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  1. It will be at Meridian high school. It is for promoting the sport in the valley and to show BSU they need wrestling back.
  2. Home and home with some of those teams so the schedule will look good for home after this year.
  3. Yep - I agree - he had a great tournament - his results before that were a different story. Not a bad wrestler at all, but I think if OKst could land Nevills in a transfer they would take him.
  4. Yep.... there is more to it than just having the schedule and putting it on your website. It's going to be a fun year!
  5. Yep - great schedule this year - very excited for what the coaching staff is doing there.
  6. Oregon State still on PSU schedule... good to hear it wasn't cancelled. CP is putting together a great schedule for Oregon State.
  7. sorry - for some reason it double posted and said it "timed out" I fixed it just for you.
  8. There are going to be a lot of guys back in the mix at every weight that did not wrestle last year... the ivy teams (Cornell) plus individuals. I can easily see a lot of guys that AA last year (not just ASU but in general) that will place lower or not at all this coming year. I don't see ASU having an AA at 141, 174 or 184. I agree with Norfleet - he should AA and he has potential to be a bonus points guy. At the end of the day, I don't see ASU as a title threat but I think they could definitely get another trophy - which would be great for the Pac 12 as a conference - coupled with rising teams like Stanford and OSU.
  9. I think Drury could be a factor at 133 or 141.
  10. That is deep... 8 returning AA plus a lot of other good ones...don't forget Gas Tank and Nevills (SDSU)
  11. Is the redshirt year at the actual university (Stanford) a draw? It lessons the work load when you can take 5 years to finish a degree. Koll will get the RTC part up and running and I wouldn't be surprised to see some Cornell kids out there to train. The depth at Cornell would be a tough one to walk away from. It will be interesting to see what Grey does with that team. It's a crazy good lineup with a ton of potential.
  12. Yes the talk is 174 or 184. He can't make 165.... last year he was cutting down pretty far from where he initially certified and where he had wrestled during the summer. I would like to see him at 174 because they have Harvey at 184 this year and Reyes back at 184 next year. It's a good problem to have that OSU has not had to worry about in the past. I'm not sure where Valencia is going yet - There are a few ASU fans who might know @gobraves101905 . The Pac 12 is definitely getting better. Hopefully we can add a few teams for next season.
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