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  1. Bob1974

    Straps controversy

    “I don’t care what the rulebook says." Apparently, or he would have been more knowledgeable of the rules and his kids would have known not to do it.
  2. Blair is becoming Florida North. They have five wrestlers from Florida, with four of them in the quarterfinals.
  3. Bob1974

    Challenge to HS wrestling coaches on this forum:

    I doubt if the number of matches during the season caused burnout with David Craig. Other than the Ironman and the Beast of the East tournaments, he pretty much walked through his opposition. If anything, I thought he looked bored during the regular season. Maybe the year-round tournaments, like Fargo and others contributed, but I didn't notice anything during the regular season. My understanding is that he really preferred soccer to wrestling, but his dad wanted him to wrestle. I'd say he did phenomenally well for someone whose first love was another sport.
  4. Bob1974

    Challenge to HS wrestling coaches on this forum:

    I think last season was the first with no home duals. They usually had a couple so they could have "Alumni Night" near the end of the season and give a little recognition to the seniors on the team and the old-timers who came before them (I resemble that remark). Russ's primary concern is building the best team he can and getting the kids ready for the state series (15 straight titles at this point). Putting butts in the stands is a secondary concern, at best, especially as long as he gets good support from the administration and booster club.
  5. Bob1974

    Challenge to HS wrestling coaches on this forum:

    Even though I'm not a coach, I'll reply to the topic. When I wrestled for Brandon in the early 70's, Hillsborough County allowed either 13 duals and two tournaments or 12 duals and three tournaments. The state of Florida allowed two more duals than the county, which was in a (perpetual) budget crunch. For duals, the JV wrestled first (around 6:30), followed by the varsity (around 8:00). It was later changed to having the varsity and JV wrestle at the same time, side by side on two mats. Florida rules today allow 18 weigh-ins, with an individual dual counting for one weigh-in and anything else (tri-meet, quad meet, IBT's, dual tournaments, etc.) counting as two weigh-ins. There is also a limit of five matches per day for a tournament (dual or IBT). Brandon's schedule now consists entirely of tournaments (IBT and dual), including two mandated by the county - the division duals and the county championships. The wrestlers often have 50 - 60 matches prior to the start of the state series, as opposed to something in the high teens or low twenties when I wrestled. The JV now has its own schedule, separate from the varsity. When I wrestled, Brandon went from awful (3-10) to county champion to one of the best teams in the state. We were lucky to draw 50 fans to a dual meet my first year. We started marketing the team the next year, posting flyers all over the school. We had a good product and the word spread. Since there were other good teams at or near our level at the time, many of the dual meets were good, close and exciting, especially against the big rivals. We drew a rocking crowd of 1,500 to a dual with an undefeated East Bay team my senior year. A decade later, Brandon at Bloomingdale drew a standing room only crowd of 2,000. Brandon has now become a victim of its own success. The team is much better than it was in my day, but there are very few teams in the state who could provide a competitive dual. Some of its better, nationally ranked teams were so dominant that the IBT tournament finals of a tough regional tournament looked more like a dual meet, at least on one side. Attendance has dwindled, but I think it is at least as much due to the lack of good, local competition as to the schedule.
  6. Bob1974

    Amateur Wrestling News - Prep 40

    Rhino: You may be right. Based on the rankings on the Florida board, South Dade may be as good or better than Brandon this year, although Brandon will still be tough (you forgot to list Norstrem with the other two returning champs). Six months ago, I thought that this season could be Brandon's best team ever, if the kids were spread out and they didn't have several great kids all at the same weight. In addition to the kids you mentioned, I thought that Telfer (3rd in 1A) and Artalona (1A SC and nephew (I think) of a former Brandon wrestler) would be joining the team as incoming freshmen. In that scenario, Brandon would have returned 13 state placers (six champs, three runners-up, two thirds, a fourth and a fifth) and a state qualifier. That didn't happen. Oh, well. Brandon has been the beneficiary of move-ins in the past, so we can't complain if some families choose to move out.
  7. Bob1974

    From the Florida HS State Tourney

    Brandon also set a new state record of 270 1/2 points, breaking their old record by a whopping 1/2 point. Their team got stronger as the season went on, getting Dontae McGee and James Flint back from injuries and getting their football players down to wrestling weight. They took 13 to state and had seven firsts, two seconds, a third, fourth and fifth place, tying the record of seven champs and nine finalists. Unfortunately, a returning state finalist was unable to crack the postseason lineup (he wrestled most of the season and was ranked second in 2A at 120) once everyone was at weight. Hopefully, he'll find a slot next year (he's currently a sophomore). If they can keep everyone spread out and not have a logjam at a couple of weights, they should be even tougher next year. They lose two seniors, 138# SC Devan Berrian and four time SC James Flint, but will pick up incoming freshmen Cullen Tefler (3rd at 1A 106), and 120# (with plenty of room to grow) 1A SC Anthony Artalona.
  8. Bob1974

    Embarrassing occurrence in FL

    While we're at it, let Russ run the state tournament at the Lakeland Center whenever he retires. I thought it was outrageous that they ran the semifinals and the remainder of the wrestlebacks, including the placement matches, on three mats per classification. The announcer made a speech about how some of the best matches are in the semifinals, and what an important round it was, but it was obviously not important enough to run on two mats (they did the same thing last year). It was even worse when they ran some of the 3A wrestlebacks on the 2A mats, and vice versa. At least they put the bout numbers up on the score towers most of the time. It wouldn't bother me so much if they were crunched for time, but there was time to do it right and they didn't.
  9. Bob1974

    CMU vs. Michigan

    Good performance by true freshman Rossi Bruno in a close loss to fellow Floridian Scotti Sentes.
  10. Bob1974

    Anyone into WWF (or WWE or WCW)???

    I started watching rassling as a kid because it was a combination of two things I enjoyed - wrestling and cartoons. Hiro Matsuda (a great guy!) opened a wrestling school about a year after I started wrestling in high school. Since our coach was a rookie who was just learning about wrestling technique, he encouraged us to go to Matsuda's school. They held classes for aspiring pros three days a week and for amateurs a different three days. Masao Hatori (3rd in the 1970 world games) was the amateur instructor, although Hiro would sometimes come to work out with the heavyweights. A (very) young Bob Orton Jr. taught me a counter to the inside leg ride. Lots of pros came from the Tampa area in the 70's and I've worked out with, or had teammates who wrestled against, several of them, including Pat Tanaka, Brian Blair, Buzz Sawyer (Bruce Woyan) and the Great Malenko's (Simon's) kids. Gerry Brisco helped coach at Sickles high when his kids went there a few years ago and his brother Jack went to a few dual meets I competed in decades ago. There were also a lot of rasslers from the area who didn't compete on the mat, such as Paul Orndorf, Hulk Hogan (Terry Bolea), Dick Slater, the Big Show (Paul Wight) and a host of others (as Gordon Solie would say). Championship Wrestling from Florida (filmed in Tampa) supported amateur wrestling and gave a little air time to Brandon when they won their first state title. Eddie Graham also donated $50,000 to the University of Florida's wrestling team for a wrestling room, which that a__hole Charley Pell had converted into a weight room for his football players after having the wrestling program dropped. The bottom line is that pro wrestling has been a friend to amateur wrestling in the Tampa Bay area, especially during the old NWA days.
  11. I haven't replied, since I don't have very accurate information. For example, the program at the University of Florida was cut in the late 70's (I think 1979), but I don't know exactly when. I might be able to get the information from a friend of mine who was on the team at the time, but he lives in another state and I haven't had a chance to contact him. (OOPS! I'll have to improve my reading comprehension. You already have 1979 for UF.) I'm not sure if all of the programs on the list had wrestling teams. For example, USF (South Florida) had a club team when I went there in the mid to late 70's. They wrestled against some in-state teams, like the University of Tampa, but I don't think they ever had a team with scholarship athletes.