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  1. I am thinking of attending this event this year (first time for me). The PR online suggests that it may have been sold out already...am I being too gullible? Anyone who has attend such trials before have any thoughts as to the likely quality of the experience?
  2. One has to think that the WI scholarship money has been allocated for the foreseeable future. In addition to Gross, here is a partial list of recent commitments to the program: Barnett: Fargo champ and Who's #1 champ Burwick: Ranked #1 by intermat and #6 by flo at weight Christensen: Ranked 2nd by flo and intermat at weight Escobar: Freestyle national champ Otto: ranked 14th by flo and 15th by intermat, 1st at folkstyle nationals Guttridge: 2nd at Fargo Sebastian: 2 time national qualifier. Ranked as high as 14th Medora: Top 100 recruit Amos: #2 ranked overall recruit, #1 at 220, 5 time fargo champ, 3 time super 32 champ, 2 time ironman champ Copass: Top 10 overall recruit in 2021, 2 time freestyle national champ Zargo: #36th ranked overall recruit, flonationals champ, ranked 5th at 145 Hamiti: Fargo national champ, #3 overall at 145
  3. Yes, WI is rolling on the recruiting front - that's for sure - lots of high-end talent giving verbals. Will be interesting to see if Bucky can keep them all in house over the next year or so...good problem to have.
  4. He was at 145 pounds in high school, so he likely developed a good amount of technique to survive competing with kids at smaller weights. I don't know how he ever got to be so big (maybe I do : ), but he wasn't that way when he was younger.
  5. All I can hear is the whooshing sound of any person who might have been contemplating getting into reffing the sport - who would want to let themselves in for this kind of abuse and lack of support?
  6. The powers-that-be hung the ref out to dry and are scape-goating him - doesn't matter about any older dirt they might uncover about the ref - the suspension should be based on the action in question. It would seem that, at the very least, the ref has endeavored to enforce a poorly written regulation (his interpretation would coincide with many, I am sure). Dislike the rule - fine (I agree), but leave the ref out of it - he was just doing his job. And the broader non-wrestling public who are jumping in don't understand how the system functions...and JB did us no favors with the public with his "head up his butt" comment. "Never seen hair get cut matside before"??? Really? I mean really? Geeezz.
  7. Well, if what some of the prognostications as to the potential weights these guys might man, it looks like someone might ride the bench for a year or two - assuming they all stay at WI. If so, that is a problem that the "major" programs face on a regular basis. Maybe Bucky needs to learn how to manage this kind of conundrum if they want to compete with the "big" programs. A good problem to have.
  8. Word over on the WI forum is that Christensen is giving a big "thumbs up" on the deal and that there is the expectation (hope?) that Christensen will work his way down to 184. Guess we'll see.
  9. ??? There is a returning champ at 133 (Gross) and last year's returning crowd at that weight have all pretty much gone for the Oly red shirt - seems to me the only guessing game begins with the number two spot.
  10. They brought him in for last week's Wisconsin football game - nobody could say to Bucky after experiencing a home WI football game. Certainly is a head turner for Wisconsin.
  11. Graff was a lifer at 133 - never wrestled 125 for the Badgers.
  12. Right - could never happen, I guess...except it did to me while I was reffing the match. One kid hit a spladle and they both flattened out on their backs on the mat, one guy trying to pin the other guy while the latter tried to keep his blades off the mat. I called the pin on the guy who actually hit the spladle as his back had my attention at the moment, although they were both flat. I don't know what rule you think exists to cover that one, but I'd like to see it.
  13. So, is it possible for both wrestlers to go to their backs at the exact same moment and be there for the requisite one second? If so, what is it - double loss? You are advocating for a strict application of the rules without any common sense. I would argue that common sense has a place in reffing - no matter what the rules explicitly say.
  14. I recently relocated to Texas and the choice of Austin Texas as the site of a single match with World Championship implications is simply dumbfounding. No one in this place gives a crap about wrestling. I am not even sure that the competitors' girlfriends will show up...stunned that they would choose this "wrestling desert" for such a big match.
  15. Beauty, as does insult, lies in the eyes of the beholder.
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