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  1. IMO colleges are not a business, so wrestling should not be treated as such either. A college's "business" is, or should be anyway, educating young people to allow them to support themselves/lead a satisfying life. At the risk of sounding like a bitter hippie from the 60s, people are more than just figures on a spreadsheet & to me sports are not just a "product" to be analyzed/focus-grouped/packaged for consumption like a cheeseburger at a fastfood joint. That being said, unless there is a personal reason involved, to me it sounds as if that coach is not keeping up his end of the deal he made with the OP's friend. Not good!
  2. I dunno - I can't remember any of the guys on my teams who worked in a shoe store & had a shrill wife to deal with. :toothygrin:
  3. A lot of things taught in school don't seem to help one through life, but just the act of learning those seemingly useless facts, even if you don't remember them, like how trees grow and why certain civilizations collapsed helped you to learn HOW to think, and how to think in different ways (what if only one type of takedown was allowed in wrestling?!). Sure, there's lot of people that never attended college or even high school that are successful, but if you check their background, I bet they will have lots of varied experiences that also helped them to learn to think.
  4. Except that you need the brains to know when to have the balls to do something. Because mindlessly pushing yourself can be an exercise in futility e.g. using all your strength to try to exit through the "IN" door will mostly just result in wasting a lot of energy and time, not to mention possibly injuring yourself. Work smart, not hard. And: I'm no physician or medical expert but I think pushing through pain - actual pain, not just minor aches - is probably a good way to permanently injure yourself, so the next match....or the rest of your life.....will be relatively less successful since your body's performance will be reduced. Wrestling is something I do for fun - I'll leave physical sacrifices like that for actual wars or other truly important/long-range endeavors. IMHO.
  5. Admiral Colin Kilrain Yep. Also, Kilrain's wife was an astronaut who's flown 2 space flights and his great-great grandfather was bareknuckles heavyweight champion boxer Jake Kilrain who fought (and lost to) John L Sullivan. Dang, now my story about my summers driving a forklift at a lumberyard don't seem so cool anymore. :toothygrin:
  6. ^ pay rate: I'm going mostly on news reports & such, in particular, pay vs. workload.
  7. CP worked with my son at some camps a few years ago, he was a great young man. I believe he has a degree in nursing (damn fine career) and was/is working in the field. I have a good friend (guy) who is a nurse practitioner, makes a great living. :thumbsup: That is a tough job. Long hours, lots of mental stress and not much pay for what you do. I think much like teaching, policing and similar "people" jobs, nursing is a calling & requires a special person to do it.
  8. Sorta related to this discussion :toothygrin: Found this professional-looking video on Youtube while looking for something funny when I was bored: - everyone's been there......
  9. I had a sporting gear retail job during the summer back in the 90s, and met a lot of different people. And one of those people was a guy I remember from high school who used to play on our football team. He was not super tall, being around 5'8" so couldn't play in college, but what surprised me as we got to talking about the "old days" was that presently he was a professional artist, specifically (if I remember this correctly) one who dealt with permanent artistic works built from steel, aluminum, etc and displayed outside, not a surprising choice I guess since he had taken a metal shop class at the same time I was taking a wood shop class next door. Any stories of *wrestlers* that now have careers you didn't expect them to go into?
  10. +1 It seems like almost every movie that has come out the past decade concerning wrestling has made some dark event or person a major part of its story. Why?? IMO doing this only helps to increase the public's negative perception of our sport. Which is why I have no plans to watch it. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if I found out that they decided to intentionally distance themselves from wrestling as far as possible. Why would they want to be associated with a sport that, as far as their family is concerned, has such a horrible event connected to it? And anyway, correct me if I'm wrong but AFAIK no one else in the DuPont family had any connection to Team Foxcatcher.
  11. How about NO top? Like so many h.s. (and college) wrestlers did back in the day....... 1954-55 Madison Wilson H.S. team Though I guess that might cause some politically-correct parents to complain and try to shut down the entire program. :roll: As far as 2-piece uniforms, if you do a search for "grappling" using for example Google's image search, you'll see a lot of grapplers/martial art participants wearing them. I think they're a good idea but the shirts need to be *tight* - too many of the ones I have seen are more like regular t-shirts with a little bit of stretch lycra in them and they end up just kind of hanging on a person rather than sticking to their body.
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