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  1. PD2 is very talented. But he belongs in MMA or pro wrestling. Narcissists love the lime light.
  2. Tom Ryan has coached a 4 x NCAA champ/World Champ plus a 3x World Champ (including Olympics). His teams have won 2 of the last 3 Big Ten titles and finished 1st, 3rd and 2nd in the country over the last 3 seasons. Call me crazy but I don't think Tom Ryan or Nate Tomasello sit around worrying about Spencer Lee. And "sucked out Nato" lost one match at 125 two years ago in OT to Gilman at NCAA semis. The same number of matches he lost while not cutting and wrestling at 133 last year. There's nothing wrong with thinking Lee can beat Nate. But everything else you said is ignorant.
  3. Well, since Ohio State is one of the two best teams in the country, and their 133 just won Vegas, my guess is he'll wrestle 125.
  4. And Myles was competing as a true frosh. And then he was asked to move up a weight where he was clearly undersized. I don't mind that you favor Nickal. But MyMar did not have the advantages that Cael afforded Nickal.
  5. Wisconsin is better than I realized. Maryland is probably worse. They can't compete from a recruiting perspective.
  6. 1, 3,3--WTT's finalist (challenge tourney). Two losses in last two years. Rankers have Tomasello where he belongs. He's considerably more accomplished than anyone else at the weight.
  7. Pantaleo was interviewed after Vegas. He said that two things had changed--conditioning and footwork. Nolf is an incredible offensive talent. To beat him requires either equal offensive capability plus power (Imart) or a style that can shut you down. I think Pantaleo could become a guy who will prove near impossible to score on. Maybe I'm too influenced by what I saw in Vegas? We'll see.
  8. 1) Wrestlers are allowed to get better. Pantaleo looked in Vegas like a guy who had figured out his own style and was comfortable in it. 2) He's very strong and hard to score on. His stance and power will slow down Nolf a lot. 3) He's very good at capitalizing on mistakes as we saw vs Berger and Micah. Watch his video in Vegas. I'm sure it won't sway you but he looked dmn good.
  9. The only guys on each team who are overwhelmingly likely to win it again are Snyder and Retherford. They are just much better than the rest of their competitors. Everyone else--Tomasello and Moore for Ohio State--Joseph, Hall, Nickal and Nolf for PSU--will face stiffer comp this year. I could be way off but Pantaleo in particular looks like a guy with a style that could really give Nolf a hard time. Nickal and Martin are closer to even than PSU fans want to admit. Joseph is excellent but the depth of that weight and presence of Imar are still huge obstacles. Hall can beat anyone but Zahid is the favorite at the moment. Moore is a quiet favorite at 197 but looked a bit unsteady in Vegas. In my opinion, the Buckeyes have to stay healthy while for PSU it's more about their Big Five remaining unhurt. Also, Nevills has quietly emerged as a potential finalist. That's big. If I had to bet right now, I'd take PSU because Cael has demonstrated repeatedly that he has his guys ready when it matters most. Yet tOSU has also performed very well at end of season. They just haven't had the same level of talent. Fun stuff. Three months still to go. The only certainty is that every time one of either team's studs loses or has a close match, we'll have some crazy reactions on this board.
  10. WN: His techniques have improved as well. He's added some amazing leg attacks. He's just not bigger and stronger--he's better.
  11. MyMar has been brilliant all season. Might be top ten in the country regardless of weight. But we all know Bo Nickal is amazing too. Those two might be the most talented duo at the top of any weight class.
  12. I love this kid. He and Yianni will torture people for several years.
  13. Flo and Intermat both now have Ohio State as #1 in tourney points. Flo seems baffled, however, and has a disclaimer about how that can change fast and no one should take them too seriously at this time. While that's true, Flo would never have written the same thing if it was PSU in front by 20. Bottom line--it doesn't matter. It will all get resolved in March. WIN should not do rankings as they clearly don't take the process seriously.
  14. As I'm that earlier poster, I agree.
  15. Evan Wick....Austin Desanto...Venz (nebraska)...Chad Red (Nebraska)...
  16. Hypothetical question: If you're a Hawk fan, would you take Tom Ryan over Tom Brands right now?
  17. Continuing the discussion--long arms or not, his hips always move and he seems certain of what to do in any situation. It's not a question of scrambles...it's literally any time he and his opponent are engaged. Heaven help the person who shoots a single on him. It's gotta be a double or a throw or the best snap down in history. If he wins it this year, he's going to be a four timer. He outwrestled Meredith completely even though the match ended up in OT. The only real question to me is whether anyone can just shoot through him like a James Green. And can Heil, a master technician in his own right, figure out how to finish on him? As a Buckeye fan, I want to see McKenna beat him. But I don't see how he or any of the other guys at this weight--except possibly Heil--have the style it's going to take to beat him. If Yianni moves up to 149 next season, it will be fascinating to see the potential rivalry develop between he and Retherford.
  18. Dunyasha Yetts was a 2x Ohio high school champ who went to Purdue to play football. After a few years, he transferred back to Ohio State and became an AA on the mat. He actually beat Cary Kolat in a match. Kolat was so ticked that the next time they wrestled, he choked him out. Yetts went after him when the match was over and had to be held back. Someone might have died if they'd have fought.
  19. He also claims--if I'm reading correctly--that he's been encouraged to put pressure on Iowa by "the greatest coach" --presumably Gable. I don't get the sense that's hyperbole either. But that's just conjecture on my part.
  20. Yianni is an unusual wrestler. His offensive attacks aren't that good but he doesn't need them to be. The moment he's engaged with an opponent--whether it's offensive or defensive position--he is working constantly to improve. I'm not sure I've ever seen any wrestler so skilled at improving his situation. I can't decide if it's coaching or just the highest wrestling IQ I've ever seen. In many respects he reminds me of Ben Askren.
  21. "Powerhouse programs are for sheep. Not individualists." What's an individualist?
  22. Intriguing. I believe he can coach. But can he handle the full scope of the Iowa program? Maybe. But no one knows yet because he hasn't been on the job long enough to say for certain that he's ready for this step. Good hypothetical question.
  23. I'm still taking Heil but Yianni may emerge as his biggest threat. Heil's such a fine technician and strategist that I think he presents problems for Yianni. That and the sheer depth of the field will be his biggest obstacles. But he's a special talent. No doubt.
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