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  1. Talk about anyone you want - my conversation was about a specific wrestler that you folks seem to be related to. You (and a couple of others) seem to think he has "first name status" within the wrestling community. I took issue with that, suggesting he hasn't yet warranted that sort of recognition - you got your feathers ruffled and now don't know when to quit. That about size it up? Pretty straightforward scenario, IMO.
  2. Send me a note when he AAs and then we'll talk.
  3. I think ShakaAloha is in good company with his question. Not all forum posters zero-in on ASU lineup posts nor read all posts on the forum regardless of the content. I've been on the forum for well over 20 years and look at the forum everyday and have no idea as to the significance of Kordell Norfleet in the bigger picture. What is he, a couple of time qualifier for nationals? It's not like Norfleet (much less knowing hi on a first name basis) is some multiple-time place winner that is going to make or break some other team's chances of winning a title (or even adding significant points to the team's efforts). The point is that Norfleet is not a "household name" in anyone's book (other than ASU fans). A simple (informative) answer would have sufficed instead of suggesting that ShakaAloha is somehow out of touch.
  4. Yes - if the framework for competition essentially stays the same, this doesn't make a lot of sense. That said, it would appear that most everything is on the table with what we are seeing. Is it too much to believe that wrestling quickly evolves into a tournament focused sport or possibly that duals are abandoned and everything moves to a multi-dual kind of format? The changes in collegiate athletics over the past four years leads me to not doubt the possibility of anything. I also agree with earlier posters that all of this is to accommodate NCAA football (and basketball, to a lesser degree). Once those two major sports are accommodated the rest of the system will be asked to mold itself around that reality.
  5. But these are essentially the same things that would have made him "unbeatable" in folkstyle, right? So, why would the OP on the comment single out freestyle as being particularly advantageous? I don't mean to be picky here, just trying to understand the particular advantage a guy like Robles might have in freestyle s opposed to folk - serious question.
  6. What particular aspect of Roble's game might make him unbeatable in freestyle, in your opinion?
  7. npope

    What if...

    Being the "best wrestling nation" in the world and a buck will get you a cup of coffee.
  8. Had to be a frustrating match for Gomez in that he body-locked Andonian multiple times from the standing position but while lifting and bringing him to the mat, Andonian's sense of body positioning got him out what otherwise would have been an easy two and maybe some back points, as well. A great example of continuing to wrestle till the situation is over.
  9. Advancement in the championship bracket is worth more than advancement in the consolation bracket? Can someone clarify this point scoring item for me? If not, what's the big deal about going into the consolations and proceeding to your eventual placement there? Would a third placer who lost in the semifinals have earned more points than if he had lost first round and spent the tournament in the consolation bracket? Also, would individuals who proceed through the consolation brackets actually wrestle one more match than someone who spent much of the tournament in the championship bracket before falling into consolations after the semi-finals?
  10. Wisconsin fan here. No way all these things required to win fall into place for Bucky in a single meet - that is simply against the laws of nature. Been watching them for years and when one or two guys step up and do something special out there there somebody else on the team sharts the mat when their turn comes up. Something like the "Swallows of Capistrano" - sorry to say. While generally good, their talent level and depth can't compete with the very top level teams. That is a Wisconsin's fan's cross to bear.
  11. Of course these guys are incredible wrestlers and can do things most humans could never think of doing. That said, after all of the subtle back-and-forth in the match, I was surprised to see that DT got the takedown with Yazdani caught on his heels with a straight shot double leg right to his butt. Nothing super fancy; nothing incredibly awe-inspiring; just a textbook double leg to the opponent's butt. Its simplicity was a thing of beauty.
  12. I agree that it is indeed a big deal to the athletes - just as the annual world cup events are. But the Olympics are now in the hands of marketing wizards - wizards who can convince a normal typical American housewife (with no specific interest in sports in general) that she cares about how an Algerian man whom she has never met does in skeet shooting. Those marketing guys are the ones USA wrestling should hire to promote our sport.
  13. I would like to think that we are all experienced enough to understand that the Olympics are now just a shell event to make money for the TV networks. If money weren't involved, Olympic results would be relegated to a three inch article in the second page of the newspaper sports section. There are better minds than mine at work trying to figure out the best combination of sports for inclusion and presentation on TV. They do an incredible job at marketing (I mean, how many of you would otherwise tune in for synchronized diving?). but it is ALL ABOUT MONEY now - it is not about the actual sports. Whatever mix brings in the most viewers is what is going to be included in the Olympics - period.
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