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  1. Aviator:  Asked the same question on another forum after someone wrote that he won a "dominating" victory.  


    Someone else on that forum,however, noted that being a 5th year senior wrestler is no easy task and that they are often a bit beat up physically and mentally.


    I suspect Bo is going to spend the rest of the season managing his way to victories with his solid, unspectacular tactics and will wait until NCAA's to really cut loose. 


    And then he'll be done.  

  2. Rutgers has a great fan base and they respond to it.  Even when out-matched I thought they were competing.  As a fan of the sport, I appreciated how much the Rutgers crowd cheered the efforts of their wrestlers even when losing.  


    Campbell v Lewis was a great bout.  Current rankings aside, it was not an upset for Lewis.  It was two AA caliber kids throwing down hard in a match both wanted to win.  


    Everyone 149 in the BT should thank Hayes for getting tossed.  Rest assured the rest of Deluca's opponents will be wary of his throws.  Hayes has high upside but needs to tighten up his performance.  He's got to get to his leg attacks and finishes against a guy like Deluca.  Hayes reminds me a bit of Nato his frosh year when he lost several early bouts where he was winning because of small mistakes.  Nate got sharper.  Will Hayes?


    Love the fact Myles Martin knew what to do against a motivated opponent.  I enjoy Micah Jordan a lot as well.  He's constantly attacking.  As a fan, I feel Micah consistently gives a high level effort even when losing.  

  3. I recognize the Midlands didn't have a deep field.  But they're not just winning--they're crushing the mediocre teams and gutting out wins against some solid teams (Illinois and Rutgers).   Maybe my expectations were too low?  


    Long season to go.  But good start for the Hawks and things are looking up.  

  4. To beat Lee, you have to stop him from overwhelming you in the first minute.  He shoots fast and traps wrists for tilts better than almost anyone in the country.  A healthy Nate and Suriano are both slightly better at this point in my opinion.  Cruz may also be better--depends on his bottom game.  

  5. Dude is a former national champ and needs to get some bouts under his belt and test where his knee is.  Would be totally dumb to wrestle Suriano this soon.  All comes out in the wash in March anyways, so who cares?  tOSU will throw out sacrificial lamb Mead to Suriano so fans will get to see Nick compete.  Much ado about nothing.

    Clearly you're being reasonable.  Stop it.  

  6. Great topic.  Not much to add except I love to watch Cael Sanderson's wrestlers compete.  So often they seem to make the sport seem easier than it is with superior tactics and flawless technique.  PSU's wrestlers not only win but they make it look almost effortless.  

  7. Wasn't Hofstra terrible when Ryan arrived?   Why can't it happen again?  Not necessarily Tom Ryan success but something along the lines of being competitive in your conference and getting 4-5 to NCAA's?  


    And I agree with the poster who brought up how poor Hofstra's performance was.  The Scuffle is pedestrian this year.  Why is their roster so bad?

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