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  1. Morningstar has to go, the Brands Bros had tons of accomplishments at the college and international level. Ryan Mornigstar was one of the most boring college wrestlers of the last 25 years. Collar tie push, sprawl and ride an ankle on top. Nothing else, zero angles, creativity or offense from anywhere. The sport now is about offense and scoring, something he never did. I do like the brands bros and they should stay but they need an asst. coach who didn't wrestle like them, someone who was funky and won because of tech. and scrambles, not just cardio and toughness. Jason Welsh comes to mind.
  2. Franklin Regional graduated 10 wrestlers last year and with Lee and Solomon being out most of this year, they aren't very good. Belle Vernon is the best public school in PA this year. Also, not sure how you're considering Bergan Catholic public?
  3. Nick Farro is a NJ state finalist and Beast runner up at 132. He has the biggest beef without a seed. Unless I'm missing someone else.
  4. Seeds are out on the Powerade wrestling website. Spencer Lee isn't listed, so LBJ I hope you're right. His teammate Gus Solomon also isn't listed. #1 at 182 Nick Reenan is not wrestling either. A few other nationally ranked wrestlers aren't competing, Injuries are a part of this sport. That's why backups and depth are important at the high school and college level.
  5. If Lee couldn't make it back, Teasdale would fill in just fine as he majored Glory last year in the Powerade final.
  6. After Ironman and Beast the 3rd toughest tournament on the December schedule is up now. What a loaded field with Wyoming Seminary coming in as the #1 team in the land, as they should win the team title without much struggle. Maybe Bergan Catholic will give them the best run, that depends on Shane Griffin if he's healthy, Also Belle Vernon will be in the hunt. However, their are plenty of individual weights that will bring lots of interest on a national level. 126 with Soriano, MCcoy and Agaisse. 138 with Pletcher, Phillipi, griffith and Oster. 145 Has Verkleeren, Coy,Buddock and Glasgow. 152 maybe with the 5th match between Manville and Hidlay, Monico and Timmons will be in the hunt. at 182 is the deepest field for sure, with Ironman champ Reenan, Beast champ Gentile, then AA state champ Bulsak, Hoffman, Beast placer McCracken, Bolwen, Woodley, Shaffer, 2x Beast placer Colello, 2x Beast placer Brandon Kui. wow top 20 matches in the round of 16.
  7. Sorry, I got Wyoming Seminary confused with Malvern Prep.
  8. From the #1 Ironman onto the #2 Beast, will Wyoming Seminary win? Can Blair take back the #1 spot? One thing is for sure, the Beast of the east has a greater stage as its not wrestled in a tiny gym. The Bob Carpenter Arena will be packed full of studs and spectators. Seeds will be released Thursday.
  9. Does anyone else think the FLOarena brackets are hard to follow? All the matches are listed as individual matches, its hard to follow the rounds and from the championship and consi rounds. Sometimes in trying something new, just makes it more difficult to follow. I like track wrestling, or escape sports, when dealing just with bracket results. Just old school brackets.
  10. Wrestling report has one of the best college boards online. Every team, every conference D1,D2,D3 info, also box scores of every D1 dual meet. Solid forum for sure.
  11. Spencer Lee is only 5 feet tall and walks around in the mid 120's, he was tiny at 120, He won't even be huge at 110. He wrestled flat weight all year because Devin Brown was at 113 and didn't want to push Devin down to 106 and Devin was too small vs the legit 120 pounders (Brown lost to Hartman state 7th at 120 in the dual). So yes, Lee has competed all year wrestling flat weight, which makes his acomplishments all the more impressive.
  12. The Alton Era is over, Andrew Can't wrestle harder than 1 minute, Dylan placed 3rd at NCAA's but that was 2 injuries ago and it's 3 years later, not the same wrestler now. Also, I can't see Dylan beating Nolf at 157 anyway and no way Andrew beats Zain at 149. 125- Mega 133- Gulibon/ Conaway 141- Moss 149- Zain/ Beitz 157- Nolf/ Frey 165- Hammond/Law 174- Nickel/Rasheed 184- McCutch/ Phipps 197- Macintosh Hwt- Nevills
  13. Josh Koskeck and Gregor Gillespi both were NCAA champs and neither were anything close to being blue chip recruits out of high school. Koscheck was a 4x AA and GG I think AA 3xs. Also, Jarred KIng was #1 at 160 coming out of high school, went to Oklahoma and never AA (shoulder issues) but transfered to Edinboro and Was a NCAA champ as a junior and placed 3rd as a senior. As for Mitchell Port and AJ Schopp they were both 1x PA state champs. AJ won 135 AA his senior year, the AAA state champ that year was Josh Deziwa. Deziwa was ranked #1 in the country and Schopp was 7th. Who had the better career? Deziwa at Iowa or Schopp at Edinboro?
  14. Now that the season is over will Michigan St. finally start over? I think they lead the way in needing a new head coach. What program would be second?
  15. How about Josh Deziwa? He was the best 135 pounder in the country and only made NCAA's once going 1-2. Maybe he should have gone to Lock Haven.
  16. The prep and Catholic schools have a slight advantage, as they recruit from all over the world to get top notch wrestlers into there rooms. A better indicator would be states with the most qualifiers.
  17. Fox Baldwin will be way to much for Tshan to overcome, Fox will control this match from the start, I see a major for the Florida hammer. This will be a competitive dual meet, not sure if PA can win the Classic but it will be close. Can the WPIAL beat Illinois in the undercard?
  18. Also don't sleep on Teshan Cambell, he's unbeaten this year. He beat Austin Bell in the dual as bad as Bullard did in the Powerade finals. He's a sleeper pick to win PA states this year.
  19. Fyi- AA state runner up and Flo national placer Jared Walker just dropped to 160.
  20. 120 will be interesting, I would say it could be between Austin Mcdermitt or Derek Gulatta. Both have similar builds, The edge would go to Mcdermitt on his feet and he is better on top. Gulatta is better on bottom, it would be a close match. My money would be on Mcdermitt by 2 or 3, it would come down to takedowns and Gulatta doesn't take top level guys down. 170 should be Teshan Cambell , he is a feak athlete that should of placed at states last year. He was winning in the wpial semis with 30 seconds left but used to much injury time and had to default. The rest of the lineup for PA looks right, also don't worry about the Wpial putting together a tough team. Their is plenty of depth within those 90 schools to field a legit lineup.
  21. Amen alwayswrestling, If some people dislike folkstyle so much, just get cyber schooled and wrestle freestyle all year long. That is a option, you can live at the OTC or train at a regional club. I love the fact that in folkstyle it takes more than someone just being slick on his feet.
  22. These weights are loaded with talent, 120,126,132,145,152 and 160. It will be very interesting to see how the none seeded wrestlers will fair vs the seeds. These weights are about 20 deep per weight, look for great matches in the round of 32. Also a handful of interesting matchups vs two top 10 wrestlers in the country.
  23. A major mistake coaches make is that they recruit a 120 pounder out of high school and think they can hold 125 all through college. Most forget how much weight these 120 pounders are already cutting when they are 17 or 18 years old. I know most are walking around the mid 130's at that age, so when they really start hitting the weights and are 22 years old they are in the mid 150's and have outgrown the lowest college weight. This happens far too often.
  24. I was wrong on a few weights, Ty Agaisse will be at 113 or 120,Devin Brown will be at 113, Spencer Lee will be at 120,Dan Planta is wrestling at 113, Ricky Cavallo has wrestled at 132, Justin McCoy should be at 126, I'm sure there is more but these are the ones I caught.This tournament is wide open, Franklin Regional is the favorite but they just lost to Belle Vernon. Also in the hunt will be,Delbarton, Latrobe, St. Puals,Canon Mac, Bucannon,Waynesburg, Good Counsel. Archer will bring a solid squad but overall will the georgia team have enough studs? They have 3 for sure but you need more than that at Powerade. The seeds will be out in a few days, brackets should be out on Sunday.
  25. 106 - Is Gavin Teasdale the favorite? Or will TY Agaisse be dropping down after the +2, If not then Logan Grass should be the one who can push Gavin for the title. Others to watch are Cole Manley, Charlie Lenox,Daniel Planta, Josh Humphreys, Caleb Morris and Vinny Artigues. 113 - It will be Spencer Lee winning, the only question is how bad. The only one I see giving him a match is Beast champ Ty Agaisse and he might drop. If he doesn't then these two are the clear 1-2. Others who shold make some noise are, John Pipa,Jared Donahue,Gage Bayless,Hunter Baxter,Alan Diltz and Aaron Burkett. 120- Can Devin Brown jump two weights and still be a Powerade champ? We shall see, many can give him a match as he is undersized at 120. I'm going with Alex Macall for the title, He's beaten Yanni D and gave Soriano all he wanted 6 weeks ago. Devin Brown and Jacob Lizak went into OT last year in the semis, Taylor Ortz, Durbin Lloren,Kyson Levin, Zach Hartman, Brendon Howard, Tyler Kenney and Ricky Cavallo. Will make it interesting. 126- Will Luke Pletcher be dropping down? Reports are he can't make flat 126, but with the +2 it makes it interesting. If he stays up then 126 will be won by Jorden Allen, most forget he had Luke on the ropes last year in the quarters but lost 10-9, he never gets tired and scrambles very well. He will be pushed If Micky Phillipi decides to drop, not sure if micky can though. Others to watch are Cole Aaron, Alejandro Jimenez, Ryan Friedman, Mike Stuart,Conner Ziegler and Gus Solomon. 132- If Pletcher and Phillipi stays up, then 132 will be very exciting to watch as AC Headlee looks to make his 1st Powerade Finals apperence. He will have to go through one of them in a semi matchup. Others who will be looking to place will be Cole Clever,Dom Giannagelli,Mike Bartolo,Conner Borton,Nic Campbell and Chris Diaz. 138- Another big time weight here, as Cam Coy looks to continue his momentum from last season. I'll take the 3x Super32 champ Sam Krivus, Sam beat Cam last year twice, however both matches were close. Others that will look to grab a medal will be Dalton Zimmerman,Hunter Dean, Jacoby Ward, Tyler Vath, Shaun Wilson,Chase Childers,Frank Aycox and Kevin Budock. 145- The top 4 here is as good anywhere, Michael Kemmerer,Vincenzo Joseph,Hayden Hidlay and Jared Veerleren. Hidlay lost to kemmerer twice last year both times by a 7-3 score, kemerer was 1-2 vs joseph last year and Verkleeren is as tough as the other 3. I'l take Joseph for his 2nd Powerade Tilte.Others who will be looking to place are, Jake Adcock, Travis Vasques,Sam Bullard,Nick Monica, Dean Esquibel and Mike Risnear. 152- Who will be the top seed? Most Say Josh Maruca but Jake Wentzel beat him at Super32. Super32 champ Thomas Bullard beat Wentzel in the Super32 semis and he deserves the top spot. I will take Maruca for the title, Joe Tavoso will threaten to make the finals. Others to watch are Nino Bonnacorsi,Mitch Hartman, Paul Hutton,Ethan Smith and Conner Francis. 160- It's a two horse race here as Josh Shields and Cole Walter look to battle it out to OT again, Last year shields got the winning takedown in extra time, can Cole pull of the upset this year? Others that will look to push these two are, Noah Stewart,Derek Verkleeren, Greg Bulsak,Garrett Neff,Dominic Vitale,DJ Hollingshead,Tony Palumbo, Garrett Zuver,Abner Romero and Paul Dunn. 170 - This weight is wide open some names jump out as frontrunners, Austin Bell,Devin Austin,Jake Shaffer, Daniel Bullard, Jimmy Miller and Dale Provance. 182 - Did Kellon Stout outgrow 182? If so this weight is up for grabs. The top 10 here are dead even, Tommy Provance, Josh Colello,Billy Bowlen, Milton Kobaly, Mike Millero,Quinn Miller, Carter Capehart, Colin McCracken, Stephan Gibbs, Nick Miller and Trey Hartsock. Take your pick. 195- The top 5 here are very good, Kellon Stout, Dylan Reynolds, Kevin Snyder, Kai Dill and Andrew Phipps. I'll go with kellon Stout and a Drew Phipps final, with stout winning it. Look for Logan Womelsdorf,Ryan Mills, Young Wooan and Conner Buttry to make a push for the podium. 220- A few Solid wrestlers at the top, they are Jacob Robb, Omar Haddad, Fred Mantsch, Zak Levantino,Cole Rickert and Dylan Davis. I think its a Robb vs Haddad in the finals with Haddad winning it. 285- weak weight here, Allen Beattie is the favorite with Zeynul Z. as a 2 seed. Neither should be challenged before that. Beattie should win the weight. Enjoy and please give feedback.
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