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  1. Bo Nickal also spent some time in Colorado on the Western Slope in Rifle. His dad applied for the Colorado Mesa coaching job (D2) but didn't get it.
  2. Is this an outrageous prediction? He had multiple close wins at the end of the year and a 1 pt win over Massa whom had a blown out knee that latter part of the year. Would anyone have predicted IMar to lose to Cenzo his junior year? BTW, he he has never wrestled Wick in college. He lost to Marinelli. So why is it unreal to predict him not to be in the finals?
  3. The worst part about this uneducated, over opinionated human being is the he is degrading a young man that is intelligent, hardworking, and one of the nicest guys I know. You are being critical of a man you do not know. You are being critical of parents that you have never met. So instead of pointing out that he excels academically, is dedicated beyond reason, and is freaking world champion, you knock his parents because they choose to hold him back. I only wish my kids will be half as successful as Mark. If it takes holding my kid back to get there, I will do that without a thought. Let's compare the success of your kids and point out "mistakes" you made. I am sure they would love us to put you and them on blast all over social media!
  4. Why do they need to? Lee will be the prohibited favorite after this year. I don't know if he can beat Tomasello. Warner just got beat. Let him grow and fill in.
  5. Some people don't understand about insane and dedicated, AKA the Iowa fanbase and prestige. Too many people think that if Iowa finishes poorly this year, 5th or lower, that fans will begin to call for Brands head and recruits will start to run away. FALSE! The Iowa fanbase loves the Brands brothers. They are Gods to them. If Iowa finished poorly, I can see them donate MORE money to bring this program back around. They will stand by Brands until wrestling seizes to exist. Recruits are already choosing other programs and have been for years. Penn State, Ohio State, Minnesota, and others have been picking up big time recruits over Iowa with no problem. Iowa doesn't need top level recruits. They need Iowa recruits. Tough, mean, and likes to hunt. Redshirt Lee and Warner and next year they will compete for a trophy. 18-19 125 - Lee >17-18 (National Champ) Suriano and Lizak go up to 133. If Fix comes down, he won't have the energy to keep pace with Lee in folkstyle 133- Murun >17-18 (AA contender) Pipe dream for Iowa fans. If he can make it, he will contend. Problem is 133 doesn't clear out at all. Almost everyone will be back next year. 141-Happel >17-18 (AA contender) Just beat the #11 guy. 5 seniors graduate in the top 20. He can compete with the fringe AA guys. 149-Lugo = 17-18 (High AA) The top guys clear out and Pat Lugo is an instant title contender just like Soaring Eagle. 157-Kemerer >17-18 (NC Contender) Nolf bumps up to make room for other studs. Kemerer becomes the favorite. 165-Marinelli >17-18 (NC Contender) He will hopefilly be healthy and contend with Massa, Marsteller, Nolf, and McFadden for the title. 174-Young >17-18 (AA Contender) He will bulk up and beat out Gunther. Those two will push each other every day, along with Nelson Brands, and the one that comes out on top with be a tough hombre. 184-Wilcke > 17-18 (AA Contender) Cash will cut down because he know she will never start at 197 or HWT ever. He will beat some good guys and be a fringe AA. 197-Warner > 17-18 (NC Contender) He will get stronger and be knocking on the door of Kolin Moore's. 285-Stoll >17-18 (NC Contender) With Coon and Synder gone, Stoll will be one of the favorites. But yes, Gable will beat him in the end. Iowa will be better in every weight class except 149 where it will be a push. They won't beat Penn State, but they will put themselves in position for runner up and then win it in 2019-2020.
  6. My argument? I was stating facts. Facts don't care about your feelings or opinions.
  7. You are an idiot. Grow up and stop obsessing over college age men.
  8. Mark Hall was born on January 11th, 1997. He was held back ONE time and graduated at the age of 19. No different than Logan Stieber and many other studs. He was beating New Jersey state champs in 6th grade. You want to tell me he had an advantage back then too....give me a break. Only time he had an "advantage" was his senior year. But honestly, he could have wrestled with one arm and one leg and still dominate everyone in Minnesota.
  9. Even with PSU and tOSU deadly lineups this year, Michigan had the potential to compete at the top as well, albeit a much lower ceiling. Over the past month, Michigan has been inconsistent at multiple weights and even their stars are showing major flaws and vulnerability. 125 - Mattin has been a bright spot for the Wolverines. While he had a slow start, he has some good wins over Russell, Millhof, and Schram. He is looking like a potential low AA. Stock UP. 133 - While I am not overly concerned about Micic, his latest injury and mental/physical breakdown against DeSanto was a sad sight. Him losing to Pletcher is not a bad lost, but what occurred after that was concerning. Stock DOWN. 141 - Nothing good or bad about Profaci. He is an average starter that will win and lose the matches he is supposed to. Had a rough end of the year last season so expectations aren't too high at this weight for Michigan. Stock PUSH. 149 - Ma. Amine is Michigan's weak link. He had one decent win last year but below average results for everything else. Didn't wrestle at CKLV and the outlook is much worst at this weight class than 141 for Michigan. Stock DOWN! 157 - Pantaleo has been the most inconsistent on the team. While his losses aren't bad, he still lost against opponents that he should be beating. This past weekend, he regained his old form and took out a good field that included 3 top 10 wins. Stock PUSH. 165 - Massa looked bad this weekend. I know he was injured against Wick, but he still took errant shots and wasn't as sound positionally. Remember, he majored Wick a month ago. He will rebound and be fine. Stock PUSH. 174 - My. Amine barely beats Brucki in the last second and then barely loses to Bo Jordan in the last second. That is inconsistency. Granted Brucki is pretty darn tough in his own right, owning a victory over Mark Hall, but Brucki has some weird losses this year. Amine has wrestled Jordan and Valencia to very closes matches, but needs to pull away from the pack if he wants to be included with the top tier. Stock PUSH. 184 - Abounader has quietly had a good year. Lost a tough match to Preisch, whom gave Bo Nickal all he wanted, and stayed within striking distance of Martin. While I don't think he can win it all, he does have the ability to knock off one of those guys at nationals. Stock PUSH. 197 - Beazley has been the biggest let down for Michigan. While he didn't have a consistent year last year, was hoping that Michigan would take him up one more level. He had two BAD losses this past weekend at CKLV and doesn't have a quality win yet. While I haven't lost faith, he is trending downward. Stock DOWN. 285 - The astronaut, football player, world champ wrestler, and certified genius has been good but not great. I still expect him to make the finals, even though an upset is not a crazy thought, but there is NO WAY he beats Snyder. He has showed little offense against quality opponents and there is no way he is going to thrown Snyder (Ice Cream man taught him that lesson). Stock PUSH. Overall, the only wrestler exceeding expectation is Mattin at 125. Some are wrestling at their expected level while some are wrestling below. Michigan needs a wake up call or they will miss out on a trophy. Good news, it is only December. They have 3.5 months to figure out. Plenty of time.
  10. Won't place in the top 5 with breaks? That is most delusional than anything I have said. Michigan is a solid 3rd place team right now. They return 6 AA's with 3 guys that can win it. But I am the delusional one.....
  11. I went to Michigan State. I am as far as a Maize & Blue fan as there is. I do love Michigan wrestling, but while this is very unlikely, it isn't like people would be overly surprised to see Coon beat Snyder.
  12. I teach 12 and 13 year olds. I have thick skin and the patience of a snail.
  13. Read the first sentence. I am sorry that someone else might have another team to root for other than your run of the mill bandwagon fans like tOSU, Iowa, Penn State and OSU.
  14. I went to Michigan State, not Michigan. I have trolled McFarland before because of this but Joe and his staff know I still love Michigan wrestling, but still can't stand Michigan overall lol.
  15. The team placement is what I think it would be after that weight class is completed starting at 125. Retherford and Nolf definitely win with Bonus but Joseph falls to 3rd/4th and same with Hall. I also don't believe Aboundader wins. But in this scenario, he takes second and Myles Martin falls to 4th.
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