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  1. Ohhhh, in a simpler world...
  2. Maybe, but you don't need three business degrees to be a wrestling coach. Just sayin'. But again, to each their own.
  3. From what I have read, he will finish his second master degree this summer - already has a bachelor and master degree in business from Northwestern. Not sure what to make of it, but he certainly has a pretty impressive set of credentials from some good schools to accept maybe a $50,000 salary and an assistant coach career. Sounds like a temporary stop to me, but I am not sure why he is making it at all; would think he has bigger fish to fry in the "real" world. But if that's what he wants...more power to him.
  4. For once the Badgers held an embarrassment of riches - both Gross and McDonough would likely be well sought-after assistant coaches...looks like Bucky had to make a choice. Good for the Badgers. Good for Gross. Sure hope McD lands in a good spot that allows him to grow and develop as a coach - seems like a quality guy.
  5. Yeah - I pulled this information over to the WI wrestling site to see if anyone knows something or can explain why the coaching staff might be sitting on a formal announcement. Might hear some rationale there...but I can't explain the silence.
  6. Is there some blatant bias against Andrew Howe (2,1,3,2) or just an oversite?
  7. The Wisconsin forum has remained pretty much quiet on the matter, not even much chatter among posters asking what's going on.
  8. Given that the UW is a public institution, I don't think they can post an opening unless the opening actually exists, i.e., someone has resigned. If true, that would suggest that one of the coaches has already resigned. To do so without a job already in hand runs counter-intuitive to me. And given the silence on all fronts, is it possible that one of the Badger coaches got sacked and the silence we are hearing is just everyone involved trying to be discrete about the situation? Please know, I have absolutely no inside information on the program...I am just connecting dots and asking a sincere question.
  9. Guess I hadn't been privy to them, but I could imagine how that might make a Hawkeye a little bit edgy.
  10. To what antics do you refer? I follow WI wrestling and as a casual fan I am not seeing any goofy behavior by the coaching staff - am I missing something?
  11. Have you heard some rumors to that effect, or are you simply starting one? While Jordan has a nice connection with the Badger program, I think he would be an unusual choice for Bono. While a Badger alum, Jordan is not a native WI product, nor was he a NCAA champ (which seems to be a requirement to serve as a coach on Bono's staff). Last, Jordan was a Barry Davis guy - no connection to the current coaching regime. All that said, I have never heard anything but good about the guy - just sounds like this is coming out of left field.
  12. The coaching experience is noted as a "preferred" attribute - not a "required" one in the job posting.
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