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  1. Yep they sure will be - but for this year Traxler the senior probably gets the front of the program guide. There will be a new face for ASU after this year - my guess is that it could be Schultz...but there are a few that might qualify.
  2. PAC 12...er...6... kinda hard to identify some.... Oregon State: Hunter Willits Stanford: Nathan Traxler Arizona State: Zahid Valencia Cal Bakersfield: Russell Rohlfing Cal Poly: Tom Lane UA Little Rock - Paul Bianchi Cal Baptist (for fun and future considerations): Zander Silva
  3. They are cleverly disguised as Penn State threads - Will Iowa win....Will Penn State fall...Is this the end for PSU....can they defend with Cassar.... Same idea behind them all.
  4. Yep - quite a few AA and a couple champs in the past 12 years or so. Good thing we have baseball now. It should be second in the country to losing money - right in front of Oregon.
  5. Boise State Kirk White, Ben Cherringtin, Larry Quissel, Kirk Smith, etc
  6. Stop...for the love of everything wrestling....stop.
  7. Mega...but he’s now up to Bravo-Young
  8. I think we all are aware of a one tournament weight in vs an entire season weight cut...right? If he can handle it great - but let's not pretend it's not a big cut for him. And have you read his interview from this summer where he said it was a huge cut that did affect his performance? Said if he had to do it again he would go 79kg.
  9. Highlight films, media guides, commercials, jumbo tron images, posters, banners outside/inside arenas, websites, etc. could bear the likeness of an athlete and result in payment. whether adding a 3rd party or the school themselves having to pay, the result is that the rich get richer.
  10. Will a school now be able to pay an athlete for his likeness rather than counting it as a scholarship? Will the 9.9 matter if an agent can actually broker a deal for likeness that exceeds the amount of the scholarship anyway? Will this rich get richer with this ruling?
  11. Same...along with the gerders....
  12. Reality is that Jones, ironically, has not developed lightweight wrestlers. He has every opportunity with this group...we shall see.
  13. Everyone must be dying to see who is ranked #1 at 125....Besides, other than discussion points, Flo's opinion is no less or more valid the other site rankings.
  14. Funny to hear the story about Brands' shoe coming off from both perspectives.
  15. Alan Fried's interview from a few months ago was pretty interesting as well. He talks about Brands as well.
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