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  1. On Track looks like Mocco weighed at least 174.1 (184) and Harman 184.1 (197) WOuld be a big cut for Mocco to go 157 IMO. He seemed okay at 174 last year...I would rather bulk up a little than suck down, but I like donuts.
  2. I didn't think so .... I am guessing the plan going back to last year was to bulk him up.
  3. That's what I hear ... went up a weight.
  4. Ummmm....yeah.... the substitute thread had some traction...like putting Sean Harman in for Mocco.
  5. I don't think the season officially starts until next week. Does a certification count in the off-season? Edit: I didn't realize we were 5 weeks out from official duals and opens. Nice.
  6. Not on the roster... still has a redshirt it looks like.
  7. CKLV #3 ASU #4 Ohio State #6 Michigan #7 Minnesota #8 Cornell #9 Nebraska #15 VATech #17 NC State #21, #22, #23, #26 Yep, Vegas is definitely the toughest tourney. I can see why PSU and Iowa don't go.
  8. Is Vegas now the toughest tournament of the season outside of the NCAA and Big10? https://cklvwrestle.com/participating-teams/
  9. Cael goes full 7 minute D1 matches in practice? Impressive. I get tired sometimes just watching them.
  10. What years did you wrestle at Cornell?
  11. Because it's an exact quote from Y himself from the video and the context was about wrestling. The end. Using the grey shirt is not an abuse - it's completely within the rules. The exact quote above is for those who believe that Koll does not call any shots. From the quote, it ;ooks like he called that shot... and it looks like it worked out fine.
  12. Koll: Hey we were thinking about it, and you're not going to redshirt. Y: I was like no? Koll: No. You're ready. y: I was like Okay Koll: Alright see ya It was like a 10 second conversation. Hmmmm.....
  13. BAHAHA...did you expect any different answer?
  14. A lot of matches that could go either way there. To me the real question is if Missouri can finally pull off a good NCAA tournament with that lineup.
  15. So, counting the chicken before it hatched is a really bad idea for the 2020 tournament, but not a bad idea "in the years they didn't face each other" in duals in which " PSU would have crushed Iowa"? So, every hypothetical situation belongs to PSU? Just want to make sure I have my hypotheticals correct.
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