chip in at 197.  Any faltering by the top two and they're right there.  


    Ohio State right now has Snyder and MyMar as likely finalists but Nate is going to have to win really tough bouts from quarters on.  Micah, Joey Mac,  Hayes, Pletcher, Bo and Moore are all in the thick of their weight classes.  But it's hard to say if any of them will be finalists.  


    PSU will almost certainly have finalists at 149, 174 and 184 but Nolf is a wild card at the moment.  Joseph is obviously a big factor at 165 but not a shoo in at this very deep weight.  Nevills, Lee and Rasheed are also tough but only Nevills is a near certainty to place.


    Cleveland could be very interesting.  And Michigan might be peaking at the right time.



  5. It was a dmn good match between two outstanding competitors.  The first match Snyder got in trouble taking shots so he adjusted.  Coon's best offense is to counter Snyder.  I think the ref handled it well and we should be excited to have two amazing competitors with completely different styles going at it.  Round 3 in Cle.  Good luck to both.  

  6. Lol, what!?! Their best wrestler (Ashnault) was out all year. Their next best (NS) is obviously hurt.

    They produced a U23 world champ this summer.


    Wtf is wrong with you guys? And this from a guy who has been critical of Goodale.

    Rutgers as a program is doing fine.  I just think Pritzlaff is the reason.  

  7. Nice day one for Ohio State:  23-4 record at BT's is pretty good.  They lost one match at 174 that was unexpected.  And in fairness to Bo, he barely practices and is still more likely than not to AA for 4th time.  Hopefully the Bucks will finish strong.  NCAA's will be crazy as tOSU, PSU and even UMich all have amazing squads.

  8. Campbell is a solid wrestler in any other conference.  In the B10, He's below average.  Burcher had opportunities to seize the spot and failed.  He's never been in great shape and is slow-footed and predictable.  White would have ended up at tOSU but Campbell came available first so they offered him the money.  In hindsight, the Bucks should have waited for White.  But given the fact Marinelli and Hall had both bailed after initially committing, the Bucks took the guy who was available.  


    Campbell needs to find a TD that works against elite wrestlers and improve his match strategies.  We'll see if that happens during off-season.


    Meanwhile, he needs a cons win against Burnham from Maryland to qualify.  Not a gimme but one you'd expect him to pull off.  

  9. Even without Nolf PSU can still win the NCAA title.  They are favored at 149, 165 and 184 and co favorite at 174.  Lee, Shakur and Nevills can all place as well.  


    Bucks are favored at Hvy and slight fave at 197.  Nate and Myles are in the hunt.  Bo falls in the 3-6 range.  Micah, Hayes, McKenna and Pletcher can all AA but none are locks to do it.  Add in PSU's predilection for bonus and I'd say they're still the slight fave.


    I feel badly for Nolf.  He's such a marvelous performer but the injury appears significant.  Perhaps it was just a sprain?  

  10. Hawks go to Columbus.  Both teams 4-0 in Big Ten and 9-0 overall.  Bucks won Vegas. Hawks took Midlands.  Terry Brands and Tom Ryan were college roommates.  Lee v Nato.  Marinelli v Campbell.  Snyder v Stoll.  Wilcke v Moore.  Sorenson v Hayes.  #1 v #4.  You get the gist.


    Is this the biggest dual of the season? 

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