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  1. I'll take Yianni over Eierman. Could be a wild match.
  2. Wick at Wisconsin....Desanto at Drexel....Deprez at Binghampton....Lamont at Utah Valley....Deakin at NW....all stud frosh doing well at non powerhouse programs. (sorry Wiscy but you're not very good right now so you make this list). And Yianni D at Cornell. Great program but good to see him doing it as a true frosh. I hope these guys stay put and continue to do well. Having good kids places besides PSU, tOSU, Okie State, etc....is good for college wrestling.
  3. You wrestle the team across from you. Lock Haven beat Rutgers. No excuses.
  4. Yianni is officially a title contender. But his music sux.
  5. T-Bar: The official apologist for all things PSU wrestling. Yes...Lehigh is good. And PSU is fabulous. But all you ever do is try to poke holes in every wrestler who might threaten one of your guys ("Venz over Myles Martin") and make excuses for every PSU shortcoming.
  6. Had a few issues but found that with a little time the video got sharper and the buffering stopped. Given that they were showing ten bouts at a time, I see no reason to complain.
  7. A few Buckeye-centric thoughts: Let's not overrate Pletcher's performance nor undervalue it. He's a fine technician with an excellent defensive posture and good counter attacks. He will always have close matches and that can backfire. Micic had a lousy tourney and Pletch took advantage. Terao's style played into his hands. Good tourney for Pletch but he's not yet a potential NCAA finalist. Anywhere on the podium would be fine come March. Ke-Shawn Hayes looked very good. He's big enough for the weight and does a lot of slick things that are hard to defend. He blew his semi match but came back strong. As he gets a little sharper with his focus and strategy, he will emerge as a potential top 3-4 guy at the weight. Micah Jordan also had a good tournament. Pantaleo had a better one. Micah wrestled well on bottom and tore up weaker opponents. He wore out Shields in the semis and then simply faced off in the finals against an opponent with a very tough style to solve. I was encouraged by Micah but came away hugely impressed with Panataleo. If Pantaleo can keep that focus, his style will be very tough for anyone at the weight including Kemmerer and Nolf. Te-Shan Campbell is a solid, unspectacular wrestler with good defense. He needs to find ways to score on his feet and has to get better at getting breakdowns off the whistle as his top game is his strength. He's a low AA possibility but has a lot of fine tuning to do. BoJo wrestled well against Amine in the semis in a match with team title implications. I'd like to see him do a better job getting guys flat on top so he can work them. His biggest challenge this year will be consistently defeating the handful of tough guys who are just below him. Hall and Zahid are both a step above. Myles Martin is one of the best wrestlers in the country and probably the second best wrestler on Ohio State. Venz was white hot and he crushed him. Abounader entered finals having dominated and the best he could do against Myles was slow him down enough to keep it close. Myles and Bo Nickal could wrestle three times in theory. Anything can happen in those matches as they are two extraordinary talents. Kollin Moore entered this tournament still recovering from injury and nowhere near 100%. His pace was off and his timing suffered as a result. Yet he still won it. A lot of fine wrestlers got upset in Vegas. Why was he not one of them? Desire...guts....a willingness to give everything he had in each match in order to win. He's a warrior and will get a lot sharper in the weeks ahead.
  8. As long as it's within the rules, a good coach will take advantage of this strategy for the sake of his wrestler. I don't blame Zeke and I was rooting hard for Bo.
  9. No argument. PSU's Big Five just crush people. I know there have been a lot of great teams historically but I wonder if there have ever been two squads as good as PSU and tOSU in the same season? (Yes, it's too early....I know it.)
  10. They left about 70 points at home and are still in the drivers seat to win Vegas. And their Big 7 are something along the lines of 30-2. It hasn't been pretty at times but they've avoided major upsets and fought ferociously to win when it has mattered the most. I realize the story of Vegas will be great frosh performances by Wick, Yianni, Lamont and Desanto--and these four are fabulous--but the Bucks team showing deserves a little glory. Put another way--if PSU were winning without Retherford, Nolf and Nevills, I'm sure their fans would make sure everyone knew it.
  11. Massa looked very thin. My half-ss guess is the cut was killing him. Lots of guys looked lousy early but seemed to rebound as the day went on.
  12. It would be very exciting but if he gets pulled and the knee gets re-injured, it's the end of Iowa wrestling as we know it. If I were Brands I'd think very carefully about taking that risk. IMO it's not worth it. If he wrestles next year and gets hurt, no one can blame the coach and the program.
  13. So can Michigan hold on or will the Bucks overtake them? Semis could determine the winner. 133: Micic v Pletcher 157: Pantaleo v Berger..........Micah v Shields 165: Campbell v McFadden 174: Bo v Amine 184: Myles v Venz.....Abounader v Zavatsky 197: Moore v Williams Hvy: Coon v Butler Based on seeds, Michigan will be favored at 133, 184 and Hvy. Bucks will be favored at 197, 184 and 174. Bucks need to push at least four into finals with Michigan limited to two. Also need to see what happens with Massa today. Wick wrestled very well in his upset but Massa seemed out of sorts as well (the injury was not a big deal from what I could tell though that knee might ache today) as he seemed thoroughly exhausted. Is he sick? Too large a weight cut? If Massa is out (doubt it but possible), that would be of huge benefit to tOSU. On the other hand, it's not inconceivable that Michigan could get hot and win all their semis. BoJo looked beatable yesterday and Pantaleo and Abounader both wrestled well. That would do it for the Wolverines. Keep in mind that regardless of outcome, tOSU is without an Olympic Gold, a former NCAA champ and 3x AA and a World Bronze and former AA. That's probably around 60 points or so.
  14. Kid finished 3rd at NCAA's last year. No reason yet to suspect he's a head case. I suspect there was another issue. Clearly he was more himself by quarters.
  15. Not only was Eggum funny but he just did a great job selling himself and his program to potential recruits. It's a shame they won't be at full strength in Vegas.
  16. Hypothetically speaking, who would do a better job coaching IU--Dake or Taylor?
  17. PSU has more non scoring weights at the moment but they score more bonus than anyone else. Still, if Nate, Kyle, Moore, Bo and My Mar all score their fair share of bonus and Campbell, Pletcher, McKenna, Hayes and Micah all place, the Bucks will win. Bucks can still win if they can match PSU for finalists/champs while getting "only" 8 AA's. Ohio State has been 1,3,2 the last three years. They certainly know how to perform in crunch time. Of course, so does PSU. If both squads are healthy, this will be fun.
  18. Why isn't Lucas starting now? Presumably Mead is better. I understand your point but you seem to think Tom Ryan's goal is to do everything within his power to maximize Heinselman's potential. That's not how he operates. Ask Luke Pletcher for one.
  19. The dirty little secret is that if PD3 is eligible and the Hawks pull Lee and Warner out of redshirt, they're suddenly a top five team. Conversely, if they pull Lee and he re-injures his knee, it will be the mother of all disasters for Hawkeye wrestling.
  20. The old guys who should show up are assistant coaches. You can't expect Tom Rowlands to participate when he's been non competitive for 5 years. He's not even remotely the wrestler you'd hope to see.
  21. Which Ohio State have you been watching the last ten years? The one coached by Tom Ryan frequently starts true frosh. With Nate gone, Bucks will have no one to start and win unless Heinselman goes. Heinselman will have to be really undersized not to start. Or Mead will have to have improved a lot. If Heinselman is solid, he'll go.
  22. Lehigh wrestlers know how to manage folk matches. They ride well and are stingy on their feet. But he's not going to touch Hall or Zahid and is likely 2-4 points behind Bo.
  23. In my opinion McKee should have sat out those duals and focused solely on freestyle leading up to U23's. Taking two losses in folk prior to a major free event is not sensible.
  24. He won't redshirt unless he's not the best guy.
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