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  1. Not only a great match but an exciting dual as well.  With the exception of the opening bout, most of the matches had good wrestling and some level of intrigue.  FWIW, I thought Gross was the better wrestler for most of the match.  Meredith, however, kept at it and was finally able to convert a late shot.  Even the finish on the shot was exciting.  Gross just became one of my favorite wrestlers.  Meredith already was.

  2. Completely biased projection:


    While I dislike Iowa, I hate tOSU.


    125: NaTo crushes a very good Lee. I don't want NaTo to be as good as he is, but he is.


    133: Pletcher by 2 over a sand slug or anyone not Gross. Luke is Heil 2.0


    141: McKenna bounces back with anger against Turk or whomever Iowa sacrifices.


    149: Hayes is exposed as the R12 that he is.


    157: Micah grows into the wrestler everybody thought he could be for a day. Upset will happen in Columbus.


    165: The Bull continues to win without any verifiable offense. I am pulling for tOSU for no logical reason other than these are two R12 guys that need to reset expectations


    174: Bo knows


    184: Martin will piss pound whoever Iowa sends out. PD3 would be smart if he didn't make weight until B1G's


    197: Moore is just so much better than Wilke and depending on the starting weight this will be a tech or a convincing dominant win. Either way Wilke goes back to Iowa with a loss and continues to sell PD3 on his chances at 184.


    285: Snyder by forfeit or back-up. I don't see Stoll taking the mat against Snyder.


    tOSU rolls in this one. 33-6.


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    In fairness to Pletcher, his arms and legs are so short he has no choice but to wrestle his style.  

  3. I just think having PD3 down to 184 for his first match back and putting him out against Myles Martin is a probable disaster.  And I'm someone that thinks he's a super talented wrestler.  It's just that Martin is wrestling at a very high level and used to the weight class.  He's more likely to pound Downey than lose.  


    Maybe that's what Tom Brands wants?

  4. John Smith makes a good point--the Pokes don't look like a team that is consensus top 4.  Prior to the start of the season, most of us felt like they were ready to challenge for the title if a few injuries hit PSU or tOSU.   They're not close to being that good at the moment.  Iowa has become the team that OSU was supposed to be. Michigan is very good.  Lehigh and Mizzou are lurking as well.  I'd say all those teams are currently better than OSU.  

  5. have we even found one who is taking Lee over tomasello?

    I think most of us are influenced by two recent events--Lee over Pic and Nate over Lizak.  Lee looked good for half the match against Pic then tired.  Nate destroyed a former runnerup in part because he is incredibly good at pushing through fatigue.   A third piece of evidence to examine is the fact that two days later, Lizak beat a solid Piotrowski (sp?).  Most of us have looked at these events and concluded Nate is the favorite.  However, I am sure Nate and Lee have worked out together plenty of times and are familiar with each other's styles.  That could certainly have an impact.  

  6. Hawks have exceeded expectations all season.  Does the trend continue?  Or does Ohio State's Iron Lineup shut down the visiting Hawks?


    125: Nato v Lee--Everything Lee does well gets slowed down/stopped against Nate.  He's not going to get in easily on shots and Nate has never been ridden.  If Lee tires--as he did against Pic--it will be a comfortable win with Nate pulling away in the third.  3-0


    133: Pletch v Faux--Dec. tOSU  6--0


    141: McKenna v Turk--dec tOSU 9-0


    149: Hayes v Sorenson--Sorenson wins comfortably until Hayes learns how to wrestle like an All Star for all seven minutes.  9-3


    157: Micah v Kemmerer--Great matchup but Kemmerer will slow it down and eke out the win 9-6


    165: Campbell v Bo Jordan the 2nd--Watch Marinelli and you see a lot of Bo Jordan as a frosh esp. when it comes to stuffing shots and scoring.  Not surprising as both came out of Graham.  Key for Campbell is to find a way to score a couple times in neutral.  Marinelli has to be the favorite.  9-9


    174: Bo v Gunther--Gunther will give his all but Bo will score when needed and take a decision.  12-9


    184: Myles v Bowman--I'd love to see Downey make his debut here as MyMar would wreck him if he made the weight.  Iowa's not stupid.  They send out Bowman and he keeps it close enough.  15-9


    197: Moore v Wilcke/Downey:  Moore wins a decision either way.  Wilcke is tough and it could be very close.  Downey will gas at either weight but probably more effective up here.  18-9


    Hvy: Snyder v Stoll--Stoll could be NCAA champ if pushout points were added.  Against Snyder, he keeps it close for awhile then gets his butt kicked like everyone else.  Deep down, Iowa fan thinks he has a shot here.  Answer--No.  Stoll is not the guy.  22-9 tOSU.


    This match could be a lot closer if wrestled at Carver Hawkeye (as Bucks would probably lose several team points if coaches got out of chairs).  But they're not.  So, Bucks win comfortably.  Or so I think.



  7. In my opinion, the biggest issue for tOSU is the emergence of 2Pac Rasheed at PSU. He might singlehandedly be the difference.

    I think it's more than that.  In particular Michigan is lurking in the dark.  They showed last night that they may yet be a force at end of season and could challenge the Bucks for runnerup.  Think about the UM lineup and potential scoring and compare it to the Bucks.  In spite of Vegas, it's still pretty close.  Honestly, I think Moore can handle Rasheed.  He's small and not that hard to figure out.  

  8. This season is a lot of fun and I'm enjoying the Bucks for what they are--a great team with a stud at every weight.  That said--I still think PSU is in the driver's seat.  Here's why:


    1) Transfers McKenna and Campbell are good but not dominant.  McKenna is AA caliber but he's one of several guys who will be fighting for only a few spots on the podium.  The front five at 141 are just too good.  Campbell's signature win this season over A Valencia caused him to be overrated.  Most teams would love to have him but on Ohio State he's a "weak spot."  Both these guys can improve between now and March but I'm just not sure how much they will.


    2) Ke-Shawn Hayes could be a 2x NCAA champ at 149 starting next season.  But that will require a lot of work and an improvement in all around conditioning.  Still, it's obvious he has the talent which isn't something you can say about too many people.  I'm looking for a bit more fire out of him....a sense that he's hellbent on winning.  Right now, I see him as just another tough guy.  He needs to tighten up his game.


    3) Kollin Moore continues to win but his strategy of pace, pace, pace is being countered reasonably well by some of the bigger guys at the weight.  Not sure exactly who will emerge as his main challenger but I do get the sense he's vulnerable.  Then again, it's not a deep weight and guys like Miklus and Haught are not the ones to worry about.   Bucks need him as a finalist.  Is the pressure getting to him?  Or is just the grind of the season wearing on him?  Or do opponents just have a good strategy for his O?


    4) Bo Jordan seems to be wrestling hurt.  Not sure exactly what the story is but he has not been impressive in last several outings.  While it's likely he'll gather and compete well by NCAA's, he doesn't look sharp presently.  


    5) Micah Jordan has wrestled well all season.  I like his courage in tough matches and am confident he's putting his best effort on the mat.  But he's not a big 157 and there are some tough hombres at the weight.  He should make the podium but it's hard to say how high up on it.  


    6) Luke Pletcher has cleaned up his game and has a style that presents issues for all opponents.  He won't score a lot...but neither will his competition.  However, his signature win is Micic although he's been solid against a number of steady competitors.  His #2 ranking seems inflated but that's not his fault.  


    7) Bucks superstuds are Nate, Kyle and MyMar.  All three can win titles although only Kyle is a strong favorite.  Nate will always be in the thick of any title hunt and is a small fave over the field though Cruz and Lee will present really tough challenges.  Suriano doesn't have the slick O to worry me like the others but that's just splitting hairs.


    8) I think PSU is likely to win 149, 157 and 165.  Hall is sort of a goofy wrestler--incredibly talented but smallish and occasionally vulnerable in certain positions.  He's a slight underdog to Zahid.  Bo and MyMar are even.  But no one would be surprised if PSU won all five of these weights plus did very well at 197 and Hvy.  That's seven wts with either champs or high AA's.  And lots of bonus.  Throw in Nick Lee as a low AA and that's just unfair.


    9) Rest of the country has a lot of tough wrestlers.  The Hawks have surged.  Bucks would have to be near perfect and get some help to win it.  Could happen.  But odds are not in their favor.  


    Love to be wrong.   

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