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  1. Brands = Billy Martin John Smith = Joe Torre Carl = Belichick
  2. Minny has had some decent recruiting of late...glad to see them back in the mix.
  3. I was thinking of RTOC that has the high school and college division. It would make sense that Worlds would move to Oklahoma. I would be down with Holt but I don't think the universities are having any events - It would most likely have to be at Ford Arena - It's a great set up and not affiliated with a university. It's where they had the Freak Show.
  4. Yep - Freakshow was moved to Idaho. No Reno - No Vegas.
  5. With 9 starters back, upgrades at a couple weights and a new coaching staff, I am going to go out on a limb and say that it would be a very competitive dual. It may happen anyway, it's not like these schedules are completely accurate.
  6. Ok that makes sense - personal stuff you have or created versus stuff that it already out there.
  7. What is the difference or the advantage of attaching a picture vs pasting it in the text box?
  8. Try right clicking and copying a photo then pasting it in the text box area to see what happens.
  9. I went and looked at mine and I have posted about 100x more pictures than I have attached. Is there a difference between actually "attaching" the picture than just copy and pasting it in the text box? The last attachment I see was from abotu2-3 years ago but I just posted a picture in this thread - but it wasn't as an "attachment"
  10. I don't get all of that...I just copy a picture and post it into this text box I am typing in....???? If that doesn't work I just go to "insert other media" and put the URL of the picture in there and it works. Maybe it's part of your board discipline.
  11. Until other conferences start wrestling and playing basketball....
  12. Should be upgrading to floppys over break.
  13. Sounds good - however, if you could include dates for each one - such as "I listened to someone " January 8th, 2014, that would really put your app over the top. I'm struggling to even produce that part. Doing the paperwork is absolutely essential though.
  14. Well, we now that nobody on the board is getting the job..... Gives feedback, instruction, and encouragement. Sets standards for professional behavior. Creates a positive work environment. Communicates what is expected and holds others accountable. Ensures there are resources to complete work assignments. Builds rapport by listening, talking and encouraging others. Promotes cooperation and commitment within the team. Manages staff in a way that improves their ability to succeed. Coordinates ideas and resources to meet goals.
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