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  1. It looks like the thread asking if Orndorff would qualify has been answered @moveurfeet32
  2. In other news Ok State sitting in 3rd at the Big 12 - Wittlake upset in the semis - Ferrari upsets sloan
  3. There are 7 at large - Being the highest rank at 125 to not get in I am pretty confident he will get an at-large.
  4. Can we now put to rest Kerk being on the same level with Gable and Parris?
  5. You can 3 more points for 2 more stall calls.
  6. When was the last time you heard "Michigan State leading the Big10 Wrestling Tournament" ?
  7. so now it’s not only to get a 4th match it’s to also increase the winning percentage. Why not wrestle 15 matches tomorrow to get a really high seed at the ncaa.
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