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  1. Idaho

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    Looks to be non fiction.
  2. Idaho

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Just a warning to all.....someone might not wrestle tomorrow leaving fans angry and another ducking thread with the same fights and discussion. Just prepping for the wrestling apocalypse.
  3. Idaho

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    Most public schools have an automatic policy of suspension for a fight - not an expulsion.
  4. Idaho

    Bo’s Gesture of Sportsmanship

    Sportsmanship thread turns unsportsmanlike. Go figure. I like Nickelback.
  5. Idaho

    Mason Parris

    This...and look at Dhesi last year - same thing - started late - was rusty - took a couple losses...got in shape and then steadily looked great. Parris did look like a beast.
  6. Idaho

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    I really want this to happen, but it's hard to bet against Hall...unless of course he has the flu...
  7. Idaho

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    I was thinking something close to that as well.
  8. I heard he had a broken back and malaria the whole time through college. That stuff has a tendency to hang on and on. I didn't hear it from him just people close to the situation. But I'm sure it's true. I read it on the internet. There is probably video. Nothing compared to he what had when he won gold.
  9. Idaho

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    Any predictions on Hall vs Smith Joseph vs Marstellar Looking forward to these matches.
  10. Idaho

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    Umm...yeah...because it's the semis and consis and more points.
  11. Idaho

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    You forgot to add change a diaper and get dinner ready for his family...
  12. Idaho

    Lack of Transparency

    Under the guidelines given by parents and not total choice....but I'm in 100% support of that.
  13. Idaho

    Sammy Sasso

    JB used didn't and I used the wrong word "couldn't" - I should have also said didn't. Redshirts sometimes wrestle at a more comfortable weight anyway, although I would not know if that is Sasso's case. Whatever the case, he has looked very good- tOSU has some young guns coming up.
  14. Idaho

    Teasdale entered in Scuffle Attached

    Interesting that Cael would pull the redshirt before seeing him actually compete and for the simple fact that PSU will win it without him.
  15. Idaho

    Sammy Sasso

    I don't think he said "now" but "sooner rather than later" It looks to be a big cut if he couldn't certify there this year meaning that he would need to start getting himself in position to be there much earlier into next season. At least that's the way I took it and see it.