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  1. Idaho


    Disagree...it's a rest period.
  2. Idaho


    how dare you attack my character....stalling on the bottom without looking like your stalling is a masterpiece.
  3. Idaho

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    Pretty much it's his hair.
  4. Idaho

    Busiello to......ASU?

    true - I wouldn't disagree with that...however I thought Naser and Villarreal would have developed more under Jones.
  5. Utah Valley was my surprise team in another thread a few weeks ago. People forget that Findlay was a national champ in high school - went on a mission - took a redshirt - and now is back in the groove. Not necessarily an upset but more or a where things are match - Steveson beats Hall 3-1 in OT at Bison Open
  6. Idaho

    Busiello to......ASU?

    For as much hype as ASU has had with recruiting that last several years, I don't see where Zeke (who should be an elite lightweight coach) has had much success with the light weights. Perhaps that is still coming...
  7. Idaho

    Minnesota - 18/19

    That has not been determined yet - Still training at OSU Dhesi is wrestling at the U23 World Championships this week If Dhesi wrestles second semester he will not lose to Steveson
  8. Idaho

    Journeymen Northeast Duals

    Yep - Flo changed it to 10-8 - good win for Findlay.
  9. Idaho

    Journeymen Northeast Duals

    Must be a mistake on Flo's part- it shows a fall.
  10. Nebraska vs Utah Valley right out of the gate. Does this get seeded? Matt Findlay pins Chad Red at 141
  11. Idaho

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    alright I will divulge...it's just a confusing attempt on my part at comparing last years pre-season hype and comparisons of Spencer Lee to this years pre-season hype and comparisons of Fix - i.e. Spencer Lee vs Cruz/Tomasello and Daton Fix vs Gross...it's eerily similar.
  12. Idaho

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    If it's obvious I am implying something, wouldn't you know what it is? C'mon Hammerlock you are better than this. I am disappointed.
  13. Idaho

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    This thread should be called: SPENCER LEE THREAD 2018 EDITION FEATURING DATON FIX
  14. Lewan split with Pantaleo in the wrestle off.
  15. Idaho

    Hey Spey - Suriano lost to non-Hawkeyes

    If a Lee falls in the forrest, but there is nobody to record it, can you still hear Tom crying?