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  1. Is Darrin coached by Carl?
  2. I think it was Molton....yes it would be a terrible situation. I hope FSU does not get dropped obviously - it would be devastating. There are a. lot of red flags....Luchau left now Reyes and there were others. Hoping they can hold on.
  3. Is Fresno State on the chopping block? Ryan Reyes transferred to Oregon State today. Several others have transferred out. Investigation is ongoing with the recruiting party. The article I read said that the expenses outweighed the revenue by several hundred thousand. What does the 8-ball say?
  4. If they stay at Stanford next year they will be three years into their degree (junior academically and a sophomore athletically). If they took Sumer classes in 21 they could technically graduate by December 21 then transfer having only lost a semester of competition, still having 1.5 seasons of eligibility and have a Stanford degree.
  5. Seriously? You are calling out a guy who does great work because he doesn't have a transfer listed yet? You already know he transferred why do you need it on a list? Next time why don't you just send him a personal message and ask him to update rather than throwing him under the bus on a thread? Is that so hard? In the landscape of college wrestling right now there are much better things to focus on than a transfer not listed. @PinFallRecruit I wish you could block people from seeing your FREE information then maybe they would appreciate it.
  6. I would have said Fresno State.....but they have their own troubles right now and those profit/loss numbers looked liked a school on the COVID chopping block.
  7. I believe that is correct and then Smith beat him at the NCAA in the semis. Brands pinned by Fried
  8. No...I still check stuff daily. November might be a different story. I'm actually tired of everything else happening in the world these days.
  9. Excellent question at the core of the issues....should sports be a part of the educational system...or it's own entity? In some ways it is it's own entity anyway.
  10. wrestlestat has Lipari listed as a 149. He didn't seem to fair well against top 20 competition. I think that will be a stretch for him but we shall see. I think the move if anything, gives Vasquez a redshirt year.
  11. Yep I do! All speculation so far, but as many have mentioned, you don't transfer to be a good backup or to bump up a weight that you did not want to bump up to at a previous school.
  12. He's on the board at the local and biggest newspaper in Idaho, the Idaho Statesman.... you can read between the lines. It's a sad deal for the baseball kids and swimming kids....they are now stuck in limbo and have had their goals and dreams squashed like wrestling did. In hindsight, about 75 kids total in the 3 sports have been devastated by BSU. If Kustra would have not had his ego to be the founding father of BSU baseball at any expense, we would have a wrestling team with 30 young men competing and may have even saved swimming with a more vigorous fund raising approach (which happened to try to save BSU wrestling). By the way, did that 25k donation for a new mat right before they cancelled the wrestling program ever get returned to the donor?
  13. University of Oregon lost 1.3 million last year - perhaps the better question is which program loses the least amount? Hard to find info on baseball but this article from 2016 shows that 4 of the 12 SEC baseball teams made money and one stayed even. The overall budgets of SEC athletics shows that every school made a profit for the year with Kentucky making the least profit at nearly 5 million. In short, the SEC could add wrestling for men and women if they wanted to. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_5edd22c0-465c-11e7-8b99-c709d5eb08c1.html How much NCAA baseball teams spent 2013-17 https://www.diycollegerankings.com/how-much-do-d1-colleges-spend-on-baseball-programs/2505/ Most cost effective NCAA baseball programs 2018 https://www.valuepenguin.com/2018/06/most-cost-effective-college-baseball-programs
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