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  1. Don't believe everything your wife tells you, Tobus - you get lots of love on the forum.
  2. Okay, yeah sure. The report states (geeez, there's even a 28 page report on the matter!?), "Several current and former players shared the view that some coaches have used those values to create and perpetuate an environment that bullies and demeans athletes, especially Black athletes." Personally, to me, sounds a bit bigger than not just being able to wear one's hoodie when one wants to. Somebody wants "smoke and fire"?? That said, my point is that all is NOT well in Iowa City more generally and it has bigger things to worry about than not having a national champion caliber black wrestler on its 25 man roster for the last couple of years...despite having had any number of other young men of color, e.g., Hispanic. The point is there could well be other factors at work (other than allegations of a racist wrestling coach) about the strong, predominantly white, Midwestern cultural possibly being the reason for a lack of rush of young people of color to that school/location; maybe this noise about a potentially racially biased wrestling coach is much ado about nothing. And this doesn't mean that someone in a leadership role doesn't have a racial bias (we don't know) - but rather, just because some incredibly gifted black wrestlers haven't been in the lineup in recent years should NOT be the foundation of veiled allegations of racism. Come back when some real evidence comes out; then come back and start a slander campaign.
  3. Ahem, and have you not read the national news concerning the state of Iowa football? I think Iowa has bigger problems than a wrestling team that has a limited number of blacks on the team. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2020/07/30/iowa-football-review-details-racial-bias-kirk-ferentz-support/5544507002/
  4. Oh c'mon guys, this is getting ridiculous. I think we all know that the bottom line is that Iowa (or any other school) should be recruiting the best wrestlers available regardless of their skin color. The issue initially raised was that maybe Iowa isn't doing that because of some statistics presented over the past 15 years. Iowa wrestling, with its historical wealth of great black athletes, including national champs, does not deserve to be cast in this negative light (and I am NOT an Iowa fan). Class is a new poster (at least a new name) and he latched on to a volatile topic (race) to get things roiling on the forum. Kudos to him for hitting on a topic that generated six pages of response so far. If any of you truly think that Iowa is somehow not recruiting the best athletes out there, regardless of race, you are living under a rock. The evidence repeatedly cited is a lack of black H.S. state champs in the last 15 years. Fine, but that fact does not embrace at all the fact that the wrestlers themselves are at least 50% of this equation - they may not want to live in Iowa City for four years - no matter who is the coach. Class has laid out one hypothesis and ignored multiple other possible explanations. And six pages worth or responses have taken the bait. I am sure Class is very pleased with himself. Ordinarily I would be pleased with this particular stirring of the pot, but in this highly sensitized racial environment, maybe it isn't the most positive of topics.
  5. How about repackaging the facts a bit? In the past 15 years not one black wrestler who won a state title in high school has decided to attend university in Iowa City. The point is, maybe it has nothing to do with wrestling, recruiting, etc. Maybe it has everything to do with moving to the Midwest and living in a city heavily populated by white folks. If I were a young man of color that issue would not go unnoticed by me...and I might decide against the Hawkeyes despite the great recruiting efforts of the coach. Just putting it on the table.
  6. In this interview with Lee Kemp, he describes how living in the city as a young man influenced him to try basketball as a ninth grader (he was a scrub). A move to rural Ohio changed the scenery and he went out for the wrestling team as a sophomore. The rest, as they say, is history. The article is a good read. https://onwisconsin.uwalumni.com/features/a-story-of-almosts/
  7. Wrestling teams are a very small sample of a larger population if one is comparing the team to the broader population of a given state, city, etc. There is no statistical reason to presume that such small samples "should" reflect the broader population. If wrestling teams were to include 100 members, then you might have something to talk about, but as it stands...I think Class is just trying to stir the pot during a slow time on the forums. As for the veiled implication that some universities, wrestling programs, coaches, etc., are (un)intentionally biased and racist, there are probably some that are - as individuals from all walks of life are likely to hold some biases. Sometimes those biases are against people of color, sometime they are against white people, sometimes against women, sometimes they are against old people, etc. Biases sometimes have a basis in fact, many times they don't. The "evil" in such biases is when a person acts on those biases by discrimination in how you treat others. Sometimes those biases and discrimination are institutionalized (and that is the big danger, IMO). I think it is a huge stretch for Class to suggest that specific wrestling programs have institutionalized racism. Certainly, it may exist, but the cited basis for that assumption (i.e., the lack of people of color in some programs) lacks statistical merit. Rather, it is just someone tilting at windmills. Consider a reversal of roles - many basketball teams carry a disproportionate number of people of color on their roster (at least disproportionate if one uses the national percentages of racial composition). Using Classic's standards, there is discrimination at work and those teams should recruit more white players., right? And to those of you who will cite a program such as Wisconsin evidence of discrimination because they have no person of color on the roster (just this last year), would putting one person of color on the team really change anything? Would the evident alleged racism suddenly be gone? Quite honestly, basing such conclusions on the presence of one (or even a few) people of color in a single year smacks of tokenism - which really solves nothing and simply perpetuates the underlying issue. And too, the composition of a given team is as much about the wrestlers' preferences as it is about a team and/or a school; its a talent-marketplace and both sides are making purchasing decisions, not just the program. So, thank you Class, for providing a topic worth at least two pages of a dog chasing its tail in these slow times on the forum. But I find it very ironic that you first raise this veiled allegation of discrimination in the same breath as you reveal yourself to possess similar biases with respect to white Midwestern males who like to hunt. That was particularly delicious.
  8. npope


    Wing span is nice, but they need to be able to use it effectively and appropriately. Without that caveat, wingspan" is a moot point. All sorts of other attributes might likely supersede wingspan, e.g., reaction time, tenacity, experience, etc. So, zeroing in on wingspan as a defining attribute is premature likely not a defining attribute...while it may pay dividends if someone learns to use it correctly. But in and of itself...not so much.
  9. Ohhhh, in a simpler world...
  10. Maybe, but you don't need three business degrees to be a wrestling coach. Just sayin'. But again, to each their own.
  11. From what I have read, he will finish his second master degree this summer - already has a bachelor and master degree in business from Northwestern. Not sure what to make of it, but he certainly has a pretty impressive set of credentials from some good schools to accept maybe a $50,000 salary and an assistant coach career. Sounds like a temporary stop to me, but I am not sure why he is making it at all; would think he has bigger fish to fry in the "real" world. But if that's what he wants...more power to him.
  12. For once the Badgers held an embarrassment of riches - both Gross and McDonough would likely be well sought-after assistant coaches...looks like Bucky had to make a choice. Good for the Badgers. Good for Gross. Sure hope McD lands in a good spot that allows him to grow and develop as a coach - seems like a quality guy.
  13. Yeah - I pulled this information over to the WI wrestling site to see if anyone knows something or can explain why the coaching staff might be sitting on a formal announcement. Might hear some rationale there...but I can't explain the silence.
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