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  1. I always just called it a Jermaine Jones. :) You see a fair amount of that these days.
  2. I hadn't focused on the lock that he had. But the reality is that in that position, the guy with the double overhooks is in superiour position and very likely to roll the other guy over and through. Letting go of the bearhug is probably the orthodox move at that point. Very exciting stuff.
  3. I watched it live and thought it was one of the most exciting matches I've ever seen. Miller brought it. You wonder if he hadn't been so close to the last inside trip takedown if the OT might have been different. Wondering if he was a bit discouraged and took a more risky shot in OT that led to IMAR's succesful reshot.
  4. After watching the 125'ers "weigh in" fully clothed, (and stopping after that....I'd seen enough) and the scale appearing to be welded in place, I can't say that I think the value of that part of the ceremony is all that positive. Maybe its useful if you want to amuse or tick off your existing fan base. For the drama of it, just figure out a way to introduce or show the two opponents without the charade of the scale. Its an insult to everyone who ever stepped on one to actually make weight. If we want to personalize it, interview the participants. I can't say that I think this is going to convert anyone who isn't already interested. I'm happy to entertain new ideas. I don't think this is it......at least not as broadcast there. Maybe it got better above 125. :) As I'm thinking about this a little, I'll note the irony that Ali and Frazier were weighing in for what was effectively unlimited, which also had no minimum. There is a lot lost in translation when you consider it.
  5. I wonder if that's what he actually has, given the prevalence of MMR vaccines these days. I thought I had a recurrence of mumps a few years back and it turned out to be something utterly benign.....just looked like mumps for two days.
  6. More than several decades ago we decided to have a weigh in the monday afternoon after EIWAs, with two winning categories: most pounds gained, and largest % of last weigh-in. Our 123 pounder won both categories, and I think he weighed around 147. Our 160 pounder came in second with a gain of around 20. Back then we had a two pound allowance on the second day, iirc. I think the heavyweight was not eligible for this contest.
  7. You have to wonder, but I'll bet even Gable would think that was funny. As long as he won. I thought it was pretty funny.
  8. I'm in agreement about the NC State coaching performance, but..... the reason Jack was a "nobody" was that he was from a New England state, so no one followed him. It wasn't because he hadn't accomplished anything. He won two Eastern States tourney titles I believe, and was 3rd in another, and in the Fall super 32s he placed his final two years in hs, with one point losses in those tourneys to the likes of Moisey, Cruz, and Krivus. (I'm ignoring his CT and NE titles since thats arguably not the same as beating or hanging with NJ, OH, and PA kids.) The recruiting lesson is one that's similar to Travis Lee. If you find someone from an area without a strong wrestling tradition who can hang even up with the kids who grew up in one of those hotbeds, you have someone special with some significant upside. Travis Lee showed his in winning Fargo the summer before he entered Cornell. Jack wasn't winning those types of events, but he was right up there. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens this post season. NCAA's are a tough row to hoe.
  9. I'm certainly willing to forgive him for that one. Unless you've ever read the rule book, you certainly wouldn't know that was wrong by the way the ref's call the matches. Not to mention that the criteria is 45 degrees, and not 90. I listened to the Lehigh Valley ESPN radio feed and their announcers were pretty good, although I didn't have any video to put the lie on what they were describing.
  10. The match is available on the NC State wrestling website.
  11. Although Princeton and the Ivy's have zero athletic scholarships, they have beaucoup financial aid. Potential applicants should check out the estimated price calculator on the Princeton website using their real numbers to see what it actually costs. If your family income is in the broad range of normal, [and you're admitted :) ] you receive a remarkable amount of financial aid.
  12. Watched it on the OSU site/ youtube channel. A very good match, I thought. Hell looked very difficult to ride. I'm thinking that aspect had more to do with some preparation of his than with Jack simply releasing him, but maybe not. Jack gave up two critical takedowns. One was kind of a high crotch/duckunder shot where he sprawled so effectively that Heil ended up behind him with little contact. The other was out of a scramble that followed a very good deep shot of his own. He also failed to get an escape at the end of a period that would have helped quite a bit. I'm expecting to see this matchup again.
  13. Betting on any single candidate is almost always a less than 50% proposition. But is is hard to ignore that Jack had his first varsity match mid-February of his true freshman year, and wound up defeating two ranked wrestlers in the first two weeks, as well as #5, #12, and #4 in succession to reach the semi's against Steiber. He came from a background that was very different than a PA or Iowa wrestler, and his wins all come from simple, solid basics executed extremely well, coupled with a big frame. He's certainly not unbeatable, but as his experience at this level grows, you have to believe he'll get tougher. I think he'll get opponents making different decisions, like not taking down. He needs to get a little better at takedown defense. Its notable that he was taken down first in each of his first three wins at NCAA. My money is on that changing this year, which will make an already formidable wrestler even more formidable. I saw him a lot in high school, and he grew up wrestling against kids who were stronger than he was, and had great success in spite of that. Things are different now.
  14. Just watched it. I thought it was a much more informative account of what happened and what led to Dave Schultz's death. It did a good job of focusing on Dupont's mental illness. Lots of first hand comments from wrestlers who were there.
  15. You're 99% there. Lots of people think running is the oldest sport, but haven't thought it through the way you have, albeit coming up just short. :) The first runner was running from a wrestler.
  16. Its been decades, but in the late 60s early 70s Mt. Lebanon HS in Western Pa was as upper class as a large public high school could be, and produced a stunning record of dominance in the WPIAL and at states. Individual wrestlers might not have fit that mold, I'll agree. Its hard to generalize. PA is slowly slipping, I think, if only because other areas are slowly improving. NJ and Ohio have become better than they were decades ago, and Florida is steadily coming up. Things change over time. I do think that the depth of coaching in PA was a key to the success. (Although, as I write that, I have to note that the Mt Lebanon coach of those teams I mention was George Lamprinakos, who never wrestled himself.) Another key, as mentioned was a culture that valued physical prowess and toughness, whether acquired on the farm or in the mill.
  17. Some of the comments above seem inaccurate. Here's another take from a not-unbiased source that at least corrects some of the incorrect points, I believe. http://jezebel.com/college-wrestling-coach-pens-bat****-blog-on-sons-rape-1679550647 It has links to other articles about the issue in question. In the end, my guess is that there was sentiment to make a change and perhaps this helped push it along. Good luck to Coleman Scott. Always rooting for WPIAL boys.
  18. I agree on Fehrs, and that article in the link is quite good. I was at Kent State that year to see my first nationals as a hs senior, and the description of the match is spot on. The picture in the article is one of my favorite all-time photographs and speaks volumes about wrestling as a sport and what it means to wrestle.
  19. Its good news, but the release that talks about it says that they're raising the student charges to pay for keeping wrestling. The reality is that the increased fees are to pay for lacrosse.
  20. I don't see this discussion as being principally about Stieber as much as it is about holding kids back creating a benefit for them. The article from years ago about Kolat said that his Dad told him to deliberately fail the eighth grade (early 90s Sports Illustrated). In any case, those who seem affronted by the idea that there is some advantage to being older and think its irrelevant to the sport might want to communicate that to all the coaches who redshirt kids. Apparently they haven't heard. :)
  21. Sanders had some funny stuff, including stepping up with his outside foot to bait the bottom wrestling into hooking it with his arm. That was the position where Sanders reportedly said "He doesn't have my leg, I've got his arm." Then he would put a half nelson in the far side and crank, or hit a mousetrap style move. I'm guessing that perhaps Owings belongs on this list somewhere.
  22. I"m not sure what the right solution is, but video can show things. In the 05 final I saw Simpson of Army out on a switch type move and Esposito just sucked him right back in, and I couldn't figure out what had happened. I was taping it and when I watched the tape slowed down, it appeared that Esposito locked hands very, very briefly and pulled Simpsons hips back in. Ref never saw it. (Plus Im not swearing to it either since I only watched it the one time, but it sure looked like it in slow motion.)
  23. I don't think it was a TD. He spun around to the front and went for the concrete special. He also threw a flying cement job in the first period, but was lucky to only give up the td and no back points.
  24. NJDan, It differs in that Realbuto was awarded what turned out to be the "tying" takedown, which can only have been a takedown if Miller had escaped. If Miler never escaped, then Realbuto didn't have a tying takedown and Miller won. If Miller did escape, then he still won, but the escape was either never signaled by the ref, or not recorded by the scorer. I'm not impressed with the NCAAs handling of it, and I think labeling it a punt is probably the nicest thing that can be said about it. My sense is that the committee isn't comfortable with their power to reverse the "apparent" outcome of a match, and were looking for some cover for not acting. I can understand that feeling, but the outcome in this case doesn't seem right.
  25. I'm looking forward to seeing Kevin Jack against Steiber this evening. Steiber is likely far too much for him, as he apparently is for everyone else. The Duke 197 seems like he's a pretty good story too.
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