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  1. Idaho

    Commits at Fargo

    Hey Pinfall do you have a list of ranked wrestlers competing at Fargo in each weight? Or a link?
  2. Reading up above helps too.... :)
  3. Idaho

    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    Santa Cruz....something tells me that's a great post-fargo camp.
  4. Maybe I should add “not faired well considering they were 4x champs from a tough one class state” Neville who is just staring his career at PSU won’t start this year and maybe even next hard to be behind a returning champ who can get 2 more years- maybe he transfers? Vasquez who was an 2x AA (5th and 6th) Not bad certainly Mejia who is at FSU but has had a lot of controversy and has not looked real impressive. However California has had many D1 champs and world team members who were not 4x champs.
  5. Interestingly 4x CA champs haven’t faired all that well at the ncaa level. Jeffus was a good football player but he was a little short for college OL (6 ft). Possibly DL however he would be undersized there. Wrestling seemed to be his best bet.
  6. Idaho

    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    So “Cornell Intensive Wrestling, Farming, Lawyering and Pyramiding Camp at Finger Lakes”?
  7. Idaho

    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    "The Brands Brothers Raccoon Hunting Wrestling Camp"
  8. Love what Jason Welch is doing - wrestling/surfing camp. Teaching kids to wrestle on the beach and surf in the same week. I have also seen some good outdoor/mountain river rafting wrestling camps as well. Coaches getting creative to draw kids.
  9. Idaho


    Agreed - Frayer is excellent! He will be a HC someday but it's still a few years out depending on the landscape.
  10. They saved their program by having to raise 100% of their budget. They have to fundraise and rely on donors to completely fund the program.
  11. Idaho

    RIP Joe Seay...

    The link to the FCW twitter announcing his passing has been deleted. I thought it was Magnum PI at first. Went to a Seay camp back in the 80's - Good camp with Mike Sheets and others.
  12. Idaho

    Have these 3 commited yet?

    Hey Pinfall- enjoy your Twitter. Thanks.
  13. Idaho

    Check out this smoke show

    I was undefeated in high school (for January of 1988).
  14. Idaho

    Check out this smoke show

    Just added: "Expert in Harry Potter Floo Powder in order to be both the present head coach at a high school in Sacramento, CA and the present head coach of Iowa State University of Science and Technology."
  15. Idaho

    Have these 3 commited yet?

    Renteria was a Sophomore last year.