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  1. FILA Juniors is up to 20 years old. Most Junior Nationals guys are 17 and 18. Plus at Worlds only one guy goes and he might end up 0:1 after losing to a Bronze medal guy. That hardly says anything. Here you would have many American HS guys and many foreigners testing themselves and foreigners would not be the best ones but 3-5 placers to test depth of both countries rather than the very best. Common, it would not bankrupt Russia or Iran or Japan to bring a few youngsters to America. Maybe Mike Novagratz can open his pocket and hold it in NYC. It would be better than that Beat the Streets joke of a dual meet.
  2. That can work too. You can call it Beast of the World and invite say top 5 from Junior Nationals and 5 wrestlers that placed 3-5 in their country and hold it sometime end of August.
  3. Since many of young Americans rarely see how they compare to the rest of the World I suggest inviting a couple of National placewinners per weight class from other countries like Iran or Russia or anywhere else with strong wrestling to see how they fare at our Nationals. To avoid them taking an AA place from a hearty American youngster who will be upset along with his parents simply should one foreigner say place top 8 count top 9 towards an AA status. This way we will know whether our AAs are really comparable to the rest of the World. What say you?
  4. I am amazed at all the techs at such a high level.
  5. Chasden you have a wife? I thought you were Marstellar's girlfriend or mother or something.
  6. The Almighty Lord knew he did it. It would not be a pretty sight for Lance on Judgement day.
  7. And of course the fact that the guy maybe really was sick is not possible.
  8. But at that point the Turk was weak as is evident by his 7th place at junior Worlds just 2 weeks before. So the Japanese wrestler caught Mansurov and Kudukhov fresh while they were tired from real tough matches.
  9. Have to be fair to women and realize this is US best result yet at Universities
  10. By a prior year I mean 2007 in Cejudo's case. In international wrestling if you medal at Worlds but then have a bad result at Worlds and Euros you cannot be counted as tough until you win again something important. People peak and fall off. Only most recent results count. Like for example Zadick and Pritzlaff. They medaled in 06 but then many people beat them and Zadick could not even qualify for 08 Olympics.
  11. My comparison is only to a Gold medal. Varner deserved a bronze but I see no proof he was the best in that weight under honest circumstances.
  12. Not from the prior year. Cejudo's half had all the losers from the prior year.
  13. By the way, at both Olympics Kudukhov had to wrestle World silver from a prior year 1st match. Is that a coincidence?
  14. No, but when one wrestler has a World silver 1st match and another someone from Senegal that is a big difference with small breaks in between. Two finalists from a prior year should not meet in early rounds let alone 1st match.
  15. Of course Cejudo got a lucky draw. None of his opponents medaled at prior Worlds. Velikov won in 2006 but he was wrestling badly since then. The Japanese exploited his favorable draw and edged tough opponents who were exhausted after difficult matches. Heck Kudukhov had to wrestle a World silver 1st match.
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