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  1. Do you know ODU's average attendance? i It's hard to find information outside of the top 25 attendance figures which is where they have been for the last 5 years. I did find that their average was 819 in 2014.
  2. I would agree with that - it's a common problem with a lot of mid/low tier programs. Many factors - but I guarantee you a men's sport gets axed first to keep compliance. I guess they ignored the trend of growing women's programs to offset that. Too bad - I'm not an ODU fan, but every wrestling fan on this board should be bummed about this decision.
  3. Orndorff is better than Traub....when healthy. With his brother done at UVU (which was a big factor of him recommitting from Oregon State) it doesn't surprise me that he is transferring given the condition of the program. I was surprised he transferred to Ohio State. UVU has some great talent on the roster and has potential to be top 12 - but I say that every year as my sleeper pick and then it seems they have 5-7 major injuries and that's not an exaggeration. Not sure what is going on there. @go_rines12 follows this team more than anyone that I am aware of so maybe he has some better insight.
  4. It also has to do with Title IX.....In comparison it wouldn't surprise me if wrestling were more cost effective than women's sailing. Wrestling can be more cost effective than every women's program but they won't axe one of those to go out of compliance. Not saying that's the only factor - there are many I am sure.
  5. He must have been trained by Ian Miller. Thanks for the scouting tip...I'm on it.
  6. I just need to know who I lost to for AA honors so that I can start scouting. Who ? Score?
  7. I had mono and if you watch my last match that cradle was illegal.
  8. Maybe you just need to train harder instead of having the mentality that the coach likes the other kid more.
  9. R12 has to be the worst place to end up....almost.
  10. There is the one time transfer exception if you meet criteria you don’t have to sit out. http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/current/transfer-terms
  11. If young can stay healthy and stay down at 133 he is solid. He’s wrestled 26 matches in 3 years with injuries limiting him all 3 years. Hope the kid can get on track.
  12. It will be interesting to see how the team develops under the new staff. There are several on the verge of a breakthrough. I’m interested to see if chris can use his California connection to land Nevills since he seems on the outs at Penn State.
  13. chris did an interview yesterday on the Joe Beaver show. Great interview. says he’s meeting with the team on Zoom, looking over the roster but he said he’s already very familiar from scouting. He likes some of the youth that’s in the lineup. Chris wouldn’t try to poach from ASU, however a kid who wants to follow a coach can enter the portal. He is a wrestlers coach and connects with his guys. Not a lot of money available for this year. As mentioned All 10 starters and Willits back along with Vidlak and Kuenzi coming in. Next year 3 seniors.
  14. A quote from the article @OR shared: “We’ll have to hire the right staff that can get on the mat. Mentor those guys and give them the look and feel of what high-level wrestling really feels like.” Bringing in a new staff.
  15. Haha....I have done that more than a few times myself!
  16. I am going to say yes - This is because he was most likely already in touch with these kids- IMO
  17. Hanke would be a good one - Oregon St. kid coming back home. Your right about the GA - it probably won't be an OSU guy. Can't see Bresser coming in and Dhesi is focused on the Olympics. That's where an ASU recent grad and/or Sunkist member could come in.
  18. Couldn't agree more - Taylor is great with the upper weights and a great guy! I wish this were true as well, but my understanding is that he will not be back.
  19. None of the above A valencia - sill a year of eligibility - just posted a video on his training. Z Valencia probably still training since the Olympics were put off a year. Current OSU staff were all let go. J.O. and Ringer still training for olympics - they will not move to OSU to continue training. Doesn't mean they couldn't be added down the road however. So....if word is true, it's good and it should be announced soon.
  20. Good questions. The recruiting aspect will be interesting. He will definitely have a presence in California. The other great aspect is the RTC impact it will have.
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