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  1. Checking out the video on the World Combat Games http://www.worldcombatgames.com/en/sports/26 It is clear that MMA shorts with compress mircofiber shirts would work to make wrestling visually more appealing to the general public. MMA is huge right now and you have tremendous creative opportunities with the MMA short design and shirts.
  2. We need to take time to celebrate this today. FILA president and the delegation team did a great job. No sense in nick picking the presentation, they got the job done and wrestling won today. That being said, after the celebration a lot of work to do. Here are FILA's priorities as far as I am concerned: 1. FILA needs to be focus on 2017 to get wrestling back as a core Olympic sport. 2. Expand the governance to included diversity of nations and genders, athletes and coaches. 3. Continued movement towards rules clarification that make common sense and easy for the average fan to understand. 4. Integrity in officials - zero corruption and transparency. No place for bribes, throwing matches for cash, doping, etc. 5. Consider increasing Men's weight classes for World Championships. 6. Media exposure to our sport to all for free. We all should be able to see high quality transmission of the full world championships every year online for free.
  3. Just to clarify I would conclude that the projected weight classes (at least for 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) that were listed in the federation report (on page 6 of the document presented) are finalize, since it was submitted as part of their bid to keep Wrestling in the Olympics. If anyone knows otherwise please post. Men’s Freestyle 55kg/121 pounds 65kg/143 pounds 75kg/165 pounds 85kg/187 pounds 95kg/209 pounds 125kg/275 pounds Essentially modest changes, except for 60kg/132. Humphrey wrestled 141 in college, so I don't see the weight class it self being an obstacle, and Stieber is wrestling 141 this year. The biggest issue is that your top 132 pounders will be battling with your top 145.5 pounders....for one spot. Aside from that reality facing those two weight classes, the other five weight classes will experience only modest changes. Heavy weight gets a little breathing room going back up to 275. In short, with respect to our current World Team the 60kg/ and 66kg weight classes will be the most affected. 60kg in a huge way, 66kg in a very modest fashion. Greco-Roman (pounds are rounded to the nearest half pound) 57kg/125.5 pounds 67kg/147.5 pounds 77kg/169.5 pounds 87kg/191.5 pounds 97kg/213.5 pounds 130kg/286 pounds The same thing goes for Greco with respect to the elimination of the 60kg/132 pound class. However it will be more feasible for a 60kg wrestler to drop down to 57kg than go up. Aside from that not much changes, except you just gave everyone a slight weight allowance. Also maybe a few Freestylers that are tweeners between 55kg and 60kg (like Simmons) will switch styles and go Greco for an Olympic style at 57kg. I wouldn't be surprise to see old Greco guys like Hazewinkel switch back to Greco in light of the new 57kg weight category in order to extend his career. With respect to our current World Team I would expect to see the top 60kg drop to 57kg. Unlike Freestyle, where top 60kg and 66 kg will battle it out, in Greco the battle will be between top 55kg and 60kg wrestlers. Wrestlers like Justin Lester will benefit from the additional weight allowance. I suspect you will see a lot of super Heavyweights freestylers, who couldn't get down to 264 lb., try their hand at Greco due to the 22 pound increase. Women’s Freestyle (pounds are rounded to the nearest half pound) 48kg/105.5 pounds 52kg/114.5 pounds 56kg/123 pounds 61kg/134 pounds 66kg/145 pounds 72kg/158.5 pounds Nothing but good news for the Women.
  4. Cradle Gear, a relative new comer seems to be gaining a of of momentum. Check out who has signed with them as 'signature athletes' http://store.cradlegear.com/
  5. Not sure I agree with you. Yes, Pico is an absolute stud, but if last years top college studs like Kyle Dake, David Taylor, Ed Ruth, Logan Stieber still couldn't make a Senior level World Team, I'm not sure Pico can crack a Senior level World team in 2016. However Cejudo laid a blue print, and he went full time to OTC earning a gold along the way. In short, I think Pico absolutely needs a the OTC. Training partners, financial backing to train and compete internationally has it's perks. I do agree, theres nothing more to prove in folk. Also, with uncertainty about Olympics in 2020, focusing exclusively on freestyle makes sense 2013 - FILA Cadet World Champ 2014 - I'm guessing he focuses on FILA Junior Worlds 2015 - I'm guessing this will be his first year he exclusively focuses on Senior level competition, but wrestles at Junior Worlds if he doesn't make Senior team. 2016 - Second year focusing at Senior level. At right weight he is in the discussion to make Olympic team, especially if he is able to nab World gold at FILA Junior level. Not unusual that many World Junior champs win Olympic and World medals the following year after they win Junior Worlds.
  6. Hopefully the home page of TheMat.com will do a nice tribute article. Not much has posted on the internet yet, but that maybe because information is just now starting to come in. _____ http://www.goerie.com/article/20130815/ ... mplate=art NEWS PUBLISHED: AUGUST 15, 2013 10:39 PM EST UPDATED: AUGUST 15, 2013 10:39 PM EST Olympic wrestler Carr dies at Hamot STAFF REPORT, Erie Times-News Erie Olympic wrestler Jimmy Carr died today at UPMC Hamot, authorities said. Carr was 58. As a 17-year-old student at East High School in 1972, he was the youngest-ever American freestyle wrestler when he competed for the U.S. team at the Olympic Games in Munich. Carr was involved in an automobile crash on July 30 in Erie, authorities said. The Erie County Coroner's Office will review Carr's medical records to determine a cause of death, Erie County Deputy Coroner Dennis Suscheck said Thursday night.
  7. I agree. David's Taylor's off season has been quite impressive for a college wrestler. He wrestled in U.S. Nationals, and earn runner up honors. He wrestled in University Nationals and won it handily. He wrestled at World Team Trials and took third place honors, earning a spot on the U.S. National Team. He just finished wrestling at University Worlds going 4-1 and winning the bronze. Aside from Tyrell Fortune (who will wrestle in two styles at University Worlds), I can't think of any college wrestler who has been more active at such a high level during the Freestyle/ Greco season. To put things in perspective his only loses since March of this year has been to only three wrestlers (4x NCAA Champion Kyle Dake, World and Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs, and 2x World Champion, 4x World medalist Denis Tsargush). Heck between Tsargush and Burrough's your talking about the World Champion the last 4 years. Taylor is still in college, and I can't see anyone going the distance with him next year. My prediction is that he will tech or pin his way to his 2nd NCAA title and Hodge trophy. I would think that as a result of Taylor's freestyle season this spring/summer he is setting the bar at a new level. He'll train to win another NCAA title but in the back of his mind he now knows the best way to train to beat a wrestler like Tsargush or whoever the Russian's put out there is to beat the top dogs in the U.S. The experience he gained this off season by wrestling Burrough's and Tsargush is off the charts. I love the depth we have at 74kg. with Burroughs, Dake, Taylor and Howe.
  8. Tyrell Fortune wins the Bronze. 7-0 tech. Fortune went 4-1, scores were as follows: 8-0, 8-0, 5-7, 7-0, 7-0. No doubt about it, Tyrell Fortune has clearly distinguished himself above all the current college heavies. Grand Canyon University switches to D-1 next year, but won't be allowed to compete at the NCAA's due to it being their transitional year. A lot of top heavies at the NCAA's will be breathing a huge sigh of relief, knowing that Fortune (who will be able to compete in the regular college season - just not post season comp) won't be competing against them. Fortune, who twice defeated 2x NCAA Champion Tony Nelson at the University Nationals, where he was a two style champ, is a 2x NJCAA Champ, 1x NCAA D-2 Champ, and has won multiple University and Junior FILA, and Cadet and Junior national titles already. Clearly the best heavyweight in the nation in the college ranks, and now #2 on the senior level only behind Olympian and 3x World team member Tervel Dglanev, after winning the World Team Trials Challenge Tourney. Also Interesting enough Tyrell Fortune is scheduled to wrestle in the Greco Roman division at University Worlds this week. Hopefully he will able to get a few days rest.
  9. The Iranian wrestler whom Ruth lost to went on to win the Bronze.
  10. Fortune wins first bout in repechage by a score of 7-0. Advances to Bronze medal match Kyrgyzstan.
  11. Ruth has never faced competition like this before. Sure he is a 4th place finisher at our World Team Trials, but there is noting quite like competing in a FILA World Championship event, even at the University level. Also second only to Russia, Iran has some of the best wrestlers in the World. Ruth will be just fine, but it is going to take some time for his talents translate into winning on an international world stage in freestyle wrestling.
  12. Fortune pulled back into the wrestlebacks as the Ukrainian dismantled his opponent to advance to the finals. 3 out of 4 Russians in the finals, unbelievable. USA has a long way to go with our University development program. Our college wrestlers will catch up, but in all truthfulness, the US contingency is wrestling in this event to help prepare them to compete at the NCAA level. Whereas the rest of the world in competing in this event to help them compete for World and Olympic gold.
  13. Tyrell Fortune's freestyle future is extremely bright. He has gone 2-1 so far. He won twice, 8-0, and 8-0. He just lost his quarterfinal 7-5 against the Ukrainian. If Ukrainian wins he can still wrestle for the Bronze. Russia has all four of their wrestlers in the semi's.
  14. After watching epic 2004 U.S. Olympic Trials wrestling match there is no doubt in my mind what the Greco OT rules should be. (Remember there was no push out rule in 2004). This match between Brandon Paulson and Dennis Hall ranks as the absolute best Greco Roman match in american history, on american soil. The word Epic or Classic quite doesn't capture the magnitude of this match and what it means in U.S. Greco Roman wrestling history. This is a match those in Greco circles have been talking about for years and will continue to talk about years from now. Watch the entire video, it's long but you will be riveted to every second of the action. The end of the match is very moving and inspiring.
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