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  1. Mead is a true frosh and doing the best he can. I'm excited to see Heinselman and Decatur battle it out. At least the Bucks have a backup 125. Last season none existed. Don't forget, Jose Rodriguez has come and gone. He could have helped a lot.
  2. I could care less who Flap is. I just enjoy his posts. The former Iowa post grad is Tarpley. Can't think of his first name. He wrote about the Brands brothers going to a mall and flinging pennies at people from the second floor. Too funny.
  3. Minny got crushed on a road trip weekend against a top opponent. Okie State has really worked on that slide-by and other teams had better beware. Minny does not have a great team but I'm sure they'll improve. Hell, Minny wasn't even the biggest disappointment this weekend. Michigan was.
  4. I can't prove it but I know it's true that any player drafted by my Cleveland Browns becomes a bust.
  5. I didn't but I'll take your word.
  6. Flo announcers said that Zach Sanders wanted Lizak to go down to start 2nd period but Eggum insisted on top. Eggum was proved correct (what was Sanders thinking with the score 8-1?). That match was a classic. I thought Lizak would be lucky not to get TF'd at end of first period. McKee v Brock was a good match as well. McKee can score off a bad shot but Brock countered well and used that slide by beautifully.
  7. The only thing I'll say in Michigan's defense was that a few years ago Lehigh shocked Ohio State in National Duals and about a month later the Bucks were NCAA champs. Lehigh knows how to get ready for a big dual. And they're tough.
  8. Warner won his semi match 3-1 in OT over Andrew Dixon. Hard to reconcile these two results. Bottom line--we know Warner's good but how good remains to be seen.
  9. For awhile, it appeared that PSU had it locked up. Now I'm not so sure. Minny might have the best trio with Steveson, B. Lee and McKee. Or maybe it's Michigan with Silva, Parris and Lewan. Ohio State has a huge group featuring Sasso, Hoffman and Mattox. I'm not high school guru so I'll let smarter folks break it down. Is it still PSU (J. Lee, Bravo-Young, Teasdale, Beard, S. Nevills)?
  10. "184...now you say PD3 but hes a headline waiting to happen a coachs nightmare a police blotter guy...hes got 20 hours of credit to get his sheepskin and thats as much in doubt as the second coming of Christ." "hombres its Bowman good bathroom brake fella get a ice cream cone or take a nap." "Warners the creem of the crop but theys gonna shirt him thats a mistake he aint splitting the atom if you know what I mean" Tears of laughter on my cheeks as I write this. Welcome back, Flap. More please!
  11. Too early to say too much. Presumably, Campbell is better on the mat--esp. on top. But White works out each day with one of the greatest takedown artists in American history and a world bronze. If White can imitate them fairly well on his feet and get out on bottom, he'll be formidable come March.
  12. JD Bergman usually does a good job with the announcing--fair to both teams and insightful. Today he talked too much about topics outside the dual and was missing obvious aspects of the matches. Example--he failed to grasp that an escape by Te-Shan Campbell would have led to a TF.
  13. Is any discussion not about PSU's dominance?
  14. Chance's issues have been well documented. I'm glad he's doing better and wrestling well.
  15. Kudos to Bo Jordan for not standing ten feet away and hand fighting like Amine was allowed to do the other night. Zahid Valencia is one of the elites in NCAA wrestling right now and Bo tried to wrestle him as opposed to keeping it close. I thought the Buckeye lower wts looked lousy. McKenna showed little and Hayes could have won easily with a little more work. Credit to Shields at 157. Agree with those who say Micah has got to get better on bottom. He also seemed to be successfully countering Shields final TD then made a bad strategic move and it cost him two. I do like the Bucks upper wts. Campbell gave the team a needed lift and Myles Martin looks to score every second of the match. Moore is the same and we all know about Snyder.
  16. Shields had Micah figured out by end of first period. Micah is at a much tougher weight this season and will do well merely to AA again.
  17. Zeke was an excellent freestyle coach whose methods of preparation and scouting were far superior to his predecessors. The success we recently had is due in large part to changes that took place while he ran USA Wrestling.
  18. The event was National Duals in Columbus during the early 2000's. Ohio State's Keaton Anderson came from behind in two consecutive matches by hitting the same move twice off scrambles. First match, he was losing 4-2 to Gray Maynard from MSU. Late in the second period. Maynard hit a nice single and looked like he was about to score when Anderson hit a crazy mid-air leg pass, threw in boots and grabbed a cradle. Suddenly the period's over and instead of 6-2 Maynard, it's 7-4 Anderson. KA takes top in 3rd and rides Maynard into the ground for the win. An hour later, Keaton Anderson is wrestling Shane Roller and the same thing happens. He's down early and getting beat on his feet. He hits the same mid-air leg pass--at a time when it was not a commonly used counter--and scores 5. Wins the match. Another great match from the same dual took place between Tom Rowlands and Leonce Crump. Crump was up late but Rowlands tied it up and it went into OT. If Crump had lost a decision, Oklahoma would still have won the match and advanced to the finals. But Rowlands got in on a shot and Crump fell on his back in despair. Rowlands quickly rolled up his legs and the ref called a pin. Ohio State won the match...and faced Minny. Who handled them. Incidentally, Russ Hellickson blew out his knee during the celebration that ensued. Crump was so pissed, he went out the next day and beat Iowa true frosh Steve Mocco. The only other guys to ever accomplish this feat in college were Rowlands and Konrad. Crump was very good but his career was hampered by injuries. I know Crump v Rowlands is on video somewhere but I can't find it. Crump is now a well known pastor in Atlanta: http://www.renovationchurch.com/about-us/leadership-about-us/board-leadership/pastor-leonce-crump-jr/
  19. Hard to tell exactly what was going on in the Zahid v Amine match. From my perspective, however, Zahid took almost all the risks while Amine did next to nothing. I don't blame Amine but I do think he should have been hit with stalling a couple times.
  20. I say it every year--Brian Smith does a fabulous job of recruiting kids who fit his model and coaching them up. The fact they're competitive with the top teams in the country is a credit to him and his staff.
  21. You pay for Buckeye Vision. I have a lot of respect for ASU but I think this will be a beat down. ASU is on the road and having to make weight for second time in three days. Bucks will be home with what should be a solid crowd. McKenna is supposedly in lineup. Look for Bucks to win the close ones at weights like 149, 157, 165 and 174.
  22. Bo Jordan does one thing well--win. He's exceptional at it and knows how to slow down very slick opponents. He' s the healthiest he's been since he was a redshirt frosh. Looking forward to the bout with an understanding that it's early season. Incidentally, I'm a Zahid Valencia fan as well. He's dynamite and I'm sorry he didn't win it all last year as he had the most impressive season of anyone at the weight.
  23. As far as Ohio State goes, Logan Stieber is the obvious choice. But Kevin Randleman was arguably the greater talent. Stieber came from a fantastic family with a tough but loving and fair-minded father to guide his career. Randleman grew up on the streets and had a rough childhood which included being molested. Had Randleman been able to hold it together academically and get involved in international wrestling, he could have been a world champion. As great as he was--a 2x NCAA champ and an early UFC star--he could have been even better. RIP to "The Monster."
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