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  1. I'm an old guy, and I think a change to the heavyweight limit might help a bit. Our own high school has had a couple of D1 linemen come through, and both weighed over 300 (not by a lot) senior year. For some of these guys across the nation, raising the limit might get a few more big guys out for the teams. As far as the other points, my only real interest is in the tilts. I think there are too many of them sloppily awarded. Even at the higher levels, I watch the Big10 matches on BTN and I see two points tossed out for less than two seconds of exposure, and less than the proper criteria. With the four point nearfall now in use, you can lose the match, effectively, on one lousy momentary situation that in my opinion should not be worth the same as two takedowns. Requiring longer counts would help. Maybe if we required the shoulder angle to be less than 30 degrees from the mat, the refs would move more towards the 45 criteria. As it is, far too many start counting at just past 90 degrees, and too fast too.
  2. For once a reporter's claim turns out to be well-founded.
  3. Can't resist, even if it is about football.
  4. Its a unique first name. Maybe its like Hank, Willie, or Roberto.
  5. I got a big kick out of his story about having pretended to have been paralyzed after he lost to a girl in one of his first matches in grade school. And his parents calling him out on it.
  6. Retherford does remind you a little bit of Dan Gable in terms of the pace of the match. What a motor! In terms of "Iowa Style", I think in recent years that term has come to describe some gratuitous roughness and physicality that I don't ever recall being associated with Gable as a wrestler. Sanderson didn't have any of it either. The PSU guys were super impressive.
  7. I'm sure its happened much more often than people would expect. Terkay vs Angle at heavyweight (90s?) was Canon MacMillan vs Mt Lebanon (western Pa, high school rivals).
  8. The timing and nature of this is actually very bad for northeast/mid-atlantic wrestlers getting there. You almost have to go tomorrow (Monday), or at least get yourself to somewhere where there will be flights available.
  9. This is certainly true, and there are many kids out there in the Big10 and other conferences who would be admitable to the Ivies. Its one of the challenges for Ayres and the rest of the coaches at those top schools. They have to identify the admitable kids who can compete at that level, and then they have to beat out the rest of the Ivies, Northwestern, Duke, Stanford, and any number of great state universities which may happen to be in the wrestlers' home state. This is just grinding, unrelenting competition, and Ayres and staff are strong competitors in that arena. The quality of competition in the Princeton wrestling room has been building steadily, and the recent results at EIWAs is just a visible confirmation of it. Whatever reasons a recruit has not to choose Princeton are few, and becoming fewer.
  10. Chris Ayres getting that award is terrific recognition, but it is worth noting that it really should be called coach of the past four or five years, (if not ten years, since that's how long he's been at the helm at Princeton). Ayres has a terrific staff ( Gray, Dubuque, Heflin ) with, I think, eight AA finishes and two Championships (Dubuque) between them. They're all great examples of what coaches should be. That Tiger program is now firmly on the short list of best places to go for elite wrestlers who have upper-tier academics, and ambitions to become all-Americans and national champions. But those guys need to be careful selecting Princeton. Lots of coaches give lip service to the goal of national champions, but Ayres actually means it. He's not satisfied with only all-Americans, and each year he and the staff are working their tails off to identify and attract the next kids who have the talent and the drive to measure up against those goals. They expect the recruits to have those same goals. The Flo interview clips show that he's very happy with this years tournament success......but he's far from satisfied. The trajectory that program is on should be exciting for any potential recruit, and Ayres is going to deserve more Coach of the Year awards in the immediate future. With him as the leader, and with Princeton as the platform, he'll be very tough to compete against.
  11. There are essentially two types of pinners. "Grinders" who wear you down and turn you with conventional techniques when you're spent,...and "trappers" who put you into dangerous situations from every possible position, often putting themselves into what appears a dangerous position. Gable was a grinder, and Schalles was a trapper. Nickal is a trapper. Trappers make it very unpleasant to wrestle them. You're always worried that you're about to get taken through on some kind of throw or roll, or suckered into a cradle. Nickal is very fun to watch.
  12. You've hit the simple truths, which are so very hard to execute. The best wrestling recruits are coveted by all your competitors. Winning in the competition for them, and identifying the "sleepers" is just damned hard, unglamorous, humbling work. Believing in the kids first is the way to get them to believe in themselves, but it takes leaps of faith sometimes, and tremoundous patience.
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the broadcast. I'm picking Jack. He's a local homeboy, and he is tough to score on. I assume the match is at UNC. It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd they draw for a rivalry match. Edit: update. Looks like they're wrestling in an old time movie theatre. Audience all on one side, and coaches and benches stage left and right.
  14. While not exactly the same thing, one wonders about their decision to employ Kathy Boudin as a professor after her prison release in her criminal conviction relating to the killing of two policemen and a Brinks guard. Exactly what reputation are they looking to protect? I'm optimistic that they'll come to a fair decision, but its clear that many at the top universities would like to see male sports eliminated. Lets hope those guys aren't in charge.
  15. The clubs are finally getting as good as the Carr family basement back in Erie four decades ago. :)
  16. Gable indeed was a grinder. If you didn't realize how good the opponent was when you watched his matches against the best competition, you wouldn't have been that impressed. Nearly all the opponents wound up looking like they just weren't all that good. And Gable typically never did a move that brought any oohs or ahhs from the stands. Grinder is a good word, because there are two kinds of pinners: the grinders and the trappers. Schalles was more of a trapper. Ness was a trapper. Those are the guys who "catch you", as in "I got caught". Gable never "caught" anyone. :) He just crushed them, although it was gradual. More like being in a vise. Mills is an interesting case. I used to think he was more of a trapper, but if you watch his available matches and listen to him speak about his strategy, I think he comes down more in the side of grinder than trapper.
  17. According to wrestlestat, if I'm using it correctly, Pfarr's only losses in the past two years have been to Cox and Dean. Formidable. Harner and Haught look pretty close, to me, based on the common opponent basis, so I'm not so certain that there is a definitive order of choice.
  18. I'd say that Flo has done a terrific job. But IMO, if it wants to grow its audiences, there should be even more focus on highlights. NFL films was instrumental in growing the NFL, and similar exciting moments will be needed to grow the sports that Flo covers. At least to grow the audience. :). They've already done some terrific compilations of such things for wrestling "(what a dirty season") and I look forward to more.
  19. I thought for an old guy who'd never wrestled, he kind of did ok. But anyone who knew the sport could see that the other guys were taking dives. After the murder and trial the Philly Inquirer reporters wrote a book based on their articles and reports called "Fatal Match". I still have my copy. Its out of print, but its available used on Amazon for a couple of bucks. I recommend it as well for anyone wanting to get a better handle on how this all evolved. Its pretty extensive and gets into issues that the movies don't explore deeply.
  20. I love the internet. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/554003-152-lbs-semifinals-casey-kent-lasalle-college-vs-garrett-peppelman-central-dauphin But based on the CM on the mat and the date, I think I'm looking at Powerade, not the state semis. It did look like Kent had a td in OT in this one. Correction. Heres the link from the next year at states http://pawrvideo.flocasts.biz/coverage/248394-2012-PIAA-AAA-State-Championships/video/619372-152-lbs-semi-finals-Garrett-Peppelman-CD-vs-Casey-Kent-LA
  21. I second swoopdown's recommendation on the podcast. Watch the film first if you can, but I think its a pretty interesting interview 20 years after the fact. It seems like time not only marches on, but actually trots or jogs. Doesn't seem that long ago.
  22. I'll confess I hadn't watched any sumo recently, and had never heard of this guy. Very entertaining to watch. He seems to have radar in his feet to be able to stand right on the ring and execute throws and pass-by moves without stepping out first. I suppose some of that happens because we're watching highlights and not all of his career. But very impressive.
  23. I watched this yesterday and enjoyed it much more than the professional actor version, or even the Prince of Pennsylvania 30 for 30 version. This one is entirely clips of life at Foxcatcher, and interviews with Strobel, Humphries, Jackson, and and others.....especially Nancy Schultz.... who were there at the time. It's much more of a wrestling insider's version. I recommend it.
  24. Actually, Rick Sanders had something like that that I saw him do at Penn State back in 1968, I believe. He'd step up his front foot when he was on top to bait the bottom man into grabbing his leg, and then put in a reinforced half nelson on the far side and cranked the daylights out of the bottom guy. I don't think I ever knew a name for it. The mousetrap happens similarly when the bottom guy is looking for a peterson roll, but its not precisely the same position.
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