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  1. I was hoping for a 1/2 - 3/4 stadium set up with the warm up area behind a large curtained off area on one end.
  2. The AP was used for quite awhile in college football as part of the BCS formula. They are still referred to on many accounts and it's still a major ranking system for men's and women's college basketball. In the end both the FBS and men's and women's NCAA basketball use a selection committee that have no current coaches and are made up primarily of administrators and commissioners. It may not be media rankings but it's also not coaches making the selections for the tournament. Does NCAA wrestling need a selection committee?
  3. Most likely the Pac-12 will now only get 1 allocation at 184- They had most likely 2 with Z and Doyle, however they will lose Z's and now only the champ will most likely get through. If Merwe gets the allocation for the Pac-12 at 149 he has to wrestle in the tournament and if he does that I don't see him placing top 2 with his injuries. someone else will most likely grab that 2nd spot. Yes, Townsell would have to beat Turner then Turner most likely gets an at-large - if that's how it played out.
  4. Kramer even started off ranked in the top 15 in most rankings. A couple guys not projected by FLO that were either on the first RPI or Coaches poll were Disario, Eichens, Doyle, Truax and Merwe (however he has lost a few since then and seems to be done). I can see 17-19 as I originally predicted with a couple wild cards.
  5. well there is the coaches rankings....I wonder if Coleman will mysteriously drop from 25 out of the top 33.
  6. They weren't that impressive against Lehigh with or without ZV. They started the season on fire with the win over Penn State. I think they have 2 legitimate AA - Shields and Hall. Courtney, Teemer, Norfleet and A Valencia are all borderline. Depends on which versions of Norfleet and Valencia show up. They could go either way IMO.
  7. So in 2076 I will look back at Spencer Lee and find it hard to believe how bad and sloppy he was.
  8. I keep expecting the match to go off the air when they start talking about ZV.
  9. That is an appropriate title...."Last Chance Open...to Improve Your Winning Percentage."
  10. I'm a Pac12 fan along with the 5 others on the board so I'm all for bringing light to some less talked about talent. Wittlake is another one that would fit into the category of flying under the radar, however he hasn't wrestled a tough schedule, whereas Griffith has some decent wins (including over him). I would love to see Griffith knock off the Bull and Cenzo.
  11. As with any sport, a verbal really means nothing at this point with all the kids having their own special cable show to announce their commitment. For football they now have the early signing on Dec 18th -20th which is bowl season for college and just after the end of high school- then the traditional Feb 5th or so. But yes, officially football would sign at the end of the season or just after the season. Wrestling can start signing Nov 13 which is typically the week or a week before the official season starts. "commitments" can begin after your sophomore year but of course it doesn't mean anything until your name is signed on the NLI. A long answer to say "right".
  12. He isn't really having a "quiet" season....he has been discussed a lot on here. As someone else mentioned, it would be interesting to see him wrestle a B10 schedule. He has some good wins - to me the most impressive is Shields.
  13. They can start signing November 13 - Most are signing early rather than later.
  14. OSU announced it is that it is going to be replayed on the Oregon State Pac-12 channel at 4:30 PT....Right now it's only showing on the LA regional and the main pay channel. Kaylor Pinned Martinez Turner Dec Reyes 10-4
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