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  1. Alternatively, you could search the Forum for threads that include something like "Iowa's starting lineup next year" and get pretty much the same results ; ) I had to type fast before everyone else pounced on this opening
  2. Interesting observations. I am not sure comparing wrestling to football or basketball is fair. What about comparisons to collegiate track, soccer, volleyball, etc? Football and basketball are unique creatures with unique standing in our broader social culture; kids grow up dreaming of being professionals in those sports; (almost) everyone participates in pickup games in those sports as kids - the familiarity with those sports is in the stratosphere. Not so with wrestling, et. al. Completely different level of familiarity. I think wrestling could learn a lot from the marketing of the Olympics. Every four years people actually seem to care about swimming (swimming??), cross country skiing, etc. Why? Because of marketing; the marketing machine behind the Olympics elevates the names of the competing individuals to celebrity status. By the time Lindsey Vonn takes to the slopes we know who she is dating, who she dated, etc. Doesn't matter that we don't understand the nuances of the sport - we watch because we "know" Lindsey. And therein lies the secret to marketing sports - its not the sport itself but rather, fan familiarity with the competitors. It's not even the teams so much as it is the individual. Wage war at that level and wrestling would do a whole lot better.
  3. I'm not sure why posters are so high on either RBY or Gross in terms of international competition. Both are excellent at what they do and in folkstyle, but all that scrambling and rolining around are gonna kill them in a freestyle match. And yeah, of course they won't do that in a freestyle match - so you take that away from them and what exactly makes them so special in the international styles? Great folkstyle wrestling but...think it through before anointing them king of anything beyond folkstyle.
  4. Maybe toying with him, but the Badgers needed Gross to go out and destroy that kid for the team points. Not helping the team by "toying" with anybody.
  5. Everybody looks tough in high school ; ) Yes, unfortunately Bono pulled his RS and it doesn't look like he can beat Watkins - the current guy keeping the spot warm. Not sure what kind of career awaits Christensen, but with Braxton Amos arriving next year things aren't looking up for Christensen at the UW. This year 197 is one of the UW's weaker weights.
  6. Does beating #2 Nebraska count as a "real" win? Just sayin'... Badgers have a right to be in the discussion for the top ten teams.
  7. I am a "moronic liberal" and I agree with you. So what does that make you?
  8. Maybe - I know I saw him sitting at the announcer's table at one point. That said, I echo iGranby's query - I follow Wisconsin wrestling and never hear boo about him on their wrestling forum. Not sure how to interpret that. Could be part of his agreement with Bono that he tones down the personality so as to not take away the hype from the Badgers. Alternatively, I am suspicious that Ben was hired only for his "name recognition." Askren was a serious competitor for the WI head coach spot by many fans. When Ben came in their two "big names" in the WiscRTC (Kulchytsky and Henderson) left/fired - not sure of the details...and then there were no official RTC residents. Not sure what the details are is, but the WI wrestling forum doesn't really talk about the situation.
  9. I see the Nevills brothers are squaring off against one another in the next round.
  10. McNab was indeed a force to be reckoned with about 15 years ago; might have actually made a world greco team at the time.
  11. Those in the know on the WI forum are keeping a lid on the discussion. He certainly is no longer on the team, but what exactly that means...people aren't talking.
  12. This would be the first siting of Christensen in the Badger line up - do you know something that the rest of us don't? The scuttlebutt is that Christensen isn't (currently) a significant upgrade over Watkins (transfer from MO) and thus, no value in pulling Christensen's RS season. Also, I haven't heard that the Badgers will be wrestling Sebastian at 184 for this dual. Not really sure what's up with Sebastian, but he has been in-and-out of the lineup this season. Some on the WI forum suggest that Bono is using him strategically because of his history of getting injured. I don't know the truth of any of this other than some have been throwing out those comments on the Badger wrestling forum. While the Badgers have experienced something of a renaissance with Bono's arrival and recent recruiting successes, they have yet to demonstrate they are one of the elite programs, as of yet. While unlikely, a Badger win over the Hawkeyes (or even a very close loss) might just nudge the Badgers into that "elite discussion" and further fuel recruiting success. So, the dual has great potential for the Badgers...and no one is expecting much from them.
  13. While I know that Iowa has tossed in a surprise cancellation on occasion in the past, does Bono have any track record of that kind of behavior?
  14. The Badgers would have to have a lot of things go right for them to win this dual, i.e. win the toss-ups, and keep off their backs in the other matches. As much as I think a Wisconsin win would be exciting for college wrestling (just due to shaking things up a bit more), I can't see a top level team like the Hawks screwing this up.
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