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  1. npope

    Thomas Gilman History

    Beauty, as does insult, lies in the eyes of the beholder.
  2. npope

    Thomas Gilman History

    I agree - yep. That said, I was born in Japan, although I am not Japanese. I also lived there as an adult for three years. On one occasion when I was out with my Japanese friends (in 1986) I used the term "Jap" and they were truly offended. It was the first time I was informed that the word is a "sensitive" reference. Suffice to say, the word didn't register as an offensive term to me (even thought my connections to Japan ran deep...for a white guy), but in deference to my friends (and Japanese in general), if it offended them then I was fine with not using the term going forward. I think the point here is that any word might be taken as offensive depending on the audience - even if the person using the word doesn't see it as such. The issue is, IMO, whether you care about the feelings of others - not how you yourself interpret the meaning. Personally, I think folks should cut Gilman some slack on this issue - it was an experience that he seems to have learned from; he has said as much. As for other Gilman issues....
  3. npope

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    Ever heard of the adage, "15 minutes of fame"?
  4. npope

    The call

    The fact that we, as reasonably knowledgeable fans of the sport, can have ten pages of debate as to the allocation of points reveals the reasons why this sport is dying a slow death. Simply ridiculous - period.
  5. npope

    Wisconsin 2019-2020: Big Ten contenders?

    Barnett (true frosh) recently beat returning NCAA AA Foley (MSU) at the 2019 World Team Trials Challenge Tournament, so if Bucky pulls his redshirt... Also, Connor Brown (last season's 125 pounder for most of the season before unexpectedly leaving the team [and school?]) was a possible low AA candidate (he was consistently ranked during the season) and still has eligibility left. He was a transfer from SDSU and came with Bono. I have heard that he HEW - so I don't know if the Gross situation (who were training partners at SD) would have any bearing on anything While Breske could likely go at 184 (and may indeed end up there just for his own sake), the Badgers are dreadfully thin in the upper weights, so they may need to ask Breske to man 197. So, while things are looking up in Badger land, it is still a "fragile" lineup at the moment - might still be a year away from having enough depth to endure a Big Ten season and a run at an NCAA trophy.
  6. npope

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    Sorry, ain't happening, WillieBoy.
  7. I think folks ought to lay of PD III - he played by the rules and they are about to install him as our guy at that weight - let's get behind him instead of dissing him in anticipation of his installation as our guy . Like many, I am not impressed with his previous antics, but that said, he will likely be our 84 kg guy at the Worlds - so let's stop dissing him and get behind him; he is a Cinderella story in the making and actually adds an additional story line to this year's event. I am not impressed with Taylor's back-hand sleight nor am I impressed with forum posters openly looking to unseat PD III, assuming others from other weights are better candidates to be our 84 kg rep. PD III endured the process and has emerged as our guy - get behind him. Personally for me, his presence will add another level of interest to the event. Just hope he doesn't create an international incident...or maybe I do ; ) Lighten up and enjoy the ride, guys.
  8. npope

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    He says he is majoring in supply chain management.
  9. npope

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    Gross tweets that he just got accepted to grad school (doesn't say where) - will make formal announcement next Tuesday. Wrestlestat already has him at 133 for the Badgers. 133 will be a crazy-good/deep weight next year.
  10. npope

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    Ha! So now Badger fans have to hold their breath and hope the flames of romance continue to burn bright...this is getting complicated.
  11. npope

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    The "new" announcement is an "official" announcement.
  12. npope

    Gross transferring & SDSU Issues

    Unfortunately, Reinhart is gone and and Zander Wick has yet to find his way back to the mats since his reoccurring injuries - may never see him in a Badger singlet again. But they do have grad-transfer John Sebastian (from Northwestern). So, still some potential for the Badgers, but not as wonderful as it could have been (assuming that Gross indeed shows up in red).
  13. npope

    Gross transferring & SDSU Issues

    Gross' girl friend Ronna Heaton has an apartment in Madison and is formally training at Wisconsin's BRTC, if I am not mistaken. I also see that Bono was in her corner at the recent women's nationals. Hhhmmmm.
  14. npope

    List of Transfers

    Sorry - you are right - Patrick Spray was majored by Sebastian.
  15. npope

    List of Transfers

    Nobody over in WI thinks that is a given - still up in the air. The fact that it is taking a while for Gross to pull the trigger leads me to believe there is at least one other serious suitor for him.