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  1. I agree, Taylor also has the biggest frame of the three. I have heard that Taylor consistently beat Ruth in the room a couple of years ago. Is/was this true? Perhaps they could take a year off to lift hard and Taylor could bump to 185, Ruth to 211 after the 2016 Olympics as I think he has the frame to do so as well. This assumes that Varner leaves his shoes on the mat in Rio.
  2. KY- Campbellsville University (NAIA, like the other three)
  3. Is it just me or should being a World Team Member count the same as being a NCAA Champ? I love the idea but think the formula needs tweaked a little. About the older guys and the Tblisi tournament, it's really not fair to the younger guys because the tournament doesn't exist anymore, I don't believe. I guess you could put the Yarygin in it's place but I don't like the idea. The other argument is the highest level one reached when they competed as opposed to longevity which is obviously impossible to judge statistically but some are clearly above others. This has to be John Smith for me as he was simply awesome from every position, it helps that he won 6 straight World/Olympic titles.
  4. I almost hate to propose this because it goes against tradition but what if we just dropped Greco altogether? To be honest, the last exciting Greco match I remember watching is Paulson/Hall and that was simply because it lasted longer than any other I have ever seen, in any style. If we dropped Greco then we could argue that the two genders are equal and then fight for more weight classes, in each gender for that matter. Thoughts?
  5. I think Howe would big boy Dake and Taylor, Taylor more so. People get wrapped up in Dake's 4 titles, which is an incredible feat, and then think he is automatically ready to challenge Burroughs for the spot. I think Dake struggles with both Howe and Paulson. I pick one of those two to wrestle Burroughs.
  6. Didn't Mocco play football at Oklahoma St. one year? I believe there was also a controversial bet regarding this as well. I never did see Hittdog post on here again come to think of it.
  7. What about Greg Jones as a sophomore? Was undefeated all year and then goes 0-2 at NCAAs. The next two years he goes undefeated to be a 3x champ.
  8. This is a good idea but what impact would it have on the college guys who are preparing for the US Open? Already most years it's a quick turnaround, this would not let them train freestyle hardly at all before competing in the most important Olympic Qualifier and 2nd biggest event on the calendar. Thoughts?
  9. So which World Team did Dake make while still in college? Because if that scrub Cael made one certainly Dake should have. To be fair Sanderson never had to go through the reigning World Champ and eventual Olympic Champ. Lol, I stand corrected! Cael never wrestled a good wrestler. Ever. I never said that lol. Jeez talk about twisting one's words...
  10. Cornell is the state school of Ivy League schools. ;) I didn't want to say it but I haven't exactly heard such good things about Iowa St as an academic institution...
  11. So which World Team did Dake make while still in college? Because if that scrub Cael made one certainly Dake should have. To be fair Sanderson never had to go through the reigning World Champ and eventual Olympic Champ.
  12. I think it should be noted that Dake attended an Ivy League school where I believe he was an Academic All-American all four years. Not saying that Iowa St is not a good institution but Ivy League means something. To balance all this and have all the success he's had is just incredible. All this together makes him the greatest collegiate wrestler of all time.
  13. An example of how great technique beats strength every time.
  14. Not only that but he did it at an Ivy League school and has been an Academic All-American all four years. All those things together I think makes Dake the GOAT.
  15. Delgado dec Megaludis Ramos dec Steiber Maple mdec Port Oliver dec Chamberlain St. John dec Welch Dake dec Taylor Perry dec Brown Ruth mdec Hamlin Kilgore dec Wright Nelson dec McMullan
  16. Defensive plan for Megaludis is simple really, although probably difficult to execute. Stay very low (hand always on the mat or drop to a knee), collar tie and push him around. Not sure what he should do on offense though because I haven't seen much against the top guys.
  17. Joe Carr Jr from West Virginia qualified all 4 years but didn't place. It didn't help that he drew TJ Williams first round two separate times.
  18. The current, and historical for that matter, state of wrestling in Kentucky is one where we have a few wrestlers who can compete on the national level (Caleb Ervin, Kyle Ruschell, Joe Carr, Dominic Black) but the depth is practically non-existent. Our problem comes in more than one level. One it's a basketball state so we must compete with that. Second, there are only three colleges in Kentucky that have wrestling, all NAIA schools (Campbellsville, Lindsey-Wilson and Univ of the Cumberlands). Third there has historically been a lack of youth programs. The second and third problems are being dealt with in due time and we have seen some improvement. I am excited for the future of the sport. As shown by the state legislature many people in Kentucky are interested. With all the farm boys as someone already noted we only lack the quantity of high-level coaches who are willing to invest the time and effort. A DI program would certainly bring some serious attention and hopefully attract those coaches.
  19. 125- McDonough 133- Steiber 141- Maple 149- Oliver 157- St. John 165- DAKE! 174- Perry 184- Ruth 197- Kilgore 285- Bradley
  20. With the University of Louisville moving to the ACC next year the AD, Tom Jurich, is looking at adding sports that they currently do not have but are supported by the ACC, which includes wrestling. Any help with convincing them to add the sport would be appreciated.
  21. Die-hard Iowa fan here mostly because of their relentless, physical style. I love watching David Taylor because he is relentless as well. I root against Penn St simply because they, and Oklahoma St are Iowa's biggest obstacle to winning a national title. For some reason I always root for Minnesota though unless they are against the Hawks; I think it is because of their relentless, physical style as well. I hate to say it but there is nothing I like to see more than a guy come back in a match simply because he is in better shape. My college coach used to say that you shouldn't be allowed to step on the mat unless you can go a hard seven minutes and be ready for overtime. Anyway Kyle Dake has the opportunity to do something unprecendented. It is impossible to equal Sanderson's undefeated career but Dake may be able to get as close as possible. Does he go against how I coach my wrestlers to attack constantly? Is he boring to watch? Yes to both but when someone is on the verge to do something historic I feel it is only right to pull for them, simply because nobody may ever get this opportunity ever again. Assuming the team scores will be unaffected I am rooting for a Dake/Taylor final and an exciting match in the finals with Dake writing history before our eyes. However if he loses because of this style I will be quick to use it as a teaching tool about keeping matches close.
  22. This is not meant to be a prediction because I think Taylor is a very good wrestler. However it is entirely possible for Taylor to graduate with only 1 NCAA title. With Dake in his weight class most would agree that he has at least a decent chance to defeat Taylor. And with Howe and Caldwell coming back next year it looks very similar. If this plays out would it be a perfect example of how many overhype a wrestler and crown him as one of the greats way too early. I'm just excited to see how it plays out.
  23. I and I think almost all wrestling fans want to promote and grow the sport. Because of this I agree that giving us two marquee events on national television is a good thing. However Cael's 9th point is intriguing. If you're going to have two events then have the team event to end the season on. Have the individual tournament two weeks before, or however long is necessary; keep team scoring or not, it doesn't matter to me. This way we can still have our individual tournament that rabid and casual fans love. The Iowas, Penn Sts, Okla Sts, etc will still have their guys going strong to compete for a team title two weeks later. The other studs that are on mediocre teams have those two weeks off and their season will be finished. To encourage participation by the top teams at the Dual Championship the NCAA could state that it is the new team championship. That way if Penn St wants to be crowned again they must participate or forfeit being able to win again.
  24. I have two extra all-session tickets to section 109 I believe, row E, that I will be selling when I arrive, face value is $175 per all-session pass. However I will have to miss the first session and will arrive right before the second session on Thursday. Because of this I would obviously subtract the price of the ticket for that first session. I will take the best offer I receive when I arrive. If interested please call 859-533-2762. Tickets are gone, thanks for playing!
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